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posted by pretty_angel92
First of all, this isn't a BASHING article, ok? i amor SNSD as a group, i amor them for their songs, choreographies, variety shows and of course, specific members...but there's a thing called opinion..and i think it's very rude and ridiculous when a certain Sone says to me that i'm not a real Sone because i call some of the members plain or ugly...I mean, what's wrong with that? If i don't find them pretty, i won't force myself to think otherwise. I’m not an hypocrite, thank you...

So, i just wanted to share with you guys my prettiest list....I’ll be the most honest possible, i don't have a problem in saying that i think a certain member is ugly or pretty, so if you can't just bare with it, don't reply with a rude and childish comment...if you can't accept people's opinions, then stay out of it...
I’m doing this article, because i would like to see mais future artigos about this subject, after mine.
I want to read everyone else's artigos and i feel that we should turn this club mais active, por sharing everyone's opinions

(My last pictures from each member that i posted, are from 2013, because it's fair that way)

Number 9- Seohyun (ranked 9th in 2012)
I’ll be the most direct about her....i find Seohyun ugly....she's been my least pretty since the beginning... I’m not Korean, i have different beauty standards, and Seohyun surely doesn't have a place in it...her face looks like it's getting bloated lately, her eyes are very small and with huge eye bags and her lips just don't appeal to me, they're kinds puffy...I also don't like her smile, at all..It makes her look even uglier
Her nose is nice. And that’s about it
her body used to be much better...she's now too skinny, i wouldn't have a problem if she was this skinny from the start, but she isn't...her legs and feet are scaring me, on her most recent pictures.
i would also like her to change her visual, her hair is always the same: boring, black and straight.
I find Seohyun to be pretty when she has lots of makeup and Photoshop...and i know this isn't a very nice thing to say, but it's the truth. That’s the only time where i can find her pretty or decent looking
Like in one of the "Twinkle" concept pictures...i amor this one and i wish she always looked like this

Sadly, she doesn't...This is what i see most of the time
And i just can't find this pretty and never will

Number 8- Jessica (ranked 8th in 2012)
Just like Seohyun, i find Jessica ugly, except that i can find her prettier as a whole, than Seohyun...I swear to god i will never understand why people find her absolutely gorgeous but hey, that's what an opinion is, i have to accept it.
But, to me, Jessica isn't pretty at all...her face proportions are just freaking' weird. she has a huge forehead, her eyes are too far apart from eachother, her nose and chin are too long, which makes her look like she has, according to many people, a "horse face"(I didn't made this up, and it's not meant to be insultive, there's really this kind of descrição for the people with long faces..Just search). And i have to agree. While Koreans may find "horse faces" pretty, i just don't....
I don't like her smile either (it’s ugly and creeps me out, tbh) and i don't understand why so many people say she has beautiful hair, i look at the pictures and her hair looks very thin and weak, like she almost doesn't have any at the top...
The thing i like about Jessica is her's healthy, and she has a very nice waist.
Jessica's situation is similar to Seohyun's, i find her pretty if she has lots of makeup and Photoshop, that's why i mostly prefer her in the magazine fotografia shoots.
I amor this one, if she looked like this every day, i would put her as my 3rd prettiest member, easily
But, overall, Jessica just looks old to me..Very old. I wouldn't give her 24 (25 in Korea) years old, i would give her 40 and i'm not even exaggerating

Number 7- Sunny (ranked 7th in 2012)
Sunny is...cute...that's all i can actually say...and she has some ugly moments too, but they're pretty rare, it depends on the hairstyle
She has a very cute face, indeed....I like her eyes, they're like cachorro, filhote de cachorro eyes and it it's adorable...she also has pretty lips and a very cute smile.
I just don't like her nose. And her face is a bit too chubby
Her body, i know many people say they find it the best, but i don't...I know her proportions are realistic and that's great, but it's just not my type of body. Maybe because she’s too small, and it makes her looks like she's chubby (which i doubt she is, but it's kinda like an optical illusion)
Sunny's hair ruins a lot of things...if it wasn’t for the hair, she would be my 6th or even 5th prettiest, without a doubt. Yes, she looked classy in "The boys" and it made her stood out, but it just got worse in 2012 and 2013....
So, for now...unless she decides to have her long brown hair again, she will maintain her 7th position..I really wish she was my 6th though, but i just can't….not with her current hair
This is the Sunny i want

And this is the current Sunny that prevents me from putting her higher

Number 6- Yoona (ranked 6th in 2012)
Say what you want, i find this girl to be very plain, bland, basic, uninteresting looking. Reason why she's higher than SeoSicSun? Well, i admit, she has some very pretty moments...but they're not that frequent
Yoona is what you call, the "girl seguinte door", you see this type of face every dia on the streets and you won't look at her twice...that's what happens between me and Yoona. i just don't get the appeal. For me, the Korean beauty standards are very lame and boring and Yoona is no exception...i barely find any of the kpop visuals to be visually appealing. There’s nothing that stands out, absolutely nothing
Why do koreans like to repeat themselves that Yoona has big eyes? In what world are they big? Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Jessica and Sunny have the biggest eyes in SNSD, yet, they never mention such a thing (ok, they mention Sooyoung, but not the others)...
Yoona's eyes are definitely small. And “dead”
Her nose is pretty, i like it.
Her smile, i hate it,,,especially when she laughs..Koreans find it cute, i find it ugly...I know it's just a smile, but it bothers me, for some reason.
They also like to mention how pale her skin is and i don't really see it? Seohyun, Taeyeon, Jessica...those have much paler skin.
Oh well...
Her hair is nice, nothing bad, nothing brilliant.
I don't like her body and there's nothing interesting about it
I think i just explained everything..."Korea's prettiest female kpop idol" isn't all that pretty, imo.
Her case is the same as Seo's and Sica's....I find her pretty with lots of makeup
But this is what she really looks like, to me
Sorry (*not sorry*), if i don't find this girl stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, whatever you want to call it

Number 5- Hyoyeon (ranked 5th in 2012)
Hyoyeon is a very interesting case...I think she looks beautiful in the ITNW days and i wish she never did anything to her face...but, for some reason, Koreans seem to find her prettier now and i don't understand why...I just don't.
Let me get this straight, she looked gorgeous in "Time machine" "Paparazzi" and "Flower power"...but those are some rare MV's...I look at her daily pictures of their concerts, events and stuff like that and i hate that she did this to her face (and hair)


If Koreans actually find this much prettier than what she used to look like, then i don't understand in which planet i'm living.....
This is the Hyoyeon i miss

The exotic Hyoyeon.....
Not that she doesn't look exotic now, but i just think she's ruining her face little por little...
She also needs to change that goddamn awful barbie blonde hair that everyone seems to love

That being said, i still find Hyoyeon very pretty...she has some beautiful moments, even today.
I like her eyes, i like her lips...
Her smile is ok. It depends on the picture
Her body, while too muscular for my taste, it's still healthy
The only thing i hate is her nose, and, like i said, her current hair
She remains my 5th prettiest, despite all this.

Number 4- Taeyeon (ranked 4th in 2012)
Taeyeon has, what Sunny doesn't...she's cute...BUT pretty at the same time. I don't think there's a single thing i dislike about Taeyeon, except for her eyes...they're too small
however, her nose is cute, her smile is very pretty, she has nice lips, beautiful hair, a good body...I really don't have much to say about Taeyeon...she's just adorably pretty to me...but, it's also the reason why she isn't in my topo, início 3....she doesn't have a unique or strong face that makes me go "wow, beautiful". she has that typical Korean face..Innocent and bubbly
Taeyeon is one of the few members that i think grew up really well....she looks amazing now. Therefore, there's no "favorite moment" picture, like i did with the others

Number 3- Yuri (ranked 2nd in 2013)
Yuri has always been decently pretty to me...she had her most stunning moments in 2010 and 2011, imo...but, it doesn't mean i don't find her that pretty now...but she kinda aged badly..Like Jessica. Except that Yuri doesn't look as old as Jessica
I don't understand why she's even mistaken with Seohyun and Yoona..They’re the triplets, apparently, but i think they look SO different from each other...Yuri has an exotic look, VERY different from Yoona or Seohyun..
Despite her small eyes, they’re still sexy
Her smile is absolutely precious, i amor it
Her nose..It kinda bothers me but it’s not bad…
Her lips are very pretty
Her hair is gorgeous.... i loved when she dyed it blonde for "Mr Taxi"...oh, how much i miss those times. She looked mais than gorgeous

Her really depends..i think she looks just ok now
Tbh, her arms look kinda chubby, from what i see at the favorito body of Yuri was in 2011 (the one at the end of the year)
Anyway, i still find Yuri beautiful but my segundo prettiest just surpassed her, this just happened

Number 2- Tiffany (ranked 3rd in 2012)
Tiffany has always been beautiful to me, except for 2010, she was blonde and she looked horrible..Besides, her face looked slightly different
Moving on...
Her eye smile is gorgeous, i amor it so much...she also has beautiful lips and beautiful eyes. Her hair is pretty too but it's a shame that she already ruined it so much, LOL...she had black, blonde, orange, red, brown hair...I think she just should stick to black, even though i enjoyed seeing her as a redhead. I missed her short hair like in ITNW, she looked so pretty
The only two things i hate about Tiffany's appearance: nose and body...
They’re both just really weird, especially her body...i can't even figure it out what's wrong, but her body doesn't seem realistic at all..It’s like it’s two different bodies combined
Plus, she's losing a lot of weight, recently...
This is just a minor thing, though. Tiffany is beautiful and i'm glad that she moved up a spot. I just wish she didn't put TOO MUCH makeup. she looks so much prettier without it

Anyway, she's just gorgeous

Number 1- Sooyoung (ranked 1st since..forever)

As soon as i saw this girl, back in 2009(the ano i met SNSD), i was blown away por her beauty. She looked so different from the others...and it still hasn't changed
Sooyoung will always be my prettiest SNSD, member...prettiest kpop idol, actually
She’s one of the most gorgeous women i've ever seen...
of course, i was shocked when i discovered that she was considered ugly or one of the least attractive in Korea...then, i read about their beauty standards...and i understand why she doesn't fit...she has exactly what i amor about her, that Koreans don't: - her strong features and defined cheekbones..She’s exotic, she's unique...she's just stunning to me
Her beautiful eyes are one of the things i amor the most. They’re just so huge and sexy and it looks like they sparkle
Her lips are gorgeous…plump and very kissable.
Her hair is GLORIOUS....she isn't called the queen of hairporn for nothing. It looks so healthy, strong and silky…
Her smile just melts my heart, it's so bright and full of life
I never noticed anything wrong with her nose, Koreans say it's ugly but i just see a perfectly normal nose...but oh well, i hate Jessica's nose and Koreans seem to like it, so...
I know you want me to talk about her body. tbh, i amor, i don't think it's perfect, of course i would prefer if she gained weight (which she actually did this year, but it's not enough). But i still think it's a healthy body. And she has been skinny from the start; it's her metabolism, so it doesn't really bother me.
I absolutely amor her legs..sooooo long <3
There’s not a single thing i dislike about her, it makes sense, since she's my prettiest, LOL
also, i amor the fact that she still looks beautiful without makeup

Anyway, she's just drop dead gorgeous

And..That’s it. I’m glad i made this list; maybe i'll even make a "favorite snsd member" list tomorrow.
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