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What do the gintama characters think about you?



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Waaah!!! Why are they pairing me up with Shinpachi!?!?
posted over a year ago.
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ziva said:
You poor thing xD
posted over a year ago.
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I got this kind of reaction from Gintoki

Gintoki:..........................(me: wait.......where is he?) (Shinpachi: He is with ______-chan) (me:ok.....and what they are doing!?) (Shinpachi: IT'S A SE-C-RE-T)

Shinpachi!!! Tell me what we're doing!!! XD
posted over a year ago.
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ziva said:
Name:_____(Your name)^^
Best friends: Kagura, Sougo, Gintoki
Crush/Boyfriend: Katsura Kotarou (crush)
Enemies: Kondo Isao

Gintoki:______-chan is a very strange woman. She eats chocolate with chilli peppers.............i should try that.........(me: interesting.)

Shinpachi: She is very loud and talented but at the same time she is a honest and caring person (me: hehe :) how cute!)

Kagura: She's just like me, aru!!
Tae:_____-chan is so noisy and emotional. Sometimes she pisses me off. (me: )

Hijikata: Once, she was trying to beat me. Very good opponent, though.

Otose: Too loud and messy to like her. But she is my best customer!

Catherine: When she is in the bar i always have to clean after her...... (me: lazy one, uh?)

Tama: ____-sama? Very nice girl.

Sougo: I think she should try to beat Hijikata one more time! I'd be satisfied.

Kondo: She pisses Tae-chan off. That's why i hate her. (me: you're so rude.)

Yamazaki: I think i'm in love with her...(me: that's cuteee <3)

Katsura: She's a good fighter. (me: only this?! Okay.)

Kyubei: For me, she is an enemy but at the same time she is a good opponent.

Yay Gintoki and Sougo are my best firedns....Wait why am I eating chillies o.o
posted over a year ago.
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lolipoppu said:
I'm with Sougo.... XD
posted over a year ago.
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