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turkila posted on Jan 26, 2009 at 05:36PM
here you can post your favourite gintama quotes

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over a year ago ziva said…
"You see that skuzzy-looking guy smoking over there? Run him over, but try not to kill him."
- Okita Sougo

"In this world, there are things you have to protect even if your hands get stained with blood"
-Okita Sougo

"If you have the time to think about a beautiful ending, why not live beautifully until that ending?"
- Sakata Gintoki

And then there was another one were Gin was talking about how he whished he had a banki from Bleach, but I fogot how it went ;3
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over a year ago GintamaFan23 said…
One of my favorite quotes.
 One of my favorito quotes.
over a year ago Gigglepud said…
I have a whole collection saved on my laptop, but I don't have it with me :'(
Oh well, these are the ones I can remember: (paraphrasing them(

"As the captain of the first shinsengumi division, I will give you one final piece of advice. When facing an enemy that is considerably stronger, attack with numbers. Synchronise your breathing, connect your mind and soul, and when the timing is right, attack together and.... die."
-Okita to the Shinsengumi traitors from the Itou arc in episode 103(approx.)

"I'll protect who I want to protect"

"The skies? The country? You can have them. I'm just busy protecting what's in front of me. But if something falls at my feet, the least I can do is pick it up."
over a year ago k21fumi said…
These are my favorite quotes.
“ Make friends that you can call with a nickname even if you become an old man.”

“ If there is a beautiful time to decorate the last, let’s live beautiful till the end.”-Gintoki

“ Even if you abandon you and luckily luck with a 25% chance, the samurai will die. Even if you survive without protecting what you should protect, the samurai is the same as dead. If there is no chance of surviving only 5%, use that 5% to raise the probability that you will survive. We will protect whatever we decided to protect once! This is a samurai!”-Shinpachi