Following the news last week that Georgina had been casted as Elsa for the upcoming season of Once Upon A Time, she spoke with the Australian Associated Press about her processing of auditioning and landing the role. You can check out the interview below, where she also talks about her new husband – Actor, comedien, and screen-writer, Josh Mapleston.

It’s not every dia you become a disney princess. But for Georgina Haig, today is that day. The Sydney-based actress has just scored the role of Frozen’s Elsa in the Disney-produced US series, Once Upon A Time. But it turns out she owes the honour to her very own Prince Charming – her husband Joshua.

“I was on my honeymoon on Magnetic Island when I got the audition,” she told AAP. “Obviously it’s a lot harder to organise putting down an audition when you’re on a remote island with your new husband.”

“But he very kindly agreed to play a princess and read with me.” When the first audition was well-received, the groom had to once again stand in the role of Princess Anna when the two were holidaying at Port Douglas. Thankfully, the effort paid off.

“I’m glad (it) was for a good reason,” Haig laughed. The two, who became engaged at New Year’s, got married in Sydney in June. Haig said she and her scriptwriter beau were happy to get onto the nuptials quick-smart, given her unpredictable working schedule. It’s an assumption that’s paid off, now the newlyweds are busy packing to mover to Vancouver on Monday – just four days after returning from their honeymoon.

As for the role, the 28-year-old said the writers have remained true to the Elsa of the hugely successful disney flick, while expanding her narrative journey. “It’s very much the spirit of the character,” she explained. It is also not lost on the Dance Academy alumni that getting to dress up as a disney princess for a living is a pretty good gig.

“If five-year-old George could see this, she’d be like `oh my god!’” she joked. The in-demand actress also has a main role on Network Ten’s new US series Reckless which starts in a few weeks. But for now, she’s busy packing.

“Hopefully I can just snap my fingers and celeiro, barnyard creatures will come and help me,” she said. “I think that works now.”