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mimitchi33 posted on Jul 26, 2012 at 11:48PM
Where have you seen Garfield referenced in pop culture before?
Here's what our community spotted so far:
* The Cartoon Network show MAD did a couple of spoofs on Garfield. One was Garfield of Dreams, starring a Garfield who looked more like Cinemark's Front Row Joe a bit. The second was in a Glee DVR commercial, where it showed a singing Garfield parody who looks like Heathcliff, and then there was a "Garfield No Monday Calendar" commercial where a cutely drawn Garfield advertises the calendar.
* The anime Smile Pretty Cure! does this a lot, thanks to Akaoni's voice actor being the same one who voiced Binky the Clown on Garfield and Friends. In episode 8, they parodied one "Screaming With Binky" short about a diamond cutter, where seconds after Binky disrupts a diamond cutter, he sneezes, blowing away the diamond dust. In that episode, Akaoni, a villain on the show, blows away Majorina's switcheroo rings with a sneeze. The 24th episode had Akaoni as the villain and it was a beach episode-yet again another Screaming With Binky reference. In another episode, where Miyuki and friends travel around the world, the Akanbe, summoned by Akaoni, is a piranha, a reference to a comic where Binky the Clown got bitten by a piranha on his show. At one point, I think he does get bitten by the piranha, but I'm not sure. In episode 33, Reika's hair is tied up like the fake Lanolin's from Much Ado About Lanolin, due to Akaoni being the main villain (even though they never dubbed the U.S. Acres segments in Japan).
* In the movie Part of Me, during one of the backstage scenes, someone was wearing a grey shirt with Garfield on a skateboard that was released as part of the Garfield and Friends crossover with "THEHUNDREDS", which aside from having Garfield, had 2 T-shirts of U.S. Acres-one with the whole cast in hoodies and one of Wade Duck wearing a baseball cap.
* In a parody video called "The Ultimate Fart Song", one of the lines was "Garfield and Felix the Cat do it!", and it showed a accurate-looking Garfield and Felix the Cat farting.
* A video called Date Night is about an autistic boy who uses Garfield as a coax to marry a girl. The song also references US Acres in it, too!
* A book that I have from a series called Mathmania (by the makers of Puzzlemania) had a game about presidents. One of the clues was "This president shares the same name as a cartoon cat". At the time the book came out, Garfield and Friends was in syndication.
* The comic Off The Mark, being a satire comic, references Garfield quite often.
* In one of the "Eat This, Not That!" books (the one for kids), they told that Garfield would enjoy a lasagna meal served at Romano's Macaroni Grill that was bad for you, but they said cartoons aren't real.
* At 12:20AM EST on August 8, 2012, I was driving back home from the Outer Banks when I saw two kids, one who was possibly six and one who was possibly ten, watching Garfield and Friends in their car. The episode was Beach Blanket Bonzo, and I knew this because the scene took place on the beach, had Garfield in it and I saw a still of the exact scene on a Japanese blog about the show. Also, since the DVDs were sold until 2008-ish, the kids parents might have brought it for the older son when he was in first grade or younger, because the parents may have watched it as kids and wanted to share it with their kids. How cool is that?
* In the newest Disney XD show "Crash and Bernstein", Wyatt, sick of having life with all girls, gets a puppet on his birthday named Crash. In the first episode, Wyatt wants his own room, so Crash decides to help him in many ways. One of these is sending Amanda out with a big party. And where do they want to send her? Dubai, in a pet cage filled with squeaky toys! We all know what this is referencing. Another episode's ending was quite similar to that of Temp Trouble's, where Amanda imitates a movie she saw and confuses her mom, like when Orson was confused about the whole demerit thing.
* An episode of Sailor Moon spoofed the US Acres segment "Goody-Go-Round", by having a scene in which Usagi gives Rei a sandwich with hot mustard on it, making fire come out of her mouth, just like the gum prank at the end of the episode.
* The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode "Putting Your Hoof Down" appears to have been inspired by the U.S. Acres segment "Wade, You're Afraid".
* My sister saw someone watching Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarves in their car on her way to get pizza for dinner on October 31, 2012 at 6:53PM EST. Now I know who brought the $15.00 Volume 4 DVD of Garfield and Friends I had my eyes on a few months ago! Plus, the kids were the same age as the original U.S. Acres target audience, which was 5 year olds!
* One episode of The Simpsons had the family getting a free lobster and decide to keep it for a pet. If this sounds familiar, it's similar to the plot of the Garfield and Friends episode "Maine Course"!
* On one episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Kirby held an innertube with a duck face sticking out of it just like Wade's innertube.
* The B-segment on The Simpsons' Itchy and Scratchy involves barn animals, just like Garfield and Friends' B-segment U.S. Acres!
* Animaniacs loves making references to Garfield and Friends. In the episode "Boot Camping", Dot wears an inner tube like Wade Duck's, only it has Plucky Duck from Tiny Toon Adventures' head on it. In the segment Mesozoic Mindy, Mindy is chasing an egg with dinosaur feet, a direct reference to Sheldon Egg. In the segment "Super Strong Warner Siblings", one of the villains looks and sounds like one of Orson's evil brothers. In the segment "A Very Very Special Episode", the winner of a TV show award went to "Pooky the Panda". And finally, in the segment "Soda Jerk", Wakko is asked to hiccup in front of the audience, and fails to do so. This is very similar to the pet show scene in "Garfield Goes Hawaiian". On the subject of WB Silver Age shows, one Tiny Toons episode featured a Garfield parody named "Garfunkel".
* In Wreck It Ralph, there is a possible reference to the way Nermal introduces herseld to Garfield in Garfield and Friends. Vanellope says "Hi there!" and Ralph falls off the branch he was clinging on to, similar to how Garfield gets surprised when hearing Nermal's "Hi, Garfield!".
* At 5:26PM on November 11, 2012, on my way home from New York City, I saw 2 cars watching movies. One was Elmo's World, and the other was the U.S. Acres episode "Hamelot". I was surprised, since I planned on watching two episodes on my way home, but I decided to listen to music instead.
* In the movie "Rise of the Guardians", in the Easter Bunny's world, most of the inhabitants are colored eggs with feet-sound familiar?
* In a video my high-school class watched on respiration, the respiratory doctor a British-accented girl went to had two posters-one of pigs wearing party hats, and another was one with the mid-80's Garfield on it that said "Remember to stop and eat the flowers along the way".
* In the movie "Ted", Ted draws on a girl's cleavage and says "There, proof. Garfield's eyes look like a pair of t---.
* In the movie "Rio", there is parody of Sheldon from US Acres in the "Real in Rio" segment, but the egg had black feet and not yellow ones.
* In the movie "Shrek 2", Puss In Boots says "I hate Mondays" after drinking milk.
* Caroline in the City referenced Garfield and Friends twice. In one episode, Del says "I miss lying in bed, eating Cap'n Crunch, watching 'Garfield' with you on Saturday mornings." In another, Natalie wants Caroline to have a Saturday morning cartoon show like Garfield and Friends.
* On an episode of Shining Time Station, Tanya slept with a Garfield pillow.
* In the short "Where Is Your Head", the main character ate Garfield cereal and read the comic strip.
* In the movie "Wrongfully Accused", Laughrea has a Garfield doll with suction cups on his paws in his car.
* In an episode of SMS Diary, one character jokingly says his new laptop came with a Garfield doll.
* The Nostalgia Critic referenced Garfield three times. In his Cartoon All-Stars review, the Critic shows a clip of Garfield being held by someone, saying "Pathetic." or something like that. In his "My Pet Monster" review, the Critic calls the monster in the movie a "radioactive Garfield". And in his "The Thief And The Cobbler review", the Critic compares Garfield's laziness to song lyrics.
* On "Robot Chicken", Garfield was referenced twice. The first was the infamous "Garfield vs. Heathcliff" sketch, and another was about Garfield receiving a cruel diagnosis from the vet.
* "Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue" had Garfield as a character, but he was used without Jim Davis' permission.
* In the Lyrick Studios video "Kids For Character", a costume character Garfield is part of the cast of characters.
* In Obscurus Luca's "Top 10 Hot Animated Dogs" video, Odie takes the #9 spot
* Booty and the Beard did an episode talking about Garfield and Friends.
* On a Sailor Moon sightings page, someone found a magazine that showed a girl wearing Sailor Moon lingerie, the poster of the sighting said that wearing something from Garfield and Friends would have been a lot more embarrassing.
* One of the classes at my high school watched "The Discount of Monte Cristo" after reading "The Count of Monte Cristo". I was walking in the hall and saw the scene where Orson peers out the little window in his jail cell, then turns around and gets angry after Aloysius speaks playing on a teacher's SmartBoard.
* The Tamagotchi character Yumekyanchi bears a striking resemblance to Lanolin sheep.
* A recent Subway commercial had an egg with yellow feet, a guitar and a baseball hat which looked EXACTLY like Sheldon Egg!
* The Wikipedia article "Law label" mentions the Garfield And Friends episode "Wanted: Wade" as an example of a pop culture item which showed a character getting into trouble for ripping the tag off a law label off.
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over a year ago Manafichu said…
I looked up reviews on Common Sense Media for Ted to see what most people thought the best age would be to see the movie, and at least two of them mention a scene when Ted drew the face of Garfield on a girl's boobs and said "There. Proof. Garfield's eyes look like a pair of t**s."
In the movie Rio, there was a possible parody of Sheldon from US Acres in the Real in Rio segment, because it was an egg that walked from the nest with its legs sticking out, but they were black feet, not yellow feet.

On a Brainpop animation about calendars there was a picture of Garfield on a calendar.

Here are a few from IMDB:
On an episode of Shining Time Station, Tanya slept with a Garfield pillow.
On an episode of Tiny Toons, there was a Garfield parody called Garfunkel.
In Shrek 2, Puss in Boots said "I hate Mondays" at one point.
Caroline in the City referenced Garfield twice.
In the short "Where Is Your Head", the main character ate Garfield cereal and read the comic strip.
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