This is my review of the garfield comics which were created por Jim Davis. The comics appear daily in newspapers.

The Plot:

The comics are about Garfield, a troublemaking laranja cat who loves to sleep and eat. His owner is Jon Arbuckle, a friendly guy who acts very goofy. garfield often makes fun of Jon and Jon's silly dog Odie. Odie used to be owned por Jon's roommate Lyman, but Lyman disappeared from the series.

The garfield comics are my favorito of the newspaper comics. Out of every daily newspaper comic garfield is the most memorable and funniest. The comics are so good that garfield has become a franchise that includes some animated shows and merchandise.

The Characters:

garfield may not be a very likeable protagonist, but he's quite funny due to his cynical attitude. I think that Jon is the most entertaining garfield character, because of how funny and eccentric he is. Lyman is a fun character and I think that he shouldn't of disappeared from the franchise. Nermal is a really adorable character that I quite like.

I think that the garfield comics are worth reading. They have good characters and jokes.