garfield is a comic strip that was created and written por Jim Davis. It stars a eccentric comida lover named garfield and his goofy caretaker Jon Arbuckle. My list is about the best characters from the garfield franchise.

5. Binky

Binky is a recurring character. Binky is a clown that Jon Arbuckle is a fã of. Binky is a fun and goofy character. The franchise needs mais of him.

4. garfield

garfield is a cat and the título character in the franchise. garfield is a comida loving, lazy troublemaker. He's very funny when he's interacting with Jon.

3. Lyman

Lyman is Jon's best human friend and former roommate. Lyman was Odie's owner and 1 of the main characters before disappearing from the comic strips. Lyman was a enjoyably goofy character who had a charmingly happy personality. Getting rid of him was a poor choice.

2. Nermal

Nermal is a really cute cat. Nermal is a recurring character of the franchise. gatos are my favorito animals, because they're so cute which is why I quite like Nermal. His girlish voice in the animated show garfield and friends actually makes Nermal cuter.

1. Jon Arbuckle

Jon Arbuckle is the main human character of the franchise. Jon is garfield and Odie's owner. He is a goofy, but nice person. Jon is the funniest character of the franchise. He's so eccentric that he makes garfield seem normal.