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twilightlover73 posted on Apr 12, 2014 at 12:44PM
I found this link and seen it on others as well. The rules are the same WITH A SLIGHT CHANGE: (capitalized because some really don't pay attention)

-This is practically hangman without the hangman. I give you a quote and you have to guess the letters (only one at a time because if you guess the whole alphabet it'd just be irrational, eh?).
-If you know the whole quote, guess it, you won't lose if you guess it wrong. If you do guess it right, you get to chose the next quote.
-I don't think props should be given for this, so no props, people. If you're here just for that, then you really suck. If it's your go with the quote and you haven't checked the forum for over two days, I take over with a different quote.
-Use quotes from the show because not everyone read the books.
-Be a doll and don't use Google when the quote is clear enough. I know I just gave you the perfect cheat, and I can't know if you used it or not, but I hope you know that if you do, it would just be lame.

It shouldn't be really hard considering this contest is all around Fanpop, but you can ask me if you didn't get that, I guess.
Like I said, I'll start you off:
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