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PociandSmith posted on Jun 28, 2013 at 06:54AM
Warning: This is for people who are reading the news and spoilers about frozen, so if you don't care about it, you probably won't find interesting reading it or you won't understand what I am talkinf about, or if you do not want to read any spoilers (about characters and actors / actresses who voice characters) don't go any further.


Hey, Great people who love frozen,
I am coming up with a crazy theory about the villain.
Who is he? (Disney confirmed that the villain won't be Elsa)
I don't really believe he is Hans, I don't have any proof, obviously, but I don't feel like he could ever be the villain (based on his description and photo). After all, Disney doesn't reveal the villains very early or give information about them, so I guess it won't be Hans.

Someone said that the villain might be Olaf but he is too cute IMO.
So the following theory along with the information it was based on it is NOTHING. I somewhere read the information (I don’t even know if some of it is true) and I based my theory on it. Something just made me believe this crazy story.
I read (don’t remember where) that the villain won't be very 'human'. Since the human is in these - brackets-, and I’ve also read that the villain will be twisted like in Wreck it Ralph, I believe that he will be someone with a human form, but not a human in reality.
I read that the Duke will be voiced by him -> link , who has voiced King Candy in Wreck-it-Ralp. –Remember this, it’s kind of important.
Of course that is no proof, because David Ogden Stiers voiced (RAT)cliffe in Pocahontas but also he was the voice of Cogsworth, the clock in Beaty and the Beast.
But wait…wait… it is not the same case. As I said previously he voiced King Candy. Who was King Candy? A Cy-Bug (!!!) in reality. link I am also reminding you this : it will be twisted like in Wreck it Ralph.
So, I believe as lots of you that the villain might be the DUKE. So, what's the big deal? Many of you have said that before.
The new thing, coming in my mind and it might be the most stupid thing ever but anyway, is that the Duke might be in reality a snowman. He will fight against Anna and turns into his real form and then how will Anna defeat him? She somehow, along with Elsa’s help, will suddenly melt the ice and spring will come back again. A snowman can’t live in a hot place. So, he will melt. (That is bad for our poor little Olaf, too :’( but that’s another topic)
So, what do you think on my theory?

P.S. Photos with characters that are said to be the villain (There's no picture of the DDDDDUUUUKKKEEE) Obviously noone of them is (left-Hans, middle-Olaf,right-Elsa)
 Warning: This is for people who are leitura the news and spoilers about frozen, so if you don't care
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over a year ago BlondLionEzel said…
I kind of agree now...
BlondLionEzel commented…
IMO i think it might be a troll like in the HCA version over a year ago
PociandSmith commented…
What's the HCA version? over a year ago
BlondLionEzel commented…
Hans Christian Anderson over a year ago
over a year ago DIAMELA said…
iam agree it sounds logical to me...but i dont like the idea of a snow man as a a villain...dont know...its weird
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago PociandSmith said…
Well, it might not be a Snow man, but that's what I thought. They could defeat him easily then if they unite their powers. It has to do with the snow, too. So, a Snow man, well it can me.
But there are people who say there's not gonna be any villain, just a misguided Elsa, which I disagree with. What do you think?
over a year ago MouseEars said…
The Duke is going to be the villain. :) A picture of him with a bio was posted recently on Yahoo.
over a year ago LightningRed said…
I don't really like Olaf's face. He looks hideous and quite like King Candy. I wonder if he really becomes the villain.

By the way, what do you think if there is no real, big villain in the movie?
over a year ago babybot said…
I think the duke is since he trying to take over the kingdom.
over a year ago truth76 said…
Elsa can not be the villain.