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chole785chole78 posted on May 25, 2013 at 04:41PM
Leader: (Tangxinyuan) Snowstar- pure white she-cat with a silver splotch on her forehead, icy blue eyes

Deputy: RedShadow

Med. Cat: (awesomecheese) Wolfsong- a pure silver she-cat with sea-green eyes

Med. Cat Apprentice: (chole785chole78) Silvermist- A silver she-cat with deep gray stripes a black front paw and aqua eyes

(chole785chole78)Bitterchill- A deep gray she-cat(Frozenpaw)
(chole785chole78) Ravenwing- A black tom (Stormpaw)
(Tangxinyuan) Eagleheart- A dark brown tabby tom with dark green eyes (Owlpaw)
(awesomecheese) Sunstream- A golden she-cat with creamy white stripes and blue eyes (Shimmerpaw)
(Tangxinyuan) Darkwing- A dark brown tabby tom with dark green eyes
(chole785chole78) Darknight- A black tom with green eyes
(chole785chole78)Nightshade- A black she-cat with green eyes (Smokepaw)

(chole785chole78)Frozenpaw- A light gray tom with darker gray paws
(Tangxinyuan) Owlpaw- A white she-cat with a silver forehead and wide amber eyes
(awesomecheese) Shimmerpaw- A white she-cat with silver flecks
(Tangxinyuan) Stormpaw-A silver tabby she-cat with dark, fierce amber eyes
(KatieK102) Smokepaw - Handsome smokey gray tom with white ear tips and green eyes.
Foxpaw-(KatieK102)-Hansom bright orange tom with white ear and tail tips and green eyes
(NaomiWinx) Wingpaw~Grey cat with black mittens on all fours and a black spot around eye with green emerald eyes)

(chole785chole78) Whitesnow- A white she-cat
(Tangxinyuan) Ambersnow-An orange and white she-cat with icy aqua eyes
Frostsong-(KatieK102)-Beautiful fluffy white she-cat with blue eyes.

(chole785chole78) Whitesnow's litter:
(Tangxinyuan) Ambersnow's litter:

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