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awesomecheese posted on May 12, 2013 at 12:59AM
(chole785chole78)Moonsong- A pure light gray she-cat
(Tangxinyuan) Icestar- A pure white she-cat with bright green eyes

Leader: Redstar-(KatieK102)-A handsome hazel colored tom with faint stripes and green eyes (App. Shimmerpaw)

Deputy: (awesomecheese) Mistymoon- A pale silver and white she cat with light blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Wolfsong-(awesomecheese)-Pure silver she-cat with sea-green eyes

Med. Cat Apprentice: Silvermist-(chole785chole78)-A silver she-cat with deep gray stripes a black front paw and aqua eyes

Bitterchill-(chole785chole78)-Deep gray she-cat (App. Frozenpaw)
Ravenwing-(chole785chole78)-Black tom
Sunstream-(awesomecheese)A golden she-cat with creamy white stripes and blue eyes (App. Foxpaw)
Darknight-(chole785chole78)-Black tom with green eyes (App. Wingpaw)
Nightshade-(chole785chole78)-Black she-cat green eyes (App. Smokepaw)
FalconWing-(chole785chole78)-A brown tom with brown eyes
Swiftstorm-(KatieK102)-Handsome and strong light gray tom with white ear tips, one white foot and stormy blue eyes.

Frozenpaw-(chole785chole78)-A light gray tom with darker gray paws
Shimmerpaw-(awesomecheese)-A white she-cat with silver stripes and shimmering blue eyes
Smokepaw-(KatieK102)-A handsome smokey gray tom with white ear tips and green eyes.
Foxpaw-(KatieK102)-Handsome bright orange tom with white ear and tail tips and green eyes
Wingpaw-(NaomiWinx)-A gray she-cat with black mittens and a black spot around one of her emerald green eyes

Whitesnow-(chole785chole78) -Fluffy white she-cat
Frostsong-(KatieK102) -A beautiful fluffy white she-cat with blue eyes


Whitesnow's Litter:
Moonlesskit- A black she-cat
Stormkit- A black tom
Pinekit- A gray tom
Dawnkit- A white she-cat

Glacierwind-(KatieK102)-White tom with a fluffy tail and hazel eyes


Current Season: Almost leaf-bare
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