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If the friends characters had mais kids what do you think they names are.

Chandler and Monica- 10 ano old twins Jack and Erica.
Rachel and Ross- Emma 12, Chandler "Chandy" 9, Gracelyn "Gracie" 4 and Lillian "Lily" 1.
Phoebe and Mike: Regina 9, Eleanor "Ellie" 7, Cooper 3
Why is Chandler the only one who has a kid named after him? And didn't you say in an earlier pergunta that Chandler Geller-Green would be girl?
Flickerflame posted over a year ago
 itsrik posted over a year ago
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Flickerflame said:
I don't have any particular names in mind. But I think that Ross and Rachel would choose traditional names which are still quite popular - Ross would veto anything too modern and Rachel would veto anything too old fashioned. Phoebe and Mike might go for mais unusual names, but maybe they'd name a first daughter Lily or Lilly after Phoebe's mother.
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posted over a year ago 
Book-Freak said:
I've always thought Ross and Rachel would have one mais - a boy called Daniel (Monica wanted to name her daughter Emma and her son Daniel, so it would be quite funny if Rachel took both for her children).
Also I thought Phoebe and Mike would have two, she said Sophie and Mike Jr so maybe something like that.
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posted over a year ago 
4everMondler said:
C/M: Jack, Erica, Sophie, Luke, Lucia "Lucy" and Daniel "Dan"
R/R: Ben(Rachel adopted him) Emma, Steven, Heather and Isabella "Issie"
M/P: Matthew "Matt", Victoria "Vickie", Lillian "Lily" and Lolita
J/A: Joseph Jr. Jr. "Joey", Brooke and Rosaline "Rosie"

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posted over a year ago 
fantasyrose said:
Phoebe and Mike: Consuela ahah... or Regina!!! Mike jr for a boy.
Rachel and Ross: maybe Lily for another girl and Joseph (Joey) for a boy.
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posted over a year ago 
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