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do you think there will be a friends movie or reunion?

I hope there is a reunion :DDDDD
 Thecharliejay posted over a year ago
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_Ashish_Gupta_ said:
There may be a reunion..
But there will definitely not be a movie :'(

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posted over a year ago 
friendsfayexx said:
All rumours that they will be making a movie is just as rumour. No cast members are up for making a friends movie, which may also mean that they are not open for a reunion, either. If friends made a reunion episode, it will not be the same. Ben would be 18, Emma would be almost 10, and the twins would be 9. The episode would just be Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler being parents (which, honestly, would be boring), Phoebe and Mike will maybe have children por now, and Joey would be out of place. Honestly, I can't see it happening!

R.I.P Friends, we amor you <3
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posted over a year ago 
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