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Osk2010 said …
Remember that fantasia movie Debra was going to be in years ago? Its on Amazon!

I watched it earlier and she kicked ass! Even if the atuação and CGI is very... well low budget LOL

Gonna make some clips/gifs from it when I can Posted faz 5 dias
Osk2010 said …
Make sure all Debra fãs send a polite tweet to @RealJeffJarrett to remind him to mention/thank Debra in his hall of fame speech, even if brief given their great on screen partnership and Debra's contribution to his career. Posted faz 16 dias
REXDART commented…
So did he thank her? faz 11 dias
Osk2010 commented…
No mention at all. Shame really given she was in the video package multiple times faz 11 dias
REXDART commented…
Well, that makes sense because you know when you look back on jeff's wwe career the first thing that comes to mind is obviously "With my Baby tonight". ;-) but seriously let's get real every título reign(ic, tag, European) he had during his segundo stint with the wwe was due to Debra's popularity! Don't get me wrong I think Jeff was a very good in-ring worker and had solid promo skills, and he is certainly mais deserving of induction then flippin' Rikishi, the godfather, and kid rock, but was he ever really a big draw por himself on a mainstream level? Let's not forget that WCW was already a sinking ship (not his fault) por the time he was a world champ there. faz 10 dias
sfhkevin said …
wwe is going to induct Jarrett to the HOF. Hope to see Debra being inducted one dia too. Posted faz 1 mês