Flynn and Rapunzel Enrolados Is The New Shrek

LisaForde2 posted on Mar 08, 2011 at 04:56PM

The horse especially was like Donkey in Shrek 2 and Rapunzel has the same kinda of personality as Fiona and Flynn Rider is like a cross between Zac Levi(who voices him) meets a bit of Colin Farrell(the dude from Daredevil as the villain or he was in Phone Booth)with the goatee beard and a bit of Phoebus from HBOND and Dimitri from Anastasia with the charms.

Flynn and Rapunzel 2 replies

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over a year ago TangledLover3 said…
I think Donkey and Maximus areboth incredibly funny, but they express it in different ways. Maximus is funny in a physical way, and Donkey is funny by being annoying and singing weird.
over a year ago LisaForde2 said…
Yeah Maximus doesn’t talk whereas Donkey does and the animation is like a DreamWorks movie I actually mistake this for a Pixar movie sometimes.

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