Marshall Lee: Ok, Ok, Ok!
They start their new game while they eating their snacks.
Fionna: I`m first, seguinte is Marshall Lee, seguinte is Ice Queen, and the last is Gumball! Ok!
Marshall Lee: Let`s Start!
Fionna: Friendship is like a Diamond, I feel so lucky to have found a friend as precious as you!
Marshall Lee: I`m next! Here`s mine: so many memories, so many stupid fights, So many inside Jokes and the craziness night, everything crazy that I do, Always seems to happen, when i`m with you!
Ice Queen: Nice, so mine is True friends, are never apart, Maybe in distance, But not in heart.
Gumball: I`m next! Don`t walk in front of me, I may not follow, Don`t walk behind me, I may not lead, Walk beside me and be my friend!
Fionna: Were finished eating?
Marshall Lee: yes ma`am!
Ice Queen: Let`s continue the Truth or Dare!
Gumball: Ok, but who`s next?
Marshall Lee: you!
Gumball: Oh, So Fionna Truth or Dare?
Fionna: Truth!
Gumball: Do you hate Flame Prince?
Fionna: No! Ouch, stop it!
Gumball: Ok!
Fionna: So Marshall Lee, Truth or Dare?
Marshall Lee: Truth!
Fionna: Do you amor Marceline?
Marshall Lee: What? No of course, She`s my counterpart! Duh!
Fionna: Really?
Marshall Lee: Yes, cruz my coração and hope to die!
Fionna: Ok, So Marshall Lee, It`s your turn now!
Marshall Lee: Ice Queen, Truth or Dare?
Ice Queen: Dare!
Marshall Lee: soco Gumball in his forehead!
Ice Queen: Ok!
Gumball: What? Me again! Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: Ice queen Now!
Ice queen punches Gumball in his forehead.
Ice Queen: Bye Fionna, See you in seguinte week!
Gumball and Marshall Lee: Me too, Good bye Fionna!
Fionna: Good Bye Guys! Take Care!
Fiolly: Fionna! Clean your room!
Fionna: Ok, Mom!

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