Chapter 1:
Fionna, Marshall Lee, Prince Gumball, Flame Prince and Ice queen are playing Truth or Dare in Fionna`s room, Suddenly Flame Prince quit at the game because Flame queen or his Mother call him in the telephone, She say Flame Prince have a encontro, data to the other Flame. Then they continue their Truth or Dare;
Fionna: Ok Gumball, It`s your turn now!
Gumball: Ok, Ice Queen, Truth or Dare?
Ice Queen: Truth.
Gumball: Ok! Do you amor Marshall Lee?
Ice queen didn`t answer so Gumball hold Ice Queen`s hands and he start Karate in Ice Queen`s hands.
Ice Queen: Ouch Gumball, Stop it!
Gumball: Ok
Fionna: It`s my turn now! Um Marshall Lee, Truth or Dare?
Marshall Lee: Dare
Fionna: kiss Gumball in his cheeks!
Marshall Lee: Ok!
Suddenly Marshall Lee kissed Gumball in cheeks, when Gumball looks at the window.
Gumball: Hey! What`s the big idea Marshall Lee!
Marshall Lee: That`s Fionna`s request!
Fionna: Yup!
Ice Queen: oi Fionna, I`m hungry!

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