‘Knock knock!’ says a female voice behind Marshall Lee’s door. Puzzled, he looks up from his juicy red morango and floats over to the door. ‘Who is it?’ he asks ‘Its me, you dweeb!’ replys the voice. Marshal Lee smiles to himself. There’s only one person he knows that would talk to him like that. He opens the door wide open and says causally ‘Oh oi Fionna’ his dark black eyes locking into her cool blue ones. ‘Heya Marsh’ she says ‘What’s with all the stuff?’ asks Marshall pointing to her backpack, surprisingly filled with stuff. ‘Oh what, this? Umm.. well thats why I’m here’ mumbles Fionna breaking eye contact and looking at her shoes. ‘Tell me’ smiles Marshall as he says it sweetly, pushing Fionna’s chin up gentilly to lock into her eyes once more. ‘I well..’ Fionna found herself lost in his charcoal eyes. ‘I was wondering if I could crash here tonight?’ Marshal was confused. ‘Yeah, of course you can, not a problem’ He responds stepping aside so Fionna could walk past. ‘But why was that so hard to say?’ Fionna flops on the sofá and stretches out. ‘Well, I’m seeing Flame Prince tomorrow, and I just thought, I could stay here, its closer as well’ says Fionna. Marshall grumbles ‘Oh my glob, you hanging out with that nose picker?’ Fionna rolls her eyes. ‘He’s not seguro you know, you might just be chilling when BOOM! Forest fire’ Fionna smiles cheekily.‘Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean I can’t hang with him’ Marshall gives her an annoyed look.