Autumn Maiden

One dia in Summer
a girl walks by
she is a princess por day
she is a maiden por night.

Her hair is red
red as the fogo of Autumn leaves
gold in the sunbeams.

She is a beautiful maiden
her coração is as good as gold
she is a fair witch
whose magic never gets old.

She is an encantada season
her soul is golden red
just like the autumn leaves
that fall onto the flor beds.

She dances in fire
For her fiery nature cannot be burned
she maybe a good person but does have a short temper.

She is a serious person
who will not be teased
if you put pressure on her
the fiery inferno temper will be unleashed.

She wears a black cloak
that binds a curse to her heart
she will freeze to death
in her lonely heart.

The days turn colder
but the sunbeams shine on
she draws strength from Autumn
before it moves on.

The wind turns to ice
the temperature drops
she turns pale
and cannot breathe
as the snowflakes come.

The snow comes in hard
she's getting paler everyday
clutching on to her weak heart
that is slowly failing each day.

She cannot hold on much longer
her body is freezing fast
she glances at her sister
begging her to help her at last.

Her sister nods her head
but doesn't help at all
instead freeing her Autumn sister
the winter maiden makes the pain last longer
then stops it when the Autumn maiden finally dies at dawn.

The sunbeams rise quite fast
and melts the Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante land
the winter maiden melts away in fright
por the warm weather that sweeps over the land.

The statue of Autumn's maiden
melts away in peace
the body falls to the ground
her spirit finally free.