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Hijinata said …
Hijinata said …
oi guys! I made a discord server for all fanguins! I don't think there's one out already (but if there is let me know so we could merge groups)? Anyways, feel free to cadastrar-se and chat with some of our old chums! Posted faz 2 meses
JessyParrot said …
Oh maaaan, seems like I'm late to the party :")
Anyways, if anyone is still here, hello! Posted faz 7 meses
Kait_Wolf commented…
oi Jessy! I`m so glad this club is coming back to life. ^^ faz 7 meses
JessyParrot commented…
Heyy! My name's Anya, actually (it's a shame one can't change the username here). Welp. Yeaaa, but it seems to be dead again lol :""D I just accidentally remembered to check it today, and saw your reply xD faz 7 meses
thecakeistrue23 said …
Has anyone kept in contact with Dalton/Dylan/Gumball17?? I've been trying to find him again with no luck :/ Posted faz 9 meses
Rainbow_Cookie commented…
NO, and it makes me upset! He's one of the first people i actively searched for when I tried finding old friends (like Emma and Hannah), and I couldn't find him anywhere! I really wish I knew what he was up to now a days, he was such a great pal :c faz 9 meses
Rainbow_Cookie commented…
NEVERMIND, I FOUND HIM! He's on facebook still but I probably shouldn't share it publically, ahaha. I'll ask him if he has any recent social media or any interest in reliving the past with us faz 9 meses
thecakeistrue23 commented…
Omg yay!!!!! faz 9 meses