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Faith -Slayer mural

Faith-Rulz said …
has anyone been leitura the new angel and Faith comics?? Posted over a year ago
EvilPears commented…
YES!!!!! They are really cool! But, I hope angel and Faith don't start going out! over a year ago
Faith-Rulz commented…
i dont think so EvilPears....think its mais of the two of them on a road on redemption,self discovery and dealing with past consquences over a year ago
Flickerflame commented…
I think it's mais friendship and a relationship based on redemption/offering each other segundo chances. And I hope it stays that way. They didn't for Cangel though. over a year ago
JulyGiu95 said …
Faith is my favourite BTVS character! Posted over a year ago
avrillavigne82 said …
Faith is the best!!!!!! shes not as awesome as buffy but she is still cool!!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
pompeybabe commented…
Agreed xx over a year ago