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More Info About You:(optional)


Kasumi Ward (FairyTailHeart)

your name can be the original fairy tail members name
 Name: Age: Magic: Weapons: Appearance: Personality: mais Info About You:(optional)
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over a year ago FairyTailHeart said…
Name: Kasumi Ward

Age: 18

Magic: Celestial Spirit Keys, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, requip

weapons: a long sword with a fairy (UNBREAKABLE)

Appearance: wendy's hair style except pink and black and white bows, pink and white and black doll like dress (short), doll-like purple eyes, pinkish reddish heart symbol around the eye, purplish pink fairy tail mark at the side of the shoulder, and black flats.

personality: kind, loving, sweet and caring, always happy, when down she always get up quickly, energetic, loves fighting but when she isn't in the mood she tries to fight or just doesn't fight.

loves to eat CAKE AND ICE CREAM ANYTHING SWEET but she also likes eating healthy( not as much as eating sweets)