fairy tail New wizard guild!!!! [ Dragon Claw ] RP Lets be # 1 in Fiore!!!!

Palin_X765 posted on Nov 29, 2013 at 09:09PM
It is many forums up for ( our favorite guild fairy tail) but we need one that we can call our own home. Lets build our own lore and history as we try to be the number 1 guild in Fiore!!!!! Dragon claw will be the guild for us, the fans.

Character Sheet

Name :


age :

Appearance :

Personalty :

Type of magic :

weapons/ or magical items (optional):

pets (optional);

guild mark placement :

Teammates (optional) ;

PS: remember teams are when a group of members from the same guild take on missions together. like Natsu, Lucy ,Grey ,Happy and Erza. You can make all the members of your team, Or ask other people in the guild to join your team then edit your character sheet.


1. cursing is allowed just keep it to a minimum

2. no overpowered characters please . we want this to be fun for all

3. You are encouraged to use other people characters in your post but make them act like how there bio descries them.

4. Don't kill anyone else character or yours will quickly be assassinated and you will be asked to leave.

5. DO NOT POST ONE LINERS AT ALL!!!!!. One paragraph at least . we want this very interesting

6. everyone cant be a dragon slayer

7. Just have fun no need for drama

NPC Characters

Guild master : Her name is Katiya she is 57 with dark brown skin and grey hair. Her magic ? She is highly skilled with storm magic. she can make violently storms full of lighting and can make tornadoes or hurricanes. She loves to pull jokes on the guild members.

Carla: the bartender she is considered a very beautiful girl with long brown hair and fair skin with green eyes. She is shy and gets hit on by most of the males members. Saved by Katiya when her village was destroyed

guild symbol

 It is many forums up for ( our favorito guild fairy tail) but we need one that we can call our own ho
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