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coasterrider posted on Apr 16, 2013 at 09:38PM
I need some wizards for my guild so I decided that you guys could help me. To make a wizard just tell me the following:













P.S. If you have any other fanmade characters make their profiles if you can.


Name: Sora Soyokaze

Age: 17

Magic: Wind Magic

Weapons: Sky Baton, Sky Wand

Appearance: Wears sky blue dress, has sky blue hair, wears sky blue shoes

Personality: Really nice, tries to be friends with everyone

Likes: Kasai Furea, having friends, her best friend, Niji Kuraudo

Dislikes: Not being able to tell Kasai she loves him, cucumbers, Kin Kanemochi

Birthday: June 20th

Exceed: Migotona the Jaguar

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Arashi Shimo

Background/history: Sora grew up with her older sister Tengoku, After Sora's parents died and Tengoku got her own husband known as Iwa Tamaishi. Sora ended living with her stubborn Grandmother. After Sora was 17, she was allowed to spend her own life, so she joined Rain Feather. Sora had a great disliking as soon as she met Kin Kanemochi. She also fell in love with hot boy, Kasai Furea. She also became best friends with Niji Kuraudo after she gave her Migotona, Sora's jaguar exceed. Sora really loves Kasai, but she is just going to stick with her cold boyfriend Arashi Shimo.
 I need some wizards for my guild so I decided that you guys could help me. To make a wizard just tell

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over a year ago Palin_X765 said…
Name: Palin

Age: 18

Magic: ( shadow) Deamon Slayer

weapons: black shield

apperance: curly black hair, grey eyes (blind) dark brown skin wear only black clothing mostly his black long sleeve shirt and black pants. he is 5'8 not slim but toned

personality: quiet doesnt speak much but is a nice person and cares for his friends

likes: to sleep

dislikes: the sun and being disturbed in his sleep

birthday: december 21

girlfriend: shay (deceased)

history: when he was younger his mother summoned the deamon Axrus and the deamon fused with with him making him part deamon it is a shaow deamon which allows him to make shadows in anyforms he wants like his shield . he needs death to survie and when he hasnt killed in a long time he turns unto the deamon human hybrid that killed his girlfriend if he hasnt killed in awhile. the deamon speaks to him in his head, but palin never wants to kill but has no choice
over a year ago mcterra said…
Name:Sion Barzahd


Magic:Hell Fire Dragon Slaying Magic(his flames are deep red and he can turn his body into hell fire rendering his opponent's speed and power useless)



Personnality:Hot headed and always ready for agood fight



Birthday:January 1st


History:he has a horrible past which he tries to forget
 Name:Sion Barzahd Age:16 Magic:Hell fogo Dragon Slaying Magic(his flames are deep red and he ca
over a year ago shadow-master_2 said…
Name: Kohaku Scarlet.
Gender: Male.
Age: 18.
Magic: Reequip Magic and Blood Magic.
Weapons: Kusarigama, Bo-staff and Throwing/Combat Knives.
Appearance: Has Erza's fair skin, purple eyes, has spiky red hair with bangs and is 2 inches taller than her. He wears torn jeans, a dark red shirt and navy blue sandals.

Personality: With friends his is cheerful, open and friendly. To strangers he is stoic to. In battle, he is highly perceptive, analytical, strategic, cold, merciless, unforgiving, leaks killing intent and does not hold back. This has been known to scare his allies.
Likes: Training and his friends.
Dislikes: People who harm his friends and arrogance.
Dream: To find his sister.
Birthday: June 13th.

Exceed: None.
Girlfriend: None, (Not interested).
History: Same as Erza's except for getting eye torn out. Were separated during the Tower of Heaven escape and found Rain Feather after 2 years.

P.S. Is this going on fan fiction?
over a year ago yumiyukifan1 said…
Name: Rena Starbound

Gender: .....Rena is a girl's.. name...

Age: 18

Magic: Puppet Magic, A magic that is used to control any human being, animals, and Celestial Spirits.

Weapons: A Poisonous Scythe, Puppet strings, and Daggers.

Appearance: You must be blind...

Personality: Independent, Strange, Random at times, Funny, Outgoing, Brave, And Never Lets Anyone Down.

Likes: Unicorns, Chickens, and Frogs

Dislikes: Boobs( She's an A cup :P) Insects, and Horror Movies

Dream: To One day know what love is and find it.

Birthday: ???

Exceed: None

Boyfriend: None

History: ???
 Name: Rena Starbound Gender: .....Rena is a girl's.. name... Age: 18 Magic: Puppet Magic, A