fairy tail List Fairy Tails topo, início 6 wizards (Power-wise)

T_ballack posted on Dec 26, 2012 at 09:49AM
This includes the master, you could make two, one with mystogan around, and another without mystogan. This list should be purely their base power, without nakama power.
P.S: This forum is only for listing, if u wanna argue the rankings do so in the next forum named : Clarification of Top 6 mages pre- time skip and post time skip
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over a year ago T_ballack said…
My top 6 pre time-skip, with mystogan still around
6 - Erza Scarlett
5- Mirajane Strauss
4- Mystogan(Alterna Jellal Fernandez)
3 - Laxus Dreyar
2- Makarov Dreyar
1 - Gildarts Clive

After the time skip (without mystogan)
6 - Natsu Dragneel/Gray Fullbuster/Gajeel Redfox/(maybe Fried Justine, if he has also improved)
5 - Erza Scarlett
4 - Mirajane Strauss
3 - Makarov Dreyar
2 - Laxus Dreyar
1 - Gildarts Clive
over a year ago starprincess7 said…
6.Natsu Dragneel
5.Mirajane Strauss
4.Titania Erza Scarlet
3.Gildarts Clive
2.Jellal Fernandes
1.Makarov Dreyar

I hope you like my listings !!! :)
over a year ago pjwoww said…
Pre time-skip
6- Gildarts Clive
5- Mystogan
4- Mirajane Strauss
3 - Erza Scarlet
2 - Laxus Dreyar
1- Makarov Dreyar

After the time skip
6-Kagura Mikazuchi/Minerva
5-Mirajane Strauss/Juvia Lockser
4-Laxus Dreyar
3- Erza Scarlet
2-Natsu Dragneel/Gildarts Clive/Gray Fullbuster
1-Gildarts Clive/Natsu Dragneel
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over a year ago Odinfastflame said…
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over a year ago VocaXTail said…
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Be time skip
6 gajeel redfox/ gray fullbuster
5 natsu dragneel
4 mirajane Strauss
3 erza Scarlett / Laxus dreyar
2 gildarts Clive
1 makarov dreyar

Aft time skip
6 elfman ( Strauss)/ Juvia lockser
5 gray fullbuster/ gajeel redfox
4 natsu dragneel/ mirajane Strauss
3 Laxus dreyar/ erza Scarlett / kagura mikazuchi / Minerva
2 gildarts Clive / makarov dreyar
1 Mavis vermillion

Well, this might change during the story, but this is my reply right now
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over a year ago Vermillion13 said…
(With Mystogan)
6. Mirajane Strauss
5. Laxus Dreyar
4. Mystogan
3. Gildarts Clive
2. Makarov Dreyar
1. Mavis Vermillion

(Without Mystogan)
6. Erza Scarlet
5. Mirajane Strauss
4. Laxus Dreyar
3. Gildarts Clive
2. Makarov Dreyar
1. Mavis Vermillion
over a year ago reefa2931 said…
1)Gildarts Clive
2)Makarov Dreyar
3)Laxus Dreyar
5)Erza Scarlet
6)Mirajane Strauss

1)Gildarts Clive
2) Laxus Dreyar
3)Makarov Dreyar
4)Erza Scarlet
5) Mirajane Strauss
6) (i decided to put these in order of who i think deserves the sisth spot the most but they are all around the same point) Gajeel Redfox, Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Fried Justine and Juvia Lockser
over a year ago T_ballack said…
I gotta Fix my response, thanks to new developments
My top 6 pre-time skip
6. Erza "Titania" Scarlett
5. Mirajane "The Demon" Strauss
4. Mystogan "The Prince" Fernandez
3. Laxus "???The Beast probably" Dreyar
2. Makarov "The Giant" Dreyar
1. Gildartz "The old Geezer" Clive

And this is my new List of top 6 post time skip.

6. Natsu Dragneel/Gray Fullbuster/Gajeel Redfox/Freed Justine/ maybe Juvia Loxia
5. Makarov Dreyar (the biggest change)
4. Erza Scarlett
3 Mirajane Strauss
2 Laxus Dreyar
1. Gildartz Clive
over a year ago Natsumi_5611 said…
Pre-Time Skip-

6.Mirajane Strauss
5.Erza Scarlet
2.Gildarts Clive
1.Makarov Dreyer

Post-time Skip-

6.Natsu Dragneel
5.Mirajane Strauss
4.Erza Scarlet
3.Makarov Dreyer
2.Laxus Dreyer
1.Gildarts Clive