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AceDarkwolf17 posted on Dec 24, 2011 at 02:28AM
The story line is after Makarov retires and names me Guild Master. I will direct the battles (meaning, I decide who wins and loses. anything else is between players.) U can have as many characters as u want but they must be custom characters. U can be part of team or work solo, i dont care.

1)NO Foul Language
2)Make Friends
3)Be Nice

Back Story:

It is six months after Makarov retired and Ray is still trying to settle in as Guild Master and one of the Ten Holy Mages. The fact that Fairy Tail is the #1 Guild in Fiore isn't making his job easier. Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Lisana, Kana, Wendy, and Elie(my character's sister)are all S-Class Mages. Fairy Tail is still a reckless, building destroying guild but it all works out in the end. Ray couldn't handle it so he placed Makarov as Master.
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over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
~Ray teleports in front of Konaha and delivers a devastating punch to the face. Teleports again and knees Konaha in the stomach which lifts him i the air, "Crystal Dragon: Roar". Ray sends Konaha tumbling on the ground~

Ray: "Arrow isnt the only Third Generation Dragon Slayer in Fairy Tail". About that time a silver Exceed landed on the ground by Ray's feet. "My name is Jax. Ray is the other Third Gen. Slayer. Those bracelets he wears hides his power." Ray broke his bracelets and released a huge amount of magic energy
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
-Konaha lands on his feet with little damage- "what was that for Ray? i need to teach him a lesson"
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Ray: The fight is not with u, its between Arrow and Natsu....... And Im not the kind of guy that lets his closest friend get hurt
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: It's not just between arrow and natsu it's between third gen slayers and first gen slayers with includes me
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Ray: That may be true but u WILL stay out of this fight
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: Why must i not fight?
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Ray: Cause the fight is between Arrow and Natsu.... for the second time

Ray: Besides......didnt u want to fight Koga??
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: I can't do that here with me friends here they could get hurt i won't do that
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Ray: I thought u wanted to prove you're not a kid. Did u change your mind on the account that a few people might get hurt......You're a saint
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: I just don't want my friends getting hurt got it
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Ray: "Oh I see".....Ray looks toward the members...."Im issuing an open challenge to any one of u who wants to fight me!!!!!!

At that time, Loke came through the gate with a determined look on his face.

Loke: Challenge accepted

Lucy: WHAT!!!!!!!!

Loke: Lucy, Koga was a Celestial Spirit. He was banished cause he murdered many spirits. I WANT VENGENCE!
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: WHAT?!?!?! he was a spirit?? in that case -looks with a serious face- let me have a piece of him to Loke im not letting u fight this guy on ur own u may be Leo but even u could use a drgon slayer to help
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
~All of a sudden, black energy surrounded Ray. The energy created high winds. When the energy disappeared, Ray was gone but there was a man standing there with a methodical smile~

Koga: Leo, Long time no see.. Who is the runt behind u?
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: The names konaha im the lava dragon slayer and me and Loke r gotta take u down -knaha makes his lava armor and swords-
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
~Koga reaches behind him and pulls out 2 pistols~

Koga: Do u think u can beat the man that brought the all mighty Spirit King down on his knees with one shot?
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: lets see what u got spirit boy -konaha runs after koga and leaps into the air- ALRIGHT LETS GO LOKE...LAVA DRAGON TWIN SWORDS BARRAGE!!!
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
~Before Konaha could do anything, Koga was behind him and aimed for his head. "To slow", as he pulled the trigger and shot Konaha in the back of the head. The one shot sent him flying 200 yards away. As Koga landed, Loke charged him but Koga dodge it and placed his pistol at Loke's stomach. "Rapid Fire", he shot 50 bullets into Loke's stomach and sent him flying towards Lucy feet.
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
-after he shot loke konaha somehow was right behind koga- "LAVA DRAGON BREATHE!!!!!" -konaha shoots lava straight at koga and covers him in it then a magic seal appears under konaha and the lava hardens into rock sealing koga in stone- "see u get out of that"
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Koga: "Already done runt" as he appears behind Konaha. He kicks Konaha right beside Loke

Loke: How did u get so powerful?

Koga: That is an interesting tale. Do u want me to explain?

over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: explain now
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
~Koga gets distracted by Lucy's face so he goes over to see why. He gets in her face, mover her face side to side, and other things. Koga takes a few steps back and looks deep into her facial features.

Koga: You're Layla Heartfilia's daughter

Lucy: How do u know my mother?

Koga: Before I was banished, I had a contract with her.

~Koga walks over and starts to explain his story to Loke and Konaha. He sits on a rock~

Koga: After I was banished, I was walking months before I came across Ray. He was just infused with Dragon Lacrima and it was my only chance. I used the only earth-realm magic I know, Possession, and I possessed his body and mind. I didnt know of the bracelets that were placed on immediately after. Those bracelets suppressed his full power along with me. The thing I found out was the longer the bracelets stay on, the stronger his power grew. As his power grew, so did mine

Koga: Now I can kill u
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: What is ur problem!!! -konaha stands up- "why do u want to kill us so badly?? what did we ever do to u to make u want to kill us??
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Koga: Its not U, its Leo and the other spirits that banished me to this place. U just got involved, runt

Koga appeared in front of Konaha and placed one gun on his stomach and the other on his head. "Rapid Fire", he pulled both triggers and shot 100 bullets from each gun
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: Is that all u got? -konaha somehow got behind koga-
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
~Koga turned into smoke and entered Konaha's body for a few seconds and then exited. He then disappeared and then re-appeared behind Lacey with his left arm around her neck and the other pointing the gun to her head~
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over a year ago funkmasterd said…
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Koga: Why? She is leverage. U come closer and I'll kill her
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
-else where Arrow is sitting on a Rock and Natsu's beaten body is seen on the Ground and he looks over- "yo Koga Are you Almost Done with that Runt of a Dragon, Hostility is Ugly on a Dragon Slayer" -Arrow is eating what looks to be Light- "I think we proved our points to these outdated Dragon Slayers "
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
-Konaha has a demonic like face of anger as he is looking at Koga- "u will let u go NOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!" -it seems lava is starting to surround konaha then they turn into flames and lava shoot straight up and forms a dragon,this is creating massive winds that even gets arrow and koga of balance-
Loke: Konaha?...what power he just unlocked it's incredible to think he has that much power and he's only 14
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
-Arrow smirked- "goes to show how Weak you are Kid to only of Unlocked your Dragon Force now is Pathetic" -Arrow kept his smirk- "you won't keep it for very long with your Dragon force your just barely at our Level of Magical Power" -Rose nods in agreement- "you dragon Slayers are to stupid to grasp one thing, why haven't any of you been able to sense Arrow's Or Rays Magic Power? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

-Loke's eye's widen as does everyone, Loke also makes the realization- "you Arrows and Rays Magical Power is so strong that were to weak to Grasp just how powerful they are" -Loke takes a Gulp and thinks to himself- "Arrow was strong enough to Take Natsu on with out using his Dragon and when he does his Magic is next to unstopable-
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: I NEVER UNLOCKED MY DRAGON FORCE BEFORE CAUSE I NEVER HAD A REASON TO BUT U JUST GAVE ME THAT REASON NO ONE WILL EVER HURT LACEY AND STAY ALIVE -konah starts to float in the air as his power increases- NOW LETS SEE JUST HOW STRONG I AM NOW -konaha rises his right hand and a seal appears and lava spikes shoot out at a rapid speed going right for Koga-
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
-Arrow rolled his eyes- "Loke two on one isn't fair for Koga How about a shot at me " -he waves his pointer finger taunting Loke-

-Loke Sighs- "fine"

-Lucey steps fourth- "THAN I'M FIGHTING TOO YOU WON'T GET AWAY THIS DISHONERING NATSU LIKE THAT" -Arrow shruged- "I got nothing better to do until my other half get's here anyways I ran ahead when I smelt that out dated Trash"

-Natsu Forced himself up- "Lucey Stay, out of this , this is between Dragon slayers Disregarding everything about Fairy tail , No one this Ruthless Deserves the Magic of a Dragon Slayer!" -Natsu is fully up and panting there's blood trinkling down his lip-

-Loke's eye's widen- "Partner?"

-Arrow nods- "yes Another third Generation Dragon slayer in fairy tail known as Talon"

over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Gray: Hey guys im in this to,i may not be a dragon slayer but no one messes with my friends this bad and gets away with it,what do ya say? three on one?
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…

-Loke gave a smypathetic look at Natsu so did Lucey and gray-

-Gray looked away- "he doesn't know when he's been out classed"

-Natsu Leaped into the Air- "DON'T YOU DARE TURN YOUR BACK ON ME !!" -His foot became engulfed in falmes- "FIRE DRAGONS TALLONS!" -He spun himself in the air , Arrow smirked smugly blocking each hit with ease than Punching him in the Gut it sent him flying through some more rocks where he become stilled-

-Arrow rubed his neck- "Geeze, I wanna Rest I've been training for 3 months non-stop"

-Makarov Looked at Laxus- "Laxus this man Arrow he's a Strong S class wizard who joined our guild it would seem after we were frozen in time we've been back for a while and his Magical power is on par with mine if not Stronger "

-Laxus looked at Makarov- "such is a Dragon Slayer"

over a year ago funkmasterd said…
-konaha sees who much everyone is fighting and how arrow is beating natsu and thinks to himself- "i can't stand here distracted by koga,i have to do something that will help everyone at once...but what?.....WAIT,there is something but is it worth the risk? to help my friends i would give my life,and thats just what im gonna do" -konaha makes a stance with his hands rised and arms crossed, natsu notices what he is doing-

Konaha: Yes natsu i can...AND I WILL FOR THE SAKE OF MY FRIENDS LIVES I WOULD RATHER DIE THEN WATCH MY FRIENDS GET HURT LIKE THIS I WILL TAKE THE RISK!!! -just then a seal appears under konaha with an great red light and insane winds-


Konaha: im sorry lacey but i have to for u....MOLTENED SHELL!!!!!(a little info moltened shell is pretty much just like gray's iced shell except the casters body don't become the shell but the person does die but there is the very very very very very VERY small chance the caster can live after doing it and i can us it on as many people as i want as long as im strong enough) "NOW LETS SEE U GET OUT OF THIS ONE!!!!!!!!



Gray: DON'T DO IT MAN!!!

Loke: KONAHA!!


Loke: u r a great wizard


Konaha: NOW TIME FOR U TWO TO DIIIIEEEEEE!!!!! -magic seal surround Arrow and Koga and lava starts to cover there bodys until there r small domes around them then they harden so hard no one can break free and konaha falls to the ground-

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over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
-Arrow wasn't an idoit before the dome had the chance Soildify Arrow used one his own spells- "Divinity Dragons Barreir!" -a Dark Golden Dome Pushed away Konaha's Magma Prison Arrow himself was sick of all this fighting to he didn't approve of what was happening but he stopped he looked up at the sky- "I guess i've lost sight of what's imporant Mom, Dad" -Natsu frowned a bit too- "Igneel Forgive me"

-Makarov walked over to the boy- "Gildarts"

-Gildarts looked at Makarov- "yo?

-Makarov smiled- "Take care of the Guild okay"

-Makarov placed both hands in a circle shape and his body begun to Glow- "Fairy Tails Most Forbidden spell"

-Arrow's eye's widen as does everyone elses-

-Makarov smiles once more- " Fairys Reseruction" -Makarovs body is now only Light and the light Floats into Konaha's Body to Bring him back to life-

over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
~Smoke rose from the ground and formed into Koga and Lacey. Koga shot Lacey on the back and moved to the body of Konaha. Koga put gun gun right up against the chest with his right gun and shot Makarov with his left. Koga connected his guns into one shotgun-like gun. "Zero", a massive bullet shot out at Konaha that sent him 10 feet down with a massive crater around his body~

Koga: "AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH". A light surrounds Koga and his in cased in a white sphere. When the sphere disappeared, Koga was gone and Ray stood there.

Ray: Koga is gone for ever! Arrow, Im done over here. How about u?
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
-Arrow had a disappointed look on his face- "I was done awhile a Go, than some other idoit jumped in"

-Grays eye twitched- "he doesn't even see me as a threat "
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Natsu: wait what just happened to konaha? d-did koga..kill him?

Lucey: Oh no konaha is dead

-everyone begins to cry for konaha's death,then suddenly a spike went right through arrow's chest after a few seconds it turns into lava-
Konaha: Hey...why u guys crying? -everyone runs over to konaha and hugs him-
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Ray: Arrow is not dead yet.

Jax: Thats right it takes more than that to kill Arrow
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: Honestly...idc anymore..i died once and the only reason im alive is Makarov and id think i'll have the master to bring me back a second time
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
-Arrow Cracked his Neck- "it's a good thing i'm Fast" -Arrow looked at Natsu than smirked- "consider this a win for me Trash" -Natsu Grunted and Zarren finally put his hand on Natsu's chest- "let's call it a day"
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: Arrow u better think on how lucky u r cause if u weren't as fast as u r u would be in cased in that stone for ever
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
-Arrow smirked and taunted Konaha- "I count my blessings everyday"
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: Just u wait one day u will regret meeting me
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
-Arrow again laughed- "you can only try"
over a year ago funkmasterd said…
Konaha: Ok come on guys lets get back to the guild -everyone starts to walk back to the guild-
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Ray: Arrow, that took longer than I thought

Jax: The baby dragons need time to mature and grow their wings
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
-Arrow hangs around on the bar drinking some Sake by the Gallon-
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Ray: Another one for my friend over here

~The waitress came over and set the jar of Sake on the table and Ray paid for it~

Ray: Whats r next move