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camiile posted on Jul 13, 2011 at 03:59PM
Hey guys, this forum is all about what you want to be the verdict of the Council to Jellal, is it life imprisonment, execution or something else in your mind? Please share your idea and state your reason/s. Let's just hope Mashima also has the same idea like yours or mine. In short, make a petition on what you want to happen to Jellal.

Mine, I would like him to be freed and Ultear is the one who will take his place, bwahahaha!!! Reason? Obviously, I wanted him to be with Erza and also, I wanted him to join Fairy Tail, he's a great mage after all. One more thing, I hate the council, they are so bias. :)))
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over a year ago Red_Fairy_Panda said…
Don't worry. I'm sure that Jellal will meet again with Erza. Because they're already connected to each other. Remember when Erza fight Azuma and almost lose? Jellal, far away in the prison, could feel that and said, "don't lose, Erza..", and Erza could hear his voice as well. I'm sure Hiro Mashima decided that Jellal is Erza 'destined one' so they will meet again for sure :)

Oh, I also hope that Jellal will join Fairy Tail soon. Replaces his Edolas version, Mystogan ^^
over a year ago gc9099 said…
Yea, the council hates fairy tail too much. They should at least be less biased. They got saved by Fairy Tail before too.So ungrateful.
over a year ago Clara5200 said…
I agree. The new council is too harsh, and I hope that Fairy Tail saves them many more times for the sole purpose of rubbing it in their councilly faces and to use it as an excuse, even though they shouldn't have to come up with an excuse in the first place.
over a year ago JinxyFox said…
DON'T KILL JELLAL! I SWEAR IF YOU TOUCH HIM I'LL JUMP YOU LIKE A RABID SPIDER MONKEY! *cough* Ok, that was a bit overboard, but seriously, if they execute Jellal, I'll be mourning him for MONTHS. So, yeah, now that's off my chest, I'd like to share something with the group. Why did you kill Zancrow Mashima-sensei?! I'd blame zeref but he's too cute for that (and your the one who made it happen). Why do the awesome characters always die? Oh well, I still have Gajeel.