Ok so here my opinion on Nalu. (Natsu x Lucy ) I think they are a stupid couple and were never meant to be labeled as that. Natsu is nowhere interested in Lucy as mais than a friend and Lucy feels the same. If they were ever meant to be a couple then they would have at least kissed or shown SOME interest in each other in a mais then bff way. WHICH THEY DID NOT!!! So basically nalu has nothing to go off of on why they should be a couple.

What I think happened with nalu was that ppl realized oi the mains are a boy and a girl so they should be a couple! NO. Just because the two mains are opposite gender doesn't mean they should be a couple. 🙄 At least Jellal X Erza has some development as a couple with them being friends since they were kids. But nalu is lacking all the things that make a good couple. They have no amor interest whatsoever and have never HAD it period. Plus they have completely different personalities. Lucy is mais of a moe/ tsundere personality while Natsu being the immature one whose always bringing humor and strength to the situation (what I amor about him) and invading Lucy's personal space. So no geral, global they make good friends but I don't think they should be a couple ( which they never will, thank god