So this is an update since my last topo, início 5 poll. I think my favoritos are finally in the correct order this time now that I've gotten a bit further into the anime.

1. Ultear

I like Ultear because she's just a great villain. Granted I heard that she turns good. Even so during her time as the bad guy she was freaking awesome. She was smart and cunning and had great control over the situations she was put in. Ultear also had a just perfect blend of stoic emotions and rather insane bouts. Like she seemed very calm on the outside and then she started talking about her mom and you see the classic 'crazy animê eyes'. I amor that sort of layer to her personality.

Speaking of her mom, I adored her backstory. So far it's probably the most tragic to me. The way she thought her mom abandoned her and sacrificed her to be some sort of experiment. But in the end her mother was just trying to help. Her backstory gave me the feels, man.

I also admire her determination. Of course I do have mais shallow reasons; like I think she's really pretty and I think she has really cool abilities. I really amor her strength. How she just nearly mastered a form of time control.

2. Cana

Similarly to Ultear, I adore Cana's backstory. That's another one that gave me the feels. Like how she spent so many years in the guild trying meet her father. So many years trying to find the words to tell him that she was his daughter.

From there her persistency, determination, and resilience are worth mentioning. To be able to literally grow up waiting to see your father...that takes so much patience. And with that patience came her determination to become an S-Class wizard. Once she got going nothing could stop her--not even an invasion from Grimoire Heart. In finding Mavis' grave she was able to get the Fairy Glitter. Hence my calling her resilient. She took on that gravity controlling man (I don't remember his name at the moment) for a good long while, putting everything she had into it.

And of course I think she's really good looking and has a unique set of powers. I mean card magic is quite nifty in my opinion.

3. Juvia

Honestly at first I thought I was going to hate her. I usually do hate characters like her. But there was something about Juvia that I just loved.

A lot of it has to do with humor. She's adorable and obsessive but in a funny way. For instance when Gray tells her to go after Meredy and she's all "pain can't stop me" and then starts crab-walking after her. Or when she paired up with Erza to procurar the island, hoping to talk to Gray and she mutters to herself about ditching Erza. Another one I loved was when she and Erza first come upon Meredy and she starts getting those coração eyes and Erza has to tell her to focus.

I also like how she had her own kind of determination. Like how she was just losing pretty badly at first but then when Gray is threatened she just goes all out and is truly kickass. Her water powers are amazing as well, the fact that her body is water. She's not a yandere, she has some yandere traits but I don't think she fits that bill. Which is probably why I'm able to like her the 'dere's' tend to annoy me a bit.

I also think it's kind of cute that she speaks in third person.

She's also really pretty. I amor her blue hair and her nifty coat.

As a side note I heard that she used to be a villain? If that's true I can't wait to see that. I haven't done so yet because I just started at the Tenrou Island arc.

4. Zancrow

He's just a fun character. A lot of my amor for him has to do with him reminding me of a male version of Azula (from Avatar). Anyone who knows me knows I adore her. I mean Zancrow's got the whole batshit insane thing going on. Lord knows I amor the crazy characters. He's also got oddly colored fogo like Azula. And that black fogo is the shiz, man. I enjoy me some black fire.

Zancrow's also just a fun character. He's always laughing and just generally doing things that make him exciting to watch.

And finally I just amor his character design, it's very unique.

5. Evergreen

Finally there's Evergreen. I honestly don't know why I like her I just kind of do. I'm hoping to see mais of her later so I can better explain why she's in my topo, início 5.

As of now I like her for her rather classy--if you will--attitude. I like how when paired with Elfman she didn't take any of his 'a real man' junk. I guess I like her for her 'strong independent woman' style.

Erza and Gajeel are two characters I have to give an honorable mention to. I mean both are also really just fascinating characters. To summarize things; I'm glad I gave FT a segundo shot so far it's amazing. One of the best things about FT are the characters. All of them are just so wonderful I don't think I have a true least favorito yet. I'd also like to note that I've never had a show where I couldn't decided who my absolute favorito is. Ultear, Cana, and Juvia are all super close but eventually I had to put them in order.