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can someone draw a Fairy tail oc for me? But you should have a deviantART-account! I will watch you if you give me your dA-name!

Name: Rose Ayame


Magic:Wishmagic(she can do what she wants,like changing Outfits,using another magic,copy other specific magic like dragon slayer magic...)

Personality:courageous,nature-loving,cheerful,an empathetic person (Natsu thinks it's her magic to heal hearts)


Appearance:brown hair,pink eyes,pale skin

Guild:Fairy tail,of course

Position of Sign:the sign is a small one under her right eye

Hobbies:playing with birds,chatting with Natsu and Lucy, making fun with Happy
Color of sigh? Length and style of hair? Any specifics on outfit or can I do what I want?
SukiaSuna posted over a year ago
 AngelUchihaNeko posted over a year ago
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vetyking14 said:
hm let me think

Name: Vety Bearict

Age: 18

Magic: Ice Magic

Personality: Pie-Loving, Cheerful, So NOT Mature, Funny, And Courageous

Pet: Mini Pollar Bear

Appearance: Black Hair, Blue Eyes, And White Skin

Guild: Fairy Tail

Position Of Sign: Left Arm

Hobbies: Playing With Pollar Bear, Drawing, Ice Sculpture Making

My dA Account name is vety122
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posted over a year ago 
No I meant if you will draw an OC fort me!
AngelUchihaNeko posted over a year ago
xXEmChanXx said:
can you tell me how long her hair is? What color her sign is? Is her magic just like the gut from tenrou island, the one who fought fried? Do you care about the clothes she's wearing?
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posted over a year ago 
no,not really and her hair is long,like fried's hair xD
AngelUchihaNeko posted over a year ago
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