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posted by amber_ko
Wonder Girls’ Sohee thinks Sulli is cute.
Sulli is in charge of the gags in f(x).
Sulli always carries a journal around.
Sulli's ideal guy is someone who is responsible, caring and mature.
Sulli once said "If I was picked as an ideal type? I would be so happy!"
Sulli's name's pronounced as "Sahl-li"
Fans of Sulli are called Sullians.
Sulli is really friendly and befriended Super Junior’s Heechul during their trainee days.He was quite an outcast before.
She dislikes blunt guys.
Sulli loves pink.
Sulli is close to SHINee's Key.
Sulli shares a dorm with Victoria (indicated on Hello f(x)).
Sulli loves...
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posted by amber_ko
Her korean name is 정수정 (Jung Soo-Jung), 수정 means crystal in Korea
Likes eye shopping
Likes British accent
Got casted earliest among the f(x) members
her name Krystal, isn’t a made up stage name, it’s her chosen American name when she was born.
She managed to reached 1.9m during the Yeoja Dream Team (ep. where Amber and Luna came to cheer for her) but she was not feeling well. after that she was taken to hospital to check her condition.
loves taking sel-ca
has a lot of CFs experience among her bandmates (counting since she was little)
for her música is a joy
she will picks someone who is...
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posted by amber_ko
In her childhood, Amber was in church band.
Amber likes cat mais than dog.
Amber works out when she gets stressed out
Amber has insomnia.
Amber is not gonna wear wedding dress at her wedding
The custume that Amber wore on ‘Sorry Sorry’ performance is that Donghae gave to Amber.
To a pergunta ‘why do you buy so many caps?’, Amber said:Head(×)Cap = happy Head.
Amber likes swimming
Amber likes red
Amber kept thinking ‘i’m gonna be all burned today’ while shooting photoshoot in Africa.
Amber said her sis bullies her around a lot.
Amber can snowboard better than skiing.
Amber can’t play baseball...
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