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Oswald was famous in the late 20's and was known as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.He was created long before Mickey was.Then,Walt disney was going to renew a contract,and then they took Oswald away because of the contract.So,then that ended the desenhos animados of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.But Walt disney wasn't stopping there with cartoon characters.Then,he came with the idea of making instead of a rabbit,he probaly thought,"Why not make a mouse?"So.that is how Mickey rato was born.
The similiarity between the two is they both have black skin/fur (what ever you want to call it) and were created both por Walt Disney.The differences are so many.First of all,Oswald's pants are blue where as Mickey's are red.Next,supposedly Oswald is older than Mickey por being created first.Oswald in the first Epic Mickey was the villian,and now he is here to help Mickey save.The weapons are different also because Oswald has a remote control,and Mickey has a paintbrush.Well,I have to go.Bye!