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 encantada [2007]
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This encantada screencap might contain retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup.

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Robert really wasn't trying to avoid answering Giselle's perguntas he was really just hungry, really. This is what he kept telling himself as he and Giselle walked the few blocks to Ray's jantar and Deli. The walk over had been very uncomfortable for Robert she just kept looking at him in a way that seemed to say that she was still expecting him to answer all of her inquiries. He was glad when they finally made it inside and began talking about comida instead. Giselle didn't know what to order so she allowed Robert to order for her, he got them both a pastrami with Swiss on the house pão with...
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Prince Edward: Giselle!
[leaps off a bridge, begins to sing]
Prince Edward: I've been dreaming of a...
[a group of cyclists collide with Prince Edward, everyone collapses]

Prince Edward: [talking to a TV] Magic Mirror. I beg you. Tell me where she is!
Mary Ilene Caselotti: [on TV] Reporting from 116th and Broadway.
Prince Edward: One hundred and sixteenth and Broadway!
[hugs the TV]
Prince Edward: Thank you mirror!
[kisses it and runs off]

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 Ahw the beijar scene in TLM how cute.
Ahw the kissing scene in TLM how cute.
Ok so encantada may be a mock of most of the disney princess filmes so here is a picture reference artigo about what scenes encantada mocks the most.Please comment and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Before I tell you what filmes it mocks I was surprised to see so many references in this movie. Its so unoriginal and their really isn’t anything new about Enchanted. Sure its my all time favourite film of 2007 but seriously its like a memory lane type movie that brings us back to the dia disney was good at their filmes now its this computer generated shit that is so annoying...
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