What do i do? My ex boyfriend is trying to me kill myself

Here's our conversation:

>You stupid cadela, puta we all want u dead! 
>>>Plz stop I did nothing to u 
>>>>you did this to urself goodbye go cut urself in a corner bitch
>>>>>you have ask ppl on my bfs fãs list he's the one that caused it all I'm trying to mover on with my life Plz I fucking hate drama I'm not a butting plz do not call me that my bf is way overly protective and he acted out I apologise for me I want to get on with my life and not have to worry about this shit he's shit anymore Plz stop messaging me 
>>>>>>so what im not going to stop either even chemfoldbrides and reneemique want u dead so go die.
>>>>>>>Noooo wrong matt did that he even admitted it on the aleatório spot now stop messaging me either ur stupid or can't read from now on ur messages r block tell Alex to get his own life and stay the fuck out of mine!
>>>>>>>>so what if im fucking bullying cereja we all want you deadi know it for a fact cadela, puta account an said shit about him on there if u cause mais drama one mais damn time you will regret it cadela, puta and thats not a threat its a promise
>>>>>>>>>Idk who u r and idc I've left Alex as he has me my bf found out about the spizz-stars and had all his friends and fanpop shit and got him band I had nothing to do with it so leave me alone if I wanted to
>>>>>>>>>Troll Alex I'd do it myself which I don't I'm happy where I am and who I'm with I want nothing to do with him and is world I have my own life to live and so does he he's bullying me and trolling me now when I wasn't the cause do check urself bc u call me a cadela, puta or a liar u don't know me so don't judge me 
>>>>>>>>>Now do not message me agin 
 Gothic-Cherry posted over a year ago
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hieveryone said:
Call somebody and get help. If you know him in person then that would be one of the number one things to do. If you don't know him in person then just block him! Stay out of each others lives the best you can (and I mean that nicely) if you want him in your life then I don't know what to tell you. He dosent deserve a wonderful lady like you! You don't deserve to be in hell with him! If I'm going to far then I'm sorry but he sounds like the cadela, puta hear, not you do don't think it!
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posted over a year ago 
Thank u no I don't know him in real life I live in Mississippi he lives in Wisconsin it was an Internet thing but he cybor bullies me then he gets band and then comes back and does it agin I feel helpless u know but thank u for the conselhos Hun thank u so much
Gothic-Cherry posted over a year ago
why are guys dicks not me but guys
bloodwolfking posted over a year ago
Gothic-Cherry posted over a year ago
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