Emmett & Rosalie What do u think of rosalie or emmet?

caitlincookie22 posted on May 07, 2009 at 08:55PM
Hi I was wondering of what u thought about rosalie or
Emmet u can choose either one

Emmett & Rosalie 6 replies

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over a year ago Isabellaashley said…
They are quite a sweet couple!!! She needs someone like him to keep her even headed as he's someone who can stand her temper.
over a year ago TwilightLovarr said…
I love them. Emmett is very funny and Rosalie is very protectfull of her family. It will be cute if they can have children. And the're both beautiful. They're like Ying and Yang, two soulmates who belong to each other.
The Angel and the Bear. XD
over a year ago sapherequeen said…
Well, I adore Rosalie :D
I think she's one of the greatest vampires I was ever introduced to; I love her personality (including her mean side) and her deep compassionate side that does show occasionally :)

Emmett, I like him, too :)
He's hilarious, and the perfect match for Rosalie. I admit, I never gave much thought to Emmett. But the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of him is his sense of humor, so I definitely like him, too...
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over a year ago blaise_jez said…
Seriously they are both so freakin' awesome!!!!!!!!! She is pretty, but he is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago carolyn93 said…
emmet and rosalie are so good for each other and i dont understand why its so hard for rosalie to understand that bella is part of her familie until breaking dawn i dont get it at all but still she is nice
over a year ago Miranda-Cullen said…
i know i would be much better for emmett im like a brunette version of rose but i actually have allways liked bella so see i should win and i will if its the last thing i do