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posted by MajorFan2500
An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 19

Come Back
Emmett’s POV

“What do you mean you can’t tell me?” I yelled and instantly regretted it. “I’m sorry.”

Carlisle and Esme both nodded their heads.

I began walking off into the forest before Esme spoke softly.

“She’ll come back, Emmett. Just not right now, but she is okay…safe…healthy…she is extremely smart and mature and knows what she is doing. All she is doing is sorting a few things out.” Esme explained.

I thought for a minuto before asking a pergunta I was not sure I wanted to know the answer to, “is it my fault?”

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Rosalie POV
    Two short years atrás I was turned into a monster. I'm beautiful, yet still a monster. Being a vampire wasn't fun at all. I personally don't like eating animals. Well, their blood that is. But, rather a deer than a human I guess.
    I was hunting in the deep woods of Tennessee. It was far from where we were staying in the Appalachian Mountains, but, once again, Edward had gotten on my last nerve. Sometimes, no most of the time, I just want to rip Edward apart limb from limb.
    I was lost deep...
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posted by MajorFan2500
An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 18

Esme POV

“…I will destroy him…” Rosalie sobbed.

Tears had been threatening to fall for awhile but this statement from Rosalie made them really fall.

We both sat there crying for about 10 minutes. “Rosalie…”

She looked at me with bloodshot eyes.

“You…Emmett…I” There were so many things I wanted to say but nothing came out like I wanted.

After many failed attempts I got up and rubbed Rosalie shoulder. “We need to get back.” I stated.

Rosalie just sat there and looked back at the waves. She sighed.

“Rose?” I asked after...
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posted by KATYrebekah
 This is how (I believe) amor should look.
This is how (I believe) love should look.
Rosalie's P.O.V

"UHH! I hate it!" I disapproved. Alice is always trying to dress me in the most ludicrous clothes.
"Oh PLEASE try it on.. he'll be here very soon!" Alice pleaded. "I can almost feel his presence."


"CARLISLE!QUICK!" Esme said, "He's losing to much blood - the venom needs time to spread. PLEASE CARLISLE!" Carlisle had never approved of turning a man, but he had no choice. He could either do this now or the man would die. "NO! If there's any other way of doing this I will take it! I am not going to destroy his future like this!" Carlisle replied. I suppose he was right,...
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posted by MajorFan2500
An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 16

I am not...clean...innocent...
Rosalie’s POV

I was up in a high árvore that overlooked the mountains about 5 miles from the house.

It was so peaceful...it got my mind off everything…

I stayed there for around a half an hora with no plans on going back.

Tears kept spilling out of my eyes and I would occasionally let out a small whimper but for the most part I felt…alright.

I heard a small rustle in the bushes but thought nothing of it until I was met with a man standing on the branch only a few feet away.

“Emmett?” I asked.

“Rosie?” He asked in a...
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posted by MajorFan2500
An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 15

I Won't Hurt You
Emmett’s POV

I ran…faster than I ever thought possible…faster than I could comprehend.

My body was numb, I felt nothing while sprinting through the woods, all that was on my mind was Rosalie.

I was about 3 miles from the house when I stopped. I felt hopeless…she could be anywhere!

STOP Emmett! You will find her!

I was so angry with myself. She is an Angel, and I have felt the need to protect her ever since she saved me from the bear, even though she was doing most of the protecting, and I lost her…lost her!

I turned around and punched...
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posted by MajorFan2500
An Emmett and Roslaie Fanfic

Chapter 14

She's an Angel
Emmett’s POV

Rosalie! She left…

I started to get up to follow her but I felt so…so…powerful….like I would destroy everything…


Carlisle came over and pushed me back down on the bed, “Emmett, you don’t know your strength yet. Be careful!” he ushered.

“Sorry,” I said absent-mindly. “But Rosalie…” I sighed trying to get up, again.

“Emmett, so much has happened to Rosalie lately and she need to cope. It is not easy for her so please calm down and give her some space.” He said sadly and seriously.

I stopped and...
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posted by MajorFan2500
An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 13

the Story
Rosalie’s POV

“Then why am I…alive?” Emmett asked.

D**M! I released his hand and stood up. I walked to the vanity and hung my head as my tears splattered on the wood.

“Rosalie?” he asked concerned.

Just then Carlisle, Esme, and Edward walked in. “Hey, Rose. I thought we heard you talking to someone.” Carlisle said motioning to Emmett.

“Rosalie?” Esme asked when she saw me and walked over to rub my back. “Edward told me that the man asked why he was still alive…” she whispered in my ear so quiet I could barely hear. “Talk...
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posted by MajorFan2500
An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 12

Emmett's POV

“Uhh..gh” I moaned as another shot of pain sped thru me, even though this was nothing compared to the fogo I had felt over the past few days.

I heard a sniffle and a hand on my arm. It was…comforting.

I could tell all the pain was coming to an end soon. “Ouch…” I groaned starting to mover my arm, “uhhh…”

There was a cool cloth on my fore head; it was helping the constant headache but the coldness against my sweaty skin made me uncomfortable. I reached up and took hold of a small arm that was soon out of my grip but replaced...
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posted by MajorFan2500
An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 10

Almost Over
Rosalie's POV

“Wh..wh…what?” I was shocked.

Carlisle pulled away a little but still held into my upper arms. “The way I have acted around you is un-acceptable. And I am SO sorry for that…and I am even mais ashamed that it took your brother and mother to make me realize that how I have treated this whole situation.” He put one finger under my chin making me look up at him, “I am extremely proud of you for following your coração and saving this young man no mater what the outcome may be.” He was nearly crying at this point.

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posted by MajorFan2500
An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 9

So Sorry
Rosalie's POV

“The transformation is almost over.” Carlisle told me after checking him over. “He’s fine.” Carlisle has not even glanced in my direction since he had come in the room.

“Oh, ummm…thank you” I said sincerely.

“Umhm” Carlisle nodded and left the room never looking at me.

“Car” Esme said disapprovingly trying to get him back in the room. Carlisle continued to leave and Esme followed unhappily after beijar my head. Even though I had not looked up I could tell Edward was still in the room.

I ruined everything…my...
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posted by MajorFan2500
An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 8

Rosalie's POV

“AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!” the stranger yelled.

Carlisle released the mans neck and stood up weakly. He looked at me with sad eyes. Another tear escaped my eye. I dropped to my knees in front of the couch.

I was so ashaimed at myself.

“URRRRRGGGGG!!! ... OUUUUCCCCCHHHHH!!! …” The screams shook the house.

“I hope you know what you just did, Rose.” Edward shot me a death glare and told me un-approvingly.

“You have a lot of explaining to do, Missy…” Esme warned me. I looked down at the stranger as mais tears spilled...
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posted by MajorFan2500
An Emmett and Rosalie Story

Chapter 6

Rosalie's POV

It was a gloomy dia and I decided to take a walk through Nashville.

I put on a nice pair of dark jeans, black strap heels, and a white blouse.

My hair was curly and long as it cascaded down my back.

I checked my reflection and grabbed my bolsa on the way out of my bedroom door.

“Be careful, Rose. Please.” Esme begged me in a sweet motherly tone as I walked into the cozinha where she was making massa, massas alimentícias for some reason.

“I always am, Esme.” I smiled and tried to calm her.

“I know…” Esme played along and laughed a little, too....
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I smashed the thick wood door of Royce's castelo open with my fist that was thicker then steel, I stepped in to find Royce and all his friends cornering a maid, she was screaming I sneaked over and grabbed one of his friends, the medium sized on who ripped everything I was wearing off, and I smashed him off the cold hard ground, he screamed with all his might as the tiny maid escaped, I cracked his neck after breaking every potential bone in his body, Royce ran up his castelo stairs as I grabbed his big friend and demolished him until you couldn't even tell it was a man, I finished his last two...
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10 Ways to Annoy Rosalie Hale:
10. Tell her that, because everyone thinks she and Jasper are twins, they should get together. When she asks why, say that Incest is in at the moment.

9. Call her “Ice Queen” behind her back and to her face.

8. Whenever she argues anything, respond with “Whatever, bimbo.”

7. Claim that being a human ain’t so great.

6. When she argues the above claim, respond with “Whatever, bimbo.”

5. Try to exorcise her and her evil ways.

4. Tell everyone that Edward didn’t go to Italy because Rosalie said Bella was dead – he went to Italy because he envisioned Rosalie’s ugly face.

3. Call her “Hoe-salie” at least once, to her face.

2. Remind her that Edward chose a pathetic human girl over her.

And the Number One way to annoy Rosalie Hale?

1. Steal her silver cell phone and change the ringtone to “Roxanne” por The Police. When she asks why the hell you did it, say that she reminds you of Roxanne.
mmm sleep I thought, As I was about to daze off a razor cutting blood curling pain came rushing through my body stopping at every body part.
I should have been crushed into nothing, butnothin happened I just laid there and screamed

The minitue I began screaming Carlisle was at my side, He curled his hand in mine and started apologizing.
" I'm so sorry Rosalie, I'm so sorry Rosalie." he began in an apologetic voice.
I could only lay there and scream in intense agony

A fogo rised in my hands and then was up to my head I screamed so hard that Even that stupid Edward came rushing.
" Oh shut her up!"...
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posted by Mzrosaliehales
Rosalie's Pov:
I laid there on the harsh alley ground, my legs had been crushed when Royce's biggest friend bent them beyond belief when it was his turn to do unhuman things to me. I could feel the wet blood ozing out of my head, My arm was shattered when i fell on it when Royce's small friend had shoved me down, my back was throbbing I most likely broke it, my ribs were demolished when Royce's friends jumped on me, My clothing were torn in nothing but scraps,hypothermalia was not far away and my face I couldn't even urso to think about.

I closed my eyes thinking I would have slipped away,...
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posted by Wisdom838199
Jacob's Pov

"JAKE!" Rosalie said nervously as she pulled me pass some freaky blood-sucker.
"Who's the freaks"I said freely.
Rosalie and Alice looked as though they were going to faint, but Alice still managed to say"The Volturï, remember we told you about them last year"
"Oh yeah, I remember now! Why are they here?"I asked.
"Don't know exactely."Rosalie now steped in.
"We are hear to talk to the cullens not some mutt"Jane clarifyed, obviously very mad.
"He's not just some mutt for your information"said Rosalie.
Oh my goodness did Rosalie just stick up for me! We talked for a whilewith them then suddenly two of them launch themselves at me. I thought I was stuffed because it was just me and two vampires. Suddenly two figures hit the object hard causing them all to fall. Just then I relised it was Rosalie and Alice. The vampire on the ground were Felix and Demitri.They looked mad as hell now...
posted by Wisdom838199
Rosalie's Pov

I opened the silk curtains that drapped down infront of the large windows in the bedroom. It was a nice bedroom with a queen-sized bed, two huge walk-in wardrobes and other bedroom accessories.
"Rose, are we going shopping or not?"Alice my pixie-like sister called from down-stairs."
"Um, yeah just one segundo okay!"I yelled back.
I rushed around the room getting ready. I slid on my topo, início and went to walk out of the room, but something grabbed me por the waist. I turned to face Emmetts Stunning face.
"Hello"he said as his cheeky grin grew.
"Good-morning"i said as i lightly pecked him on...
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posted by RealRosalieHale
I rested my head on the armrest. My eyes flickered restlessly to the clock for the tenth time in the last two minutes. I sighed in impatience. Rose was out with Alice doing God knows what. Probably some weird ‘girl thing’. I shivered at the thought; shopping and I were not a good combination. Rose had learned that soon after we got together; she no longer asked if I wanted to tag along.
Although I hated mall-hopping, as the girls had put it every so often, I hated the ordeal of being away from her more. The sweet scent of her beautiful, golden hair lingered in my throat, the stunning radiance...
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