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Rosalie's P.O.V.

I have been with the Cullens for 120 years now. Now, don't get me wrong but Edward is so annoying! He keeps moping around like the whole world sucks! He barely talks to me and when he does, it is in response to a mean thought. I can't believe Carlisle wants me with him! He could be okay if he wasn't so easily frustrated. Anyways, Alice and Japer are pretty cool. Alice loves shopping so we hang out at the mall together a lot. Jasper is quiet but at least he makes an attempt to socialize. We are currently in Somerset, Vermont.

Somerset is the smallest city in the country. It is almost as rainy as Forks, too. (A/N: I have no clue how rainy it is but it needs 2 fit so deal w/ it)

There is 1 high school, 1 elementary/ junior high school, 1 mall (which is really small) 1 gym, 1 police station, tons of forests, very few people, and a whole lot of boredom. To pass time I decided I would go to the gym and show all the "super buff" body builders how some "little girl" can lift just as much weight as them.

"Rosalie, I don't think that is a good idea." Alice said.

"Why not?"

"Because you are about half their size and it would be very out of place for you to be lifting the same amount especially when we are trying to blend in to a place so small." Alice explained.

"Ugh. Whatever. No one will find out. I promise." I assured her. Then Alice went into vision mode. When the vision finished, Alice apparently believed me and seemed very optimistic.

"Alice, what are you so happy about?" I asked skeptically.

"Yes!" I heard Edward say from upstairs. He was happy, too? It's normal for Alice to be happy but Edward seemed to always be in a bad mood. Maybe he found his Debussy CD that I hide. Edward ran down the stairs.

"I found that a long time ago. But, I'm just happy for you." He said. Alice elbowed him in the ribs. I was seriously confused now and so was Jasper.

"What?" we asked in unison.

"I'll tell you later. Rose, why don't you just head over to the gym now? Go have your fun." She said trying to conceal her unexplained enthusiasm.

"Not until you tell me what the heck is going on." I firmly stated.

She sighed

"I'll tell you when you come back, ok? Now hurry up and go already!" She practically screamed while pushing me towards the door.

"UGH! Fine!" I yelled.

I got into my 1935 Bugatti and drove to the gym. On the way there, I couldn't help but think about why Edward would be happy for me. But I was easily distracted por noticing that there was a car that looked identical to mine, already parked in the parking lot. This is horrible! I am supposed to be the only person here with this car! If it weren't for the two people standing in the parking lot, I would've torn that car to shreds! I walked in to the gym. The people at the front escrivaninha, mesa didn't even ask for a card. I walked at human pace to Weight Room #3 which seemed to be the busiest one but most of the people there were girls. I wonder why.

As I got closer, I noticed that the girls were all crowded around something. To get a better look, a maneuvered my way throw the crowd and found my self in front of a teenage boy around the age of 18 with a smug smile on his face. The boy wasn't half bad looking for a human he was actually a little cute. He had brown curly hair, dimples, and a very muscular build. He reminded me of Vera's son, Henry. But, the smug smile he wore ruined his looks. He looked like he was only content to have so many girls surrounding him. Ugh, what a pig!

Just then his eyes found mine. There was a look of pure wonder and curiosity in them and I probably looked the same. Knowing that the crowd would have to leave sooner or later, I walked over to the nearest machine and adjusted it to a high level and started lifting. Lift the weights was so boring and useless but I really wanted to get a good look at this guy. The crowd slowly began to clear and I saw him again. This time he was looking straight at me with a calculating expression, I would bet that he is thinking about whether or not he should come talk to me. I had stopped lifting the weights for the time, but my fists were still clenched around the bar in a way that looked like I was trying to lift it.

Then he got up. He walked over to where I was sitting.

"Umm, excuse me I couldn't help but to notice that you seem to be struggling with that. Would you like me to help you?" He had a deep voice but it suited him well.

"No, its okay I got it." I said in a polite tone as I started lifting again. A new look struck his face it was the look of shock. He was obviously startled por the sound of my voice.

"By the way, I'm Emmett." He introduced himself after he found his voice again.

"Nice to meet you, Emmett! I am Rosalie." I said.

"Rosalie. That's a nice name." He complimented. If vampiros could blush I would be blushing.

"Wow, that's a lot of weight you're lifting. Don't take this offensively but I'm surprised that you can lift that the way you do. Most girls can only lift half of that." He said in a flattering tone.

"Oh, I practice a lot." I said casually.

"Really? I haven't seen you around the gym before. Are you a new here?" He seemed to be getting confused.

"Yeah, my family just moved here from Washington." I said.

"Oh, so you are used to the rain?" He questioned.

"Definitely." I replied. Emmett was really nice! He seemed to actually like me. Not just my looks. An hora had passed and it was time for me to leave.

"So, will I ever see you again? You know, like at the gym?" He asked, looking down. He was trying to hide the fact that he was blushing. How cute.

"Umm, yeah, probably." That was all I managed to murmur. We walked to the parking lot together and I saw him heading for my car.

"Emmett? Why are you walking towards my car?" I asked a little warily.

"Your car? Umm, Rosalie this is my car." He was confused. Just then I realized that he must have been the person who owned the same car as me!

"Oh! Never mind, you see, I have the same car as you but my car is over there." I explained while pointing towards my car.

He laughed. "Let me guess. Either you have a brother or a dad who is really into cars." He suggested.

"Nope, I'm the engineer in the family but, I do have 2 brothers." I said. The same shocked expression crossed his face.

"That's cool! I like cars, too." He said.

"Well, it was nice meeting you, Emmett! I'll see you around!" I said.

"Yeah, see you, too!" he seemed really happy that I was planning on seeing him again.