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Crossed the Line: Part 1
An Emmett, Rosalie, and Jacob Story

Rosalie’s POV

“Come on, babe.” Emmett pleaded, trying to pull me por my wrist like the child he is.

“No Em, I just found a nice deer about a mile from here yesterday. It should hold me off for a few days, I’m fine.” I tried to convince my husband, moving my hand into his grip instead of my wrist and then lacing my other hand with his too, pulling him closer to me.

Emmett had been trying to get me to go with him, Edward, and Jasper on a small hunting trip all day, but I just wasn’t in the mood.

I smiled and stepped even closer to him so we were almost, but not quite, touching and kissed his nose, knowing the power I had over him.

“Please.” He tried once again using his lushes dark eyes and pressing his nose to mine because he knew what he could do to me just as I knew what I could do to him, but it would not work right now.

“Not today.” I moaned squeezing his hands.

He must have given up because his lips were suddenly on mine. Our kiss started out soft and gentle but quickly became mais passionate and eager. Before I could comprehend what was happening we were both consumed in a full on make-out session.

Who knows how long it went on but the seguinte thing I knew was Edward throwing open our door. Both Emmett and I stopped beijar and whipped our heads to see what had happened.

“Would you two stop? You have forever; can’t you two be separated for a few hours?” Edward argued. Both Emmett and I were still only millimeters apart. So just in case, I moved my hand from the anterior place on Emmett’s shoulder to his chest and pushed him off me playfully with a small laugh. “Oh my…ugh! Rosalie, please the mental imagens I am getting from Emmett are…”

“…nauseating.” Jasper finished for Edward, just now stepping up behind him. Emmett put his arm around my waist and faced our brothers; I bit my tongue trying to contain my laughter.

Now was one of the many times I wondered what was going through my husband’s head, usually Edward just blocked us out but he only spoke of it when he was truly bothered. Though I did, sort of, empathize for Edward and Jasper; always having to deal with everyone’s thoughts and feeling for their partner, but you had to laugh, right?

“Oh Eddie! Come on, lighten up. You and Bella…” Emmett started

“Stop right there, Emmett!” Edward warned, clearly getting mais annoyed por the second. Edward turned around knowing Emmett was not yet done and started to leave with Jasper in tow.

“Oh, come on Eddie. I was just haven’ some fun with ya’…” Emmett yelled at him and laughed beside me.

We stood there for a minuto until Em was sure they had gone.

“I’ve got to go, Rosie.” He signed seguinte to me, beijar my hair and taking in my scent.

“I’ll be right here when you get back.” I chuckled and looked up into his deep brown eyes.

“You better be.” He laughed along and moved me so I was facing him. Emmett looked me straight in the eyes before he kissed my neck tenderly and made his way up my jaw and to the corner of my mouth before beijar my fully on the lips then leaving in only half a second. I stood there astounded at his sudden take off, with the fiery trail of Emmett’s kisses still flaming on my marble skin.

He sure knew how to make an exit…

After Em’s abrupt departure I decided to see what my sisters were up to.

I heard a small ruckus down the hall so I followed my ears and knock once on the door from which the sound was coming from. I poked my head in the door to see an extremely annoyed Bella on a chair with clothes being thrown at her from her closet, which I figured was from Alice. Renesmee was sleeping peacefully, all sprawled out, on Edward and Bella’s bed.

“Hey,” I said and stepped fully into the room and laid down seguinte to my perfect niece. With one hand I propped my head up and with the other I gently rubbed the topo, início of Nessie’s hair.

“Bella!” Alice wined as she stepped out of her closet holding up a dress.

“What Alice?” Bella groaned throwing her head back in irritation.

“One dress!” Alice said sharply stalking up to Bella with astonish in her eyes. “One dress, Bella! That’s it! You have one thing in your whole closet that I would only let you wear around the house! Do you know who long I have let you dress your own way?” Alice said with her voice rising.

Bella shook her head almost scared at Ali’s sudden outburst.

“Too long! We are going to the mall right now…I can stand to even look at you anymore!” Alice demanded.

I chuckled from my spot in the corner of the room. Again, Bella shook her head. “No, Alice. Not today, I don’t want to get Nessie all bundled up in this cold weather and drag her around the stores. I…”

“I’ll stay with her.” I piped up and lifted my head off my hand.

Bella shot me daggers but I looked away. “No Rosalie! You are coming with, I can’t handle this alone.” Alice complained motioning to Bella.

“No! None of us are going!” Bella yelled loosing her patience.

“Ali, I’m not going. You can control Bella alone; I have full faith in you. I just want to have a…peaceful dia today. I’ll keep Nessie here so you don’t have to carry her around the mall, though. ” I knew Bella wasn’t too happy with me. “So…I am going to take Renesmee out of here so you can finish your argu-…conversation.” I announced and slid off the cama before picking up my niece and glided out of the room, closing the door behind me with a slight smirk.

I took Nessie downstairs and into the cozinha to retrieve a bottle from the fridge.

Nessie stirred in my arms and rubbed her eyes with her tiny fist before she let out a small cry. I carried her to a chair in the living room and kissed her forehead before offering her the bottle.

Alice and Bella came down the stairs a few minutos later, both of them having completely different facial expressions. Bella looked like she could kill and Alice had the same look she always has when she gets her way.

I laughed at them.

“We’ll be back in about an hour, ‘kay Rose?” Alice chirped with excitement and Bella just moaned in dread.

She came over to me and gave her daughter a kiss who was happily drinking her bottle in my arms. “Thanks Rose, for watching her.” I nodded, Bella took a quick glance back at Alice who was getting her bolsa ready. “If I’m not back in one hora call Edward, alright?” She whispered to me.

“Ha ha,” Alice chuckled sarcastically. “I heard that.” Alice said not looking back at us.

Bella rolled her eyes as I laughed.


Nessie fell asleep again soon after she finished her bottle so I took her upstairs and tucked her into bed.

I closed her door quietly behind me.

What to do?

I decided to enjoy the unusual silence and read.

I headed towards me and Emmett’s bedroom to grab my book from our nightstand.

After checking on Nessie one mais time I walked downstairs and made myself comfortable on the couch.

It was so nice…Esme and Carlisle took a dia to themselves somewhere on the outskirts of town, the boys were hunting, and Bella and the Pixie where at the mall.

Only a few minutos later I heard a door thrown open from behind me.

I thought for a segundo and realized it could only be one…thing…

The mutt was here, again.

I was in a perfectly good mood, and I didn’t think anything could disturb me…until he barged in the door.

Ugh! Stupid Dog!

Jacob’s horrible dog smell filled the room, and I refused to acknowledge his presence. “Where’s Nessie, Blondie?”

I had yet to look up from my book.

The dog walked right up behind me so his nasty breath was breathing down my neck. “I asked you a question.” He spat.

I knew I was fighting a hopeless battle so to my dismay, I gave up. “She’s sleeping, upstairs.” I mumbled.

“Oh, well…I guess that just leaves me and you, then.” He said cheerfully and sat on the chair across from me.

I’ll have to remember to burn that later…

“Listen Mutt, I am trying to enjoy the day…so I will ask you nicely once to, please leave.” I said calmly, trying to hide my annoyance.

He seemed to pay no attention to me, but stayed quiet for a while. So after a few minutos I looked back down to my book and continued to read.

“Hey Blondie? How does do you drown a blonde?” he chuckled, seeming amused.

I looked up from book and glanced at him with an irritated look, “did you just spend that whole time thinking of that?”

“You put a mirror at the bottom of a pool!” He laughed, ignoring my question.

Still attempting to hide my anger, I began leitura my book again, but found myself skimming over the same paragraph over and over.

“Why do blondes smile during a lightning storm?” he paused but didn’t wait for me to reply. “She thinks her picture is being taken!”

I rolled my eyes and pretended not to listen.

“Why can’t blondes make ice cubes? … They forgot the recipe!” he was almost on the floor laughing at this point but I still refused to make eye contact.

“Why is it so easy to get a blonde into bed?” he cried whipping the tears from under his eyes. “Who cares!?!?”

Now I was furious!

I slammed my book shut and threw it down on the table.

I stormed over to Jacob who was now rolling on the floor and clutching his stomach in complete and utter laughter.

“Why did the dog chase its own tail?” I yelled with my hands balled into fists at my sides. Jacob stopped and looked at me trying hard not to laugh.

“Why?” he snickered.

“He tried to make ends meet!” I growled, not finding any humor but he surely did. This made his laugh harder than before.

“You, mutt, are unbelievable! I told you to stop! Nicely even! You have gone too far this time! Now please leave!” I screamed in his face and stormed off in the direction of the stairs.

He continued to laugh, “What do you call a blonde with 2 brain cells?” Jacob called.

Did he not hear me?

I knew I wasn’t going to like the answer but for some reason my whole body just stopped and I froze about 5 steps from the stairs.

“Pregnant!” Jacob yelled.

I turned around deathly slow, “What did you say?” I said through my teeth.

This time he knew I was serious and he really exceeded my tolerance. He immediately stopped laughing.


Was he serious?

Then he chuckled…chuckled!

The nerve of him!

“Get out Jacob…” por this time I was crying tearlessly and pleading, pointing to the door. I just wanted him out of my house.

When he didn’t leave I decided to just keeping on walking, hopefully he would get the message.

“Rosalie…wait…” He yelled cruelly. I was about half way up the stairs when Jacob grabbed my arm harshly…everything came back.

“Hey Rose...wait…” I now knew who was under the broken rua lamp.

I panicked and picked up my pace as I walked down the damp and dimly lit street. He wasn’t alone and he definitely wasn’t sober.

“Rose…” he wined, I could feel him getting closer. I clutched onto my bag tighter and broke into a jog but they ran faster.

In no time at all I could feel them pretty much stepping on my heels. He grabbed onto my lower arm tightly to get me to stop and I pulled away. This seemed to anger him; again he gripped my arm with force and yanked me to him so I was right against his him.

His friends surrounded me as he brought his mouth to my ear and blew into it, sending a chill down my body. “What’s the rush, Rose?”

“Just trying to get home, Royce…it’s late and you’re wasted.” I tried to sound serious and that I really wasn’t in the mood for his games but the fear in my voice refused to hide itself.

I half lied about getting home. I mean, I was trying to get início but I had never seen Royce drunk before. He said it was because he didn’t like the taste of cerveja but I always figured it was something deeper than that…like a bad experience after he got too intoxicated once. But it turns out he likes something a lot stronger than your average beer. And from the look in his eyes, I don’t want to know what happens next.

He let go of my arm but quickly moved around to face me and took hold of the front of my jacket, in a seductive way.

“Well I am your fiancé…come on…we just want to have some fun.” He was only inches from my face but then looked to his friends, “Don’t we boys? She is a beauty, isn’t she?” They all nodded.

“Well…she’s all covered up!” One of his friends complained.

“True,” Royce breathed. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. It was strong, miles passed drunk. “Royce Stop! You’re obviously drunk.” I pointed out, again, looking straight into his eyes. I grabbed his wrist and pulled in off my jaqueta never breaking eye contact.

He seemed to ignore me because he ripped off my hat, taking some of my hair with it.

“Ouch!” I yelled out in pain. They laughed at this and continued to take clothing from my body.

All I could do was fight back and yell but Royce was a new person with alcohol in his system and no one was out at this time of night, I knew I had no chance. I fought for what seemed like hours as they stripped me of my clothes and continually assaulted me until they left me to die…

“Get off me!” I shrieked, half sobbing, and ripped my arm from his grasp, pulling it to my chest.

“What the hell?” He yelled sounding angry. He stepped closer to me and my first reaction was to begin to fight back, so I threw my arm back and hit him in the lower chest, which sent him flying across the room.

He landed on a mesa, tabela seguinte to the large fireplace in the back of the room.

I turned around and saw him slowly getting up from the pile of wreckage; once he was up he got this look in his eyes and started breathing heavy through his teeth.

Uh Oh!

Emmett’s POV







I felt the warm, red liquid flow do my throat. I sucked my favorito meal dry.


I wiped the dripping blood from my chin and stood up. Edward and Jasper were just finishing up a moose about 100 yards away.

A few hours later Edward, Jasper, and I were completely full with honey eyes.

We sprinted início but didn’t run to our full power. As we got closer and closer to the house Edward and Jasper kept getting this strange look on their faces, they would speed up then slow down…then speed up then slow down, again. I didn’t think much of it until they both exchanged a bewildered glance.

“What’s wrong?” I finally asked coming to a stop.

“I…I’m not sure…” Jasper confessed looking to Edward for backup.

“It’s odd.” Jasper nodded. “We’re getting mixed things…” Edward said with a azedar, azedo look.

For a minuto we just looked at each other, unsure of what to say next. But we decided to keep running and see if it got clearer. We were about 2 miles from the house when Edward abruptly stopped.

He whispered something, but I didn’t think I heard him right, and from what it sounded like…I am not sure I wanted to…

I stepped closer to him as did Jasper.

“It’s Rosalie…” Edward whispered. My dead, un-beating coração dropped.

I immediately went into protection mode. “Edward, what are you talking about?” I demanded.

"Something’s wrong. She’s…scared? Hurt?” Jasper whispered in deep concentration.

Without another word I was gone. I had never run so fast in my entire vampire years.

My Rosalie was in trouble.

Edward and Jasper were soon por my side.

Within minutos we were only mere yards from the house, close enough to see it. Gradually we slowed our pace, due to Edward and Jasper’s intensifying sences. I stopped a few feet from the porch, the smell made me stop dead in my tracks.

“The Mutt!” I growled and literally lunged for the door.

The back door flew off the hinges and I rushed into the living room. There was my petite wife under a 400 pound, horse sized wolf. Rage flooded through me. “Carlisle is on his way.” Jasper stated quickly once he and Edward were once again at my side.

We dashed toward Jacob at inhuman speed and ripped him off of Rosalie por the neck and threw him across the room. I didn’t even have a chance to look at Rosie before Jasper picked up her and took away from the scene while Edward and I went back to Jacob. My whole mind was blank and the only thing driving me was my instincts. When someone hurts my wife, they answer to me...
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Emmett's POV

I've been missing Rose for 13 years wishing she would come início and now my son is gone too. My life was getting longer and longer every dia and Renesmee went searching for them, I already tried Italy and thats when Alec knew where they were and took Renesmee to where they were as i would fight the gaurds and Alec would use his power on the new born and that would give Rose and Andrew enough time to escape but the problem is finding our way back we knew that we would be lost once we found Rose but i dont know how we will.

Rosalie's POV

After David thretend to kill me and...
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Rosalie's POV

"I'm sorry Jacob, but I cant decide right now but I will always be willing to put aside our differences no matter what happens" i whispered to him.

"Sure you will, just because your a human now doesnt mean your not a enemy still!" Leah yelled at me. She always hated us, no matter how hard we tried to set aside differences between our kinds to get along but she never listened to us, she was just stubern about everything.

"Shut up Leah!" the rest of the pack yelled at her. I smiled at how many of them didnt care about how i still lived with a family of vampiros and wasnt willing to...
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Chapter 3: Shattering Heart
Rosalie POV

    What was I doing? I wanted him to kiss me! Why did I turn away?
    I was now just standing there with my head on his shoulder.
    "I'm sorry Emmett. It's not something you did. I'm just not ready." And with that, I left. I left him standing there broken and alone in the backyard. How could I? What did he do to deserve that?
    I was in my room now, looking at him through my window. He was still standing there in the exact same spot, with a look of disappointment on his...
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Emmett's POV

I could feel Alec weaken around my grip as Rose yelled for me to stop when she fell to the ground, i got off Alec and ran to her side.

"Her scent is different" I heard Alec say worried. When he leaned in and bit her neck, as he pulled away he had blood running down the side of his mouth, his face looked hurt. She had blood and i could hear her fainted heartbeat...she was human. When she opened her eyes she put her hand on her neck and looked at me confused.

"Whats going on? Why do i feel so bad?" she asked me. When Carlise rushed through the door to her side and stared to test...
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Rosalie's POV

I laid there crying, waiting for him so come back...but he never did. I was Emmett standing there I stood up and ran to him, I wanted to hold him and kiss him with all the amor I could give but he never got closer, in fact he got farther from me. I screamed out his name but he just stood there and whispered I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, his eyes were bloodshot and he looked weak and then he was gone. I cried mais and mais of my wetless tears, I was in an ally, it was bright and covered with rosas that were blooming right infront of me. There were birds flying around, it looked like...
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The latest Twilight Saga film - Eclipse has hit the UK. Nikki Reed who plays Rosalie says her character may want bebês but she doesnt. Credit: itn (Youtube)
kellan lutz
nikki reed
Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed stopped por GMTV in the UK for a chat. 02 July 2010. Credit : ratedrsuperdiva (Youtube)
nikki reed
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Rosalie's POV

Emmett and I were sitting in our room hand in hand. He stared at me for a long period of time until he started to speak.

"Rose, can I ask you something?" he asked a little gloomy.
"Sure." I replied worried.

"Its not really a question, its mais of a straight progressivo, para a frente subject I need to talk to you about. You see I've been thinking lately and I've decided that I'm going to leave for a while."


"I...I-" he choked while trying to find the right words to tell me.
"I've done something I'm not proud of" he sighed. "I've been seeing another girl."...
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"AlloyTV" Interview
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