elena gilbert
Name Elena Gilbert

Birthrate 1992 (age 17)

Family Grayson Gilbert (Paternal
Uncle/Adoptive Father,Deceased
Miranda Gilbert (Paternal
Aunt/Adoptive Mother,Deceased)
Jeremy Gilbert (Cousin/Adoptive
Jenna Sommers (Adoptive Aunt)
John Gilbert (Biological Father)
Isobel Saltzman (Biological Mother)
Alaric Saltzman (Stepfather)
Katherine Pierce (Ancestor)
Johnathan Gilbert (Ancestor,

Occupation Student

Species Human - Doppelgänger of Katherine

Significant Kills Elijah

Status Alive


Elena Gilbert is the main female character and the main protagonist of The Vampire Diaries. She is a 17-year-old human girl who lives in the sobrenatural town of Mystic Falls, Virginia with her aunt, Jenna Sommers and her brother Jeremy. She is strongly and deeply in amor with Stefan Salvatore, who is a century-plus-old vampire. But she also shares a bond with Stefan's elder, dangerous, and impulsive brother, Damon Salvatore, who is also a vampire. She attends Mystic Falls High School, where she is a former cheerleader, honor student, and one of the most popular girls in the school. Elena wants to become a great writer. She stated this in a conversation with Stefan, and she has a diary in which she writes everything that happens in her life.

Elena has to deal with trying to lead a normal life ever since her adoptive parents died in a car accident and since she became involved in a amor relationship with Stefan. He saved Elena's life on May 23, 2009 when her adoptive parents, Grayson and Miranda Gilbert's car went off at Wickery Bridge. He tried to save them but her father, Grayson, insisted on him saving Elena first. When Stefan pulled Elena out of the car, he says that Elena looked like Katherine, a vampire he loved. He could not believe the uncanny resemblance between the two. Stefan then took Elena to the Mystic Falls General Hospital and has been watching her ever since, he was also learning about her to make sure that she is seguro and how is she similar and different from Katherine Pierce.

After she discovers the secret of the Salvatore brothers, Elena has to deal with murders and lies in her life as well as with sobrenatural events. She tries to be positive though it is often hard for her.