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This duncan e courtney fotografia might contain vestido de noite, vestido de jantar,, vestido de noite formal, vestido de comensal, formal, vestido, and vestido de jantar.

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duncan-*at courtney house ringing on her door bell*
courtney-hello? oh its you wat do u want?
duncan-i want you back!
courtney-*slams door*
duncan-*puts foot in front of door b4 it gets slamed all the way*
duncan-i want you back ok i am really sorry about me cheating on you with..gwen
courtney-keep going!
duncan-and you know i miss you and i broke up with gwen and i feel really bad so would you like to go on a encontro, data friday?
courtney-i dont know i am still pretty pissed?!
duncan-oh please i would walk on broken glass for you
courtney-ugh fine *get a contract out*
duncan-wat the hell is...
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Well i got kicked off the show which was totally unfair! I have to call my lawyers about this! is it even legal to throw someone out of a plane in to the middle of no where! Well i have Blaineley with me. not like she's any help! The only thing good about this is that i don't have to be around that punk jerk! He ruined my life! I mean yeah he is supposed to be mean and stuff but.... that's just low! even for him! How could he?!?!? Does he really like Gothie that much? Not that it bothers me.......cause it soooo does not....... right? i mean IT SOOO DOES NOT BOTHER ME! ugh! How could Gwen? She...
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posted by sugarsweet076
"Ok teens today is going back in time when we did our first alien movie"

I could see Duncan and gwen high fived.

After chris is reall really really hot won the first part i knew i had to win the last part.I couldn't work with my team knowing Gwen is dating Duncan.

"Destory Courtney" came from the other side of the create.

I waited there for a minuto to pick up this small robot.But when i looked it was about a ten foot robot getting ready to shoot at me.

"Princess Move!"

I couldn't I froze.The seguinte thing i knew i was in Duncan's Arms and him shelding me with his body.He still cared about me.

"You ok?"...
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posted by JBfan445
Hi everybody! I tried to take a break cause part 5 is the end(I no,boo hoo.But I just cudden'd.)So,I dicided to put part 5 into mais than 1 part.(I don't no how many there will be.) The reason y im ending this is because I have some mais artigos planed. So,without further ado,with the disclamer,Courtney!
Courtney:Thanks. JBfan445 AKA Lyndsey,only owns Ben and Lisa (Her oc's)Contuned at end.

Duncan'sPOV: I text Courtney,"Hey,Princess.<Juvie boy>" "Hi<Princez>" "U busy?<Juvie boy>" "Yea,text u later.<Princez>" "K.<Juvie boy>" Wat up wit her?

Courtney'POV: Why do...
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courtney: i cant belve duncan would brake up with me like that, i mean shre he did it before with gwen but... im the only person who will ever amor duncan like this... no one else......
alejandro: sooo he broke up with u?
courtney: ohhh i dident know u where there, and yes he did.
alejandro: look ur beautifull,strong and intellegent women, he did not disurve u.
courtney: i know that alredy.
alejandro: sooo wana go out some time?
courtney: i just broke up with my bf. i think i wana wait.
alejandro: as u wish my princessa.
then alejandro pick up the phone and calls melissa. sooo everithing is acording...
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Duncan’s POV

You know that painless segundo after you stub your toe— that small moment before the feeling has had the chance to rise? That certain knowing that you can’t take it back, what’s done it done, and you just have to face the outcome when it occurs?

See, this is just like that. Except, maybe, oh— one hundred times worse. Certainly mais painful.

It’s not just the situation that’s killing me. The whole, ‘I was an idiot and I regret it only now that things are messed up even further— thanks to me,’ really sucks, no lie, but get this: if I hadn’t been so stupid, things...
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... and smiled back at me. I told what the doctor said, he went..well see for your-self" So your sayin that the doctor says that i might die!?!?!?!" "Yea, but i hope it's not true" I gave him a hug. A couple minutos later Duncan is trying to get up, but the bullet he had in is leg,broke his leg."Whoa!"he fell, i caught him"Be careful!!!" His parents walked in they where really mad!"What where you thinking Young man"His father Yelled. "Don't yell please, He's trying to get some rest." I asked them nicely. But his dad kept yelling to Duncan, about how he could've gotten killed." Well, at least...
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This one's for you pixicracker.

Duncan's pov

Princess was taking a chuveiro when I went into the bathroom, I went in even though the occupied sign was on the door, I really needed the bathroom. Princess's body is even better up close and without that bikini in the way. I was still drooling when she turned aruond.

Courtney's pov

I screamed bloody murder when I saw that pervert Duncan watching me in the shower, his grey blue eyes were practically popping out of his head. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body, then I stepped out of the chuveiro and slapped Duncan in the face, HARD.

Geoff's pov...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:"Bridgette!Are you ready yet?!"I called from downstairs."I can't find anything to wear!"she replied."You have tons of clothes!Pick an outfit and let's go!"I said.Bridgette and I are going to this club I heard about.It's a dance club.I opened the front door then closed it and watched as Bridgette slid down teh rail of the stairs and hit the floor with her sneakers."Took ya long enough."I said."WhaterevLet's go."Bridgette said.We walked out the door and got into the car and drove off.We came up to a big door with a bunch of graffti on it."Is this the place?"Bridgette asked."Yup."I...
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Personally I've been obssessed with DXC for 2 years! Wow I need a life!LOL!But seriously it's so wrong what they are planning! Duncan seems mais to blame than Courtney I mean this a guy who hit on Heather and Gwen and maybe mais girls while they were dating! Plus he's suppose to be a Jonesy counterpart! PLAYER!!And if they are going por their counterparts then they can't do DXG that's a perdictable jONESY AND nIKKI! It cuts up all the drama break up and make up of the couple and it throws it all away for nothing! i MEAN Gwe nand Trent got mais emphasize season 1 but they broke up season 2 meanwhile...
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posted by tdilovestories
This was actually a project were I had to rewrite a paragraph from Pride and Prejudice in the perspective of Mr. Dracy, but i thought that this could work for Duncan and Courtney......

Duncan has just talked to Courtney father about them getting married and know he has to get Courtney to go talk to her father. It is all about the way he sees her and it lets you know how much he loves her. This is exactly what im going to turn into my teacher so please tell me what you think.

As I exited the biblioteca my eyes drifted immediately to the mesa, tabela that she and her sister, Kitty, were residing at. One...
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Courtney rushed over to the dead man, her fiance`. She smiled actually, and looked up at the girl that had shot her finace` on the night of their engagement, she said to her, "Thank you, you have shown me what i am supposed to do."

"No prob, i'm kirstyn."


"I want you and duncan to be together, and imma do anything to get there."

"Well, if we get married, i'll call you what's your number?"

"Uh here." She handed her a peice of paper and did like a triple flip and flipped out of the window onto a platform and ran away.

She looked over at Duncan and looked around the entire room and everyone...
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