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bad boy
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in the morning i woke up in duncans arms.He started to wake up as i started waking up.

"Morning princess"

"Morning duncan" i said smiling and ready to get out of bed.

"Princess" as i looked i saw that he had my bra.I was dressed i had one of his shirts on but i needed my bra.

"Duncan give me back my bra please" I said as i jumped over the bed.I tackled him to the floor then grabbed my bra.

"I really hate you princess" I smiled then he kissed me."Why dont you get dressed then ill take you out?"

"Ummmm it depends where are we going?"

"You are going início and duncan go to your brothers house when you...
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posted by totaldrama1
Courtney's POV: I was getting ready to go to the pool. I had a black bikini outlined with a blue strip. I wrapped a towel around myself and headed for the pool.

At the pool.

I didn't see my friends yet,but I didn't care. I wanted to sit in the sun and get a tan. I threw the towel over the chair, sat down and closed my eyes.

Five minutos later.

I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see Duncan in black shorts with flames on the bottoms. His perfect abs. "Are you gonna swim or not?" he said. "No, I'm tanning." He gave me a weird look. "What is it with girls and tanning?" "Screw...
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A video for our amor triângulo and it's meaning is: You now that the couple broke up in TDWT because of Duncan and Gwen's kiss so the meaning is if it'll be possible to start over again after all?
duncan e courtney
total drama's amor triângulo
duncan courtney and gwen
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I woke up in cama and felt a cool cloth on my forehead. I gingerly lifted it off my face and greedily drank the cup of water that was beside my bed.

“Courtney, you okay?”

I held my breath until I saw that it was Bridget walking through the door. I exhaled, and sat up.

“Is Duncan início yet?” I asked nervously.

She shook her head no. I sat up and hugged my knees to my chest.

“Bridgette, what am I going to do? How am I going to tell Duncan?”

She came and rubbed my shoulders as the waterworks came down.

“Courtney, Duncan’s not that heartless. Sure, he might be upset at first, but after he...
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I ran out after that disaster. Mark better be glad he got revenge.

I could just STRANGLE him! I guess he got revenge. I am NEVER babysitting Mark again.

I passed the música shop. They always played música in the store. A lot of the time, I would go in there and listen to the música while I was working on homework or studying.

Since I didn't want to go início yet, I went in. The ending of the song 'All Around Me' por Flyleaf was playing. I liked that song. Then, after that, the song 'When You're Gone' por Avril Lavigne played. I loved that song. Once it came on, I realized how much it related to me....
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posted by lolibarbie
 how they woke up except their eyes are closed, well courtney's are :P
how they woke up except their eyes are closed, well courtney's are :P
Duncan's POV:
That night we talked and talked and talked forever it seemed like. And when we woke up i was laying in the grass, it wasn't even dawn yet, i checked the time on my ipod and it said 3:21 A.M. And it was tooo perfect, it happened again! She fell asleep cuddling up to me, it was so sweet, if i wanted to i could've told her i loved her, but that would've meant waking her up. I didn't want to, she looked so pretty, the lights of the eiffel tower shining on her beautiful hair, then i saw her onyx eyes open and look straight into my eyes. "Mornin Princess!"

"Duncan? Really? AGAIN?" excapt...
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