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Source: Dree(: haha she hates her teeth! <3 u dree
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Source: Dree she took this pic of me!
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There was once somebody out here (on this website), who I really though I was in amor with..Honestly I think I wasent reall in amor with....I think I thought I was in love..Now this guy has a girlfriend now</3..Yes I still have feelings for him..So does someone else..Sadly i never did encontro, data this guy..but He said we would...Wanna' know what else he said? "The connection between us drives me wild, I'd do anything just to hold you, Let you feel what lovee is so deep so true." Yeah..That's a song..Here is also one of our conversations..
Me: "Promis me you'll never break my heart."
Him: "I'll never...
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