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Chapter 13
Meanwhile, Gohan, Krillin, and Chcihci with Goten flew into the sky.
“Goten should start walking in a couple of weeks….” yelled Gohan trying to make his voice louder than the wind. Chichi giggled but could not believe that Trunks is making the future a lot faster, in other words making the days go por super fast. Krillin grinned and turned his head to a nother dirrection.
“Well, I have to go…” he said.
“Oh okay, bye! Be careful!” Chichi and Gohan said at the same time. Krillin winked at them and left.
“So mom!” screamed Gohan. Chichi glanced up at him. “If you...
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Chapter 12
Chichi carried Goten to his crib. Goten slowly took in breaths. Chichi looked away in pain. She closed her eyes, and all she could see is Goku’s smile. She remembered how happy he would always be. She remembered how goku was always close to Gohan. She… she remembered how close… goku was to her. She approached her room. The cama was empty. She stood at Goku’s side of the cama then collapsed. Tears, sad broken angry upset tears ran down from her eyes. She could not stop her tears. Suddenly she felt a hand, a soft nice hand on her hand. She quickly glanced up, and there holding...
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Chapter 3

“So… the weeks came and went, in a blink of an eye. The time has come… for my father to arrive início once again.” Everyone gathered together at the Son house standing outside, excited to see their hero. Chichi, Gohan, Krillin, Bulma, Chiatzu, Yamcha, Tien, Trunks, and Vegeta. We all gathered together with so much hope.Trunks and Vegeta stood at the very back of the huge crowd. Vegeta did not really care for Goku, or Kakarot. These saiyans never get along, because of my stubborn father. Well I stood in the back because I am afraid. Everything will become a nightmare. Almost...
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DBZ The Spiritual SS Awakens

Chapter 1

“As I could feel my own tears rolling down my broken eyes, I could not even
believe what I have been through. I slowly moved my head from the battle field, toward you. I had such a guilty look in my eyes. I will never forget the horrible, frightening, beautiful memories from my mind. But after my eyes saw a lot of blood, tears, amor breaking down in the battlefield. it’s a memory locked in me forever. Bad memories, bad memories that should be thrown out of our lives…it all started ever since, a horrible army called E.T.S.K…Extra terrestrial Super...
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the scene opens with goku and vegeta Jr. trainig in ssj form

Goku Jr:hey you're pretty good

Vegeta jr:you're not half bad either

Mysterious voice:you both are good for your age

Goku Jr:who said that?

Goku:that was me, Goku

Vegeta Jr:who are you?

Goku:come with me and I'll explain everything

*they transport away*

????:Hmmm, there are no strong fighters here

*sense the past*

????:but there was a bunch of strong one's here before, lets just bring them back

*the sky turns black and ???? does a weird spell*

*The Z fighters appear*

Gohan:what's going on?

Vegeta:we were dead!

Piccolo:it's impossible for shenron...
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Chapter 19
Chichi began to run the water, she slowly sat Goten on the floor.
“Goten! Baby!” Chichi said slowly tapping his cheeck. Goten weakly opened his eyes.
“W-What? Oh!… what happened?” he asked rubbing his head.
“No time…come on, take your guy off!”
“Oh…okay” responded Goten. Chichi gave Gotten a hand, and Goten had to be washed in cold water. He needs to wake up.
Gohan finally arrived at Krillin’s house.
“Krillin!” yelled Gohan, racing to the door.
“What?” asked a voice in the small house.
“Its Gohan!” he yelled. The door knob tilted. Krillin’s face...
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Chapter 17
Goten ran as fast as he could. He could not believe Gohan, and his father’s best friend. They made fun of me! Tears ran down his gray eyes. He suddenly paused, and collapsed on the ground in pain. He suddenly felt his brother’s energy. Goten quickly got on his feet and ran like a wolf.
Chichi happily prepared dinner, sitting the big, wooden spoon. Chichi sensed a very small, tiny, miniature power level. Goten, she knew it was her baby boy. Goten almost got out of air, and finally arrived home. The knob opened and he walked in sobbing super hard. Chichi heard his sobs, and with...
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“You seriously gonna train him?”
“Yeah, I need to get going.” Chichi said walking down the hall. Gohan let his cheecks run red and grined. How much his mother had changed made him excited. Chichi had put on her training cloths and asked outside Goten’s door. “Goten…are you ready?”
“Coming…” the door knob opened. Goten’s foot stepped out. Chichi’s eyes grew big…
“Oh my god!” Chichi said with so much love. “Goten! You look amazing!”
“Really? Do I look like daddy?” asked Goten.
“Exactly the same! Just like your old man!” Chichi said rubbing his messed...
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“The years came and went in a blink of an eye… and it was time for me… to blow out the candels once more…”
“One…two…three…happy bitrhday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy bithday to Goten… happy bithday to you!” Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Chiatzu, the Ox King, Bulma, Vegeta Trunks, Chichi and Gohan all sang to Goten. Goten is now five years old.
“Happy birthday brother!” Gohan said, cheerfully wrapping his strong, muscular arms around him.
“Thankyou brother…” Goten responded with a serious smile.
“Oh, guess what I got for you?” asked Chichi taking...
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This story takes place 1 ano after the end of DBZ. Thats also 9 years before GT.

And so the story begins.
An alien race were screaming at the sight of a saiyan. One alien squealed, "Dont hurt us, saiyan! Please spare our people!" The saiyan seemed to have a kind coração and laughed, "You've got it all wrong. Im not the bad guy. Im a friend. So dont worry." The aliens released a breath of relief. The leader of the race walked towards the saiyan, "For sparing our race, I shall allow you to eat jantar with me and my people for a feast." The saiyan's stomach growled, "Sweet. I can always go for fresh...
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Chapter 9

“Blood?…Chichi! Oh no!” shouted goku running out the door. He could not even think straight I mean he could use his transmission…but he could not just think straight right now.
“Did you call an emergency?!” screamed Trunks asking his mother in a shivering tone.
“Yes! Yes! Of course I did!” Vegeta came running out the building. All of sudden, they all heard a loud cry. A huge truck came raining down fast with sirens going louder than a lions roar. Doctors quickly carried chichi on a wheeling bed, carring her in the van. The furgão, van began to run but gohan quickly jumped...
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Chapter 7
“Finally, couple of minutos later, Daddy had reached the closest hospital, and mommy was emidiatly taken away for help. Haha and the funny thing is that the doctor and the nurses found tme strangely different than a human in my mommy’s belly. I was no human! No! I am 50% human from mommy, and 50% alien or Saiyan from daddy.The doctors immediately looked at daddy and did a D.N.A, then the doctors went screaming like a bunch of monkeys home! If you ask me, that’s silly! They thought I was a human baby since I look exactly like one, im half!
Chichi began to cry tears of joy. But...
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Chapter 6
“Go where?” asked Chichi fixing her hair.
“Somewehere…” said Gohan heading out the door. goku and chichi got on their feet heading out the door, then looking the door behind them.
Krillin and Gohan headed to the son family red car. “Ha-ha! Lets go!” screamed Gohan jumping on the red car.
“Ha-ha you bet buddy!” screamed back Krillin sitting in the back assento with Gohan. Chichi and goku sat at the front driver seats. goku started the engiend with a loud roar. “Goku? Sice wen do you have a license?” asked Krillin worried.
“A lis… what?” asked goku confussed....
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Chapter 5
Ding dong! Ran the door sino at the Son’s house. Gohan came racing down the stairs as fast as a horse. Gohan opened the door in a flash.
“Krillin! Dad! Wow! It sure takes a loong time for both of you to just get a dozen of apples!” laughed Gohan, letting his father and his father’s best friend in the Son house.
“Hey! It takes time to choose the correct apples! You know how your dad is wenever it comes to food! He craves deeply for food!” Krillin turned his face to Goku, but goku was suddenly gone. The same thing with ChiChi. Krillin stared at Gohan.
“What?” asked Krillin....
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Chapter 4

“Im going!” yelled Gohan with little fists in his hands.
“Oh no your not!” yelled… Goku?! Everyone stared in horror! goku said no to Gohan? To his son? Usually Chichi would say something like that to her son.
“But…dad?” asked gohan surprised and afraid.
“Listen here! I am your father! And as your father I say no way! Its to dangerous for a little brat like yourself!” Gohan’s mouth grew opened.
“Usually Vgeta would say brat haha!” teased krillin trying to cheer everyone up. goku quickly turned to Krillin with a horrable look in jis eyes. Krillin nervously...
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Radditz landed in front of a being with green skin and antennas (it reminded him of a bug), dissaointed that it wasn't Kakarat he had sensed he growled.

"You're not Kakarat!" the green being cocked an invisible eyebrow.

"No I'm not." He stated simply his voice oozing sarcasm.

Radditz could tell and sneered.

"Would you mind advising me on where I might find him instead of stating the obvious!"

"I don't even know who you are talking about!"

Radditz scoffed how dare he speak to me like that!

"Then your useless to me!" raising his power slightly as he yelled shaking the ground slightly as the green man...
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When we are child our parents always told "you are my little prince" (or princess for the girl xD), and they told about the fairy tales principles! I am a big fã of Disney, but I do not think that the example of those principles is the best. In my opinion a true prince is Vegeta! and now I explain why...

In fairy tales principles are rich, beautiful and always have lived in their beautiful castelo (except for Aladdin), they never have any problems and they just show their amor making a heroic feat (Like Philip or Erik), and then they live happily ever after with never a problem!

Now we analyze...
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Synopsis: Vegeta's left Earth with new plans for the future and someone has gone missing. goku has been sent to find that someone. Warnings: Violence, G/V yaoi, BDSM, and language in later chapters.

Chapter 1: No Royal Road to Peace

"Where is he, Vegeta?" goku charged. His nemesis stood not mais than twenty feet away, clad in regal garments and with an air of arrogant nobility about him. The larger warrior tightened his muscles until the veins in his arms looked ready to burst.

"What are you talking about, Kakarott?” inquired the royal. “What the hell are you doing here?" The guards protectively...
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please comment i think im going to finsh this then write other stuff on here.

Crimson pov

I looked around *why did I do that* I went over to my computer escrivaninha, mesa and e-mailed bulla no doubt Vegeta would block me from Trunks e-mail account.


Sayain girl21- oi Bulla I cant believe I did it.

Bulla rulz-Did what?

Sayian girl21-I broke up with 17 just 5 minutos ago.

Bulla rulz- :o what why? no your not. are you?

Sayian girl21-yes I like Trunks I guess I always did just didn't figure it out till now probebly.

Bulla rulz- YAY if you two ever get married I would actually be your sister.

Sayain girl21-...
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im really mad i was just about to end the artigo than my computer froze just done now i gotta write it again and same pergunta as last time. 17 or trunks.

crimsons pov

I was mad Bulla new that so she didnt stop me I ran out the door but when i got outside a camera was in my face with a reporter who was my age she was tall and blond."Why are you in such a hurry,going to meet the prince." "Yeah i am."
"Wait ur his new girl im much hotter then you."she said looking at me up and down. "You might be but i bet you can go super saiyan 1,2,3, or 4." And as I said it I changed into the super sayains.Then...
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