Dragon ball Z: Universe X
- Dragonball Z: Universe X -


Vegeta grunted aloud as himself, Trunks, Gohan and Krillin shifted themselves into a fighting stance while the dozens of robots descended and surrounded them and many of the villagers in the vicinity.

"You know, I can't help but think we attract this attention to ourselves guys. So how about we deal with these metal heads quickly." Gohan stated which caused Vegeta, Krillin and Trunks to nod their heads.

"Hmph. I do have things I want to ask, but you're right Gohan." Vegeta responded with as he grumbled some before leaping progressivo, para a frente with speed as he transformed into a Super Saiyajin before beginning to fight several of the robots.

"Right Gohan, we shouldn't let any of the Namekians get hurt." Trunks stated following suit of his father as he transformed into a Super Saiyajin too and began to also fight several robots.

"I'm sorry to say this Gohan but...I wouldn't be able to fight as well as you guys. So instead I'll help get Bulma and the Namekians out of here, okay?" Krillin stated moving towards Moori, Dende and Bulma to direct them away whilst getting several Namekians to follow him.

Gohan simply nodded, he knew how Krillin felt right now as he transformed himself into a Super Saiyajin. "Any of you Namekians who can fight, please assist us. The rest of you follow Moori and my friend Krillin!" Gohan yelled out as the masses of Namekians dividido, dividir up and he himself began to fight several of the robots.

The robots that were of a generic design and very bulky. They attempted to capture Namekians with hooks that shot out from their hands but were promptly blasted to pieces por several Warrior Namekians, Vegeta, Gohan and Trunks. It seemed like the robot's objective was to capture hostages not to fight and thus that was their weakness.

When the robots numbers began to decrease they changed their tactics and instead began to shoot off their hooks at single targets, namely the ones destroying them in an attempt to bound them mais easily.

"You stupid machines! I'll show you what I think of you!" Vegeta scowled in fury as he began to power up his Super Saiyajin energy sending the robots flying in all directions letting go of him. He then proceeded to help the Namekians who were having difficulty with the robots.

Gohan and Trunks did the same thing as Vegeta, sending their suppressors flying in many directions before following up with attacks on other robots in retaliation. It seemed like those that were fighting against the invaders were winning as only a few robots remained. The Namekians along with Trunks, Gohan and Vegeta then charged blasts at the same time sending them towards the group of robots left, destroying them with ease.

The Namekians then began to leave the area and check on any injured Namekians from the village as the three Super Saiyajins returned to their normal states and flew over towards Dende, Moori, Krillin and Bulma.

As they landed, Vegeta turned his back to them all feeling somewhat frustrated still because of his unanswered questions. "What a inconvenience this is." He muttered to himself

Trunks on the other hand was checking over his mother to assure she was safe. Gohan on the other hand turned around to face Vegeta.

"I'm sure you're wondering what's going on aren't you Vegeta? After all...the last time you was alive you were-" Gohan was attempting to say as Vegeta turned around and bluntly cut him off.

"Of course I am. One minuto I'm fighting the Androids, the seguinte minuto I'm here on what I assume is Namek. So yes Gohan I am damn well wanting to know." Vegeta growled in anger having yet to notice Bulma in his frustration.

Gohan and Trunks both heaved a sigh whilst Krillin was still helping the Namekians to stay out of the whole situation.

"Vegeta, you died. You were killed por Android 18, as were mostly everyone else except for me. And of course, your son Trunks." Gohan said softly, knowing that the realization was going to set in.

"W-what?! You can't be serious. I'd know if I died you simpleton!" Vegeta responded in anger, unable to believe it as he would have known if he was dead, after all he did when Frieza killed him.

"Father...Gohan is telling the truth." Trunks said, forgetting that Vegeta wouldn't even recognize him as his own flesh and blood straight away.

"I am not your father! My only son is still a baby..." Vegeta said softly, but not in anger.

Bulma finally stepped forward. "Vegeta...that is our son. That's Trunks." Bulma said, as her cheeks flushed red from finally seeing her man, her lover...and the most important man to her besides Trunks.

Vegeta couldn't respond, he could not mistake the beauty of this woman with turquoise hair that caused him to flush red as well. This was his woman, his wife and the person to show him amor like he had never experienced...ever. He turned his head towards Trunks for a moment, and then shock came over him as he stumbled progressivo, para a frente towards Trunks.

Trunks wasn't sure how to respond, he just let Vegeta 'inspect' him as he felt he needed to. Bulma simply watched on with flushed cheeks as Vegeta stopped in front of Trunks still with flushed red cheeks.

"Trunks...my son..." Vegeta blurted out as he in a way that was not like him wrapped his arms around the young man that was his son and began to cry tears. They weren't tears of sadness, but tears of happiness because he could see that his son had become a great Saiyajin.

Trunks wasn't sure how to respond as his head turned to his mother who nodded her head. And so Trunks wrapped his arms around Vegeta in response as the father and son were happy to finally meet each other.

Vegeta then let go and looked down for a moment. "You say I've been dead but...why do I have no recollection of it?" He asked, wanting to know earnestly why this was the case as he faced Gohan.

Trunks interjected himself for a moment asking his own question. "Father, how did you recognize Gohan but not myself? We've both grown since you died."

Vegeta thought for a moment. "I suppose...because Gohan is wearing that clown's outfit...on the other hand you were a mere baby..."

Gohan finally responded. "I can understand your pergunta Trunks, but as Vegeta said you was a baby at the time. I was almost a teenager, so Vegeta would recognize me easier. But to your pergunta Vegeta...only those of pure evil or pure good keep their memories and bodies when they die...you are in between so you didn't for the last 20 years."

Vegeta was almost gob smacked at the last few words Gohan said. "20...years?! Curses..." Vegeta became so angry as he dropped down to his knees before slamming his fist into the ground transforming back into a Super Saiyajin. He raised his fists once mais and slammed them into the ground causing it to crack from his rage. "Damnit!" He yelled out.

All Gohan, Trunks and Bulma could do was remain silent. Moori however finally came over as he stopped near them. "I do not mean to interrupt, but...I would like to thank you for helping to fight those strange machines."

Vegeta didn't mover from his spot, it was hard taking it what the reality was. And that was the fact he had lost 20 years of his life with his son and wife. Nothing was going to change how he presently felt right now.

"Of course Elder Moori. Though I've never seen anything like them, but we should probably stick around just in case." Trunks said in response to Moori. "Though I have to agree with you Gohan, that was too much of a coincidence."

Gohan suddenly grit his teeth as he jumped and pushed Trunks out of the way. And just as he did so a sudden thin purple beam of energy passed above Gohan and Trunks who were on topo, início of each other on the ground. The sudden beam caught Vegeta's attention as well as everyone else's as they all looked in the direction of the beam.

Everyone looked on in horror at the individual who had sent the energy beam as Vegeta pulled himself up and suddenly barked. "Bulma, Baldy and you Namekian get out of here right now!" The Saiyajin prince ordered as Krillin, Bulma and Moori moved quickly due to his tone of voice as Vegeta turned to face the individual.

Gohan quickly got up as did Trunks. Gohan knew exactly who that person was, but he couldn't believe what his eyes were showing him, and it was clear por Vegeta's actions that he couldn't either but neither Saiyajin was going to not do something about this individual.

"F-Frieza?!" Trunks exclaimed seeing the humanoid shape, shining in a metallic silver colour with a dashing tail behind him. Though this individual looked humanoid, his three toe feet clearly showed he was very alien though his metallic appearance and long tail also made that evident.

"That ain't Frieza lil bro. That's Frieza's big bro, Cooler." Gohan stated who didn't mover from the spot he stood on nor did he turn his head when he spoke.

"Cooler? I didn't know Frieza had a brother..." Trunks said sounding much like his younger self instead of the strong determined young man he had been up until his death por Cell.

"Neither did we...until he showed up on our doorstep a lil while after my dad died of his coração virus. And without my dad...we were pretty much helpless." Gohan said as the shiny metallic individual who was being addressed as resfriador, refrigerador did not mover from his spot and merely stood where he was.

Vegeta was still standing his ground, a lot of reality had sunk into his mind in the past half hour. And now, resfriador, refrigerador was here...but that was impossible. Vegeta knew for a fact that he had blasted resfriador, refrigerador into the Earth's Sun and that as far as everyone was concerned nothing could survive that.

"Fortunately...Vegeta arrived back on Earth around that time whilst training in space. Since you've been in the past you should be aware of where I'm going with this." Gohan said towards Trunks.

"Yeah...my father became a Super Saiyajin." Trunks said without hesitation. He had experienced enough of the past to be well aware of his father's transformation.

"That's right. And thanks to him, resfriador, refrigerador was stopped. I don't think anyone would have survived Cooler's onslaught had Vegeta not only been on Earth but achieved his Super Saiyajin form." Gohan stated but still did not turn his head.

"But that is no longer the point, Gohan. Somehow despite what I did, he is alive." Vegeta declared before balling his right hand into a fist before smirking. "Which is fine por me. Because now I can kill him all over again!" Vegeta roared as he flew progressivo, para a frente with his full Saiyajin pride slamming his balled fist into Cooler's face.

"Vegeta!" Gohan yelled reaching his arm out progressivo, para a frente transforming into a Super Saiyajin himself again, only to drop his arm and sigh. "Damn that father of yours Trunks and his pride." Gohan said still standing his ground.

Meanwhile, resfriador, refrigerador was unphased por Vegeta's soco which caused surprise in Vegeta. "Damnit you freak!" Vegeta said going to pull back his left fist which he balled up before suddenly feeling a massive amount of pain in his gut. resfriador, refrigerador had quickly sent his knee towards Vegeta's gut faster than Vegeta could respond.

"I-Impossible..." Vegeta blurted out moving backward some as he held onto his gut feeling enraged por how much pain he was feeling.

resfriador, refrigerador then responded to Vegeta's only word por sending his own balled fist towards Vegeta's face sending him flying backwards smashing through a giant set of rocks that was behind where Trunks was. This caused Trunks to immediately react.

"Father!" Trunks shouted out as he ran towards his father who was already pushing himself up and moving Trunks away from him.

"Stay out of this Trunks. This is my fight...and my fight alone!" Vegeta yelled out as he began to power himself up and started to dart forward.

Gohan had finally had enough as he grabbed Vegeta's wrist stopping him from moving any further. "That's enough Vegeta."

Vegeta became enraged as he tried to free his wrist from Gohan's grip but as much as he hated to admit it he was weak compared to Gohan's grip on his wrist. "Let go of me you son of a clown!"

Gohan sighed once mais as he let go of Vegeta's wrist. "Vegeta. You've been dead for 20 years, you have gained no training in 20 years, your strength is the same as it was 20 years ago. Do you honestly believe that someone you killed 20 years atrás is going to be as weak as then?" Gohan stated trying to make Vegeta think rationally.

Vegeta looked down at his hands, the same way he had when he was revived. His anger had dissipated because he knew Gohan was absolutely correct as much as his pride hated to admit it. "If that's the case, Gohan. What are you proposing?"

"I'm simply proposing we be mais rational about this is all, Vegeta. Just like my father would have had he been here." Gohan said towards Vegeta which immediately made Vegeta angry.

"Like Kakarot? Hah. That clown showed mercy to all his opponents, even Frieza. And look where that got him boy. Dead." Vegeta declared towards Gohan causing Gohan's boiling point to finally tip over.

Gohan, the one who was the most level headed individual in the area at the moment snapped as his fist balled up and he slammed it right into Vegeta's face, catching Vegeta off guard completely. Vegeta was sent crashing to the ground with force as Vegeta felt his face with his hand whilst looking up at Gohan.

"Don't you ever talk about my father like that! He considered you to be so much mais than a rival Vegeta. And all you can do is talk badly of him!" Gohan said furiously as he was about to charge up an energy attack in his own anger.

"Enough!" A voice yelled towards Gohan and Vegeta causing the two to stop what they were doing before looking at the direction of the voice. It was Trunks' voice, the same Trunks who had stayed quiet the entire time, until now.

"While you two are arguing did you even consider that resfriador, refrigerador is still there and at any point could have taken action? Father, I know you have your pride but this is getting us nowhere. And Gohan...you are my best friend and my mentor...but you're contradicting everything you just told my father." Trunks blurted out without realizing he was talking both of them down.

Both Vegeta and Gohan closed their eyes and smirked. Gohan then pulled Vegeta to his feet smiling whilst Vegeta was also smiling which caused Trunks to be confused as to why they were smiling.

"You're right Trunks. I forgot you aren't a kid any more, you're an adult just like us. And what you did was exactly what we needed to be told." Gohan smiled mais whilst saying this before turning his head directly towards Cooler.

"You are defiantly my son, Trunks. Thank you for helping your prideful father to see what's truly in front of him." Vegeta stated before turning towards resfriador, refrigerador as well.

Trunks began to remove his Capsule Corporation jaqueta before tossing it to the side as he smirked some. He then looked directly progressivo, para a frente towards resfriador, refrigerador just like Gohan and his father as he spread his feet some before transforming into a Super Saiyajin just like they had done.

"How about this. How about all three of us attack him at once? If he's stronger than one of us then fine. But there's no way he can defeat three powerful Super Saiyajins!" Trunks barked with his father's pride in his own heart.

"That, Trunks. Sounds like a plan to me." Gohan said taking a fighting stance to ready himself for Trunks' plan of attack.

"Hmph. Just don't get in my way." Vegeta declared to the both of them, as he also readied himself into an attack stance like Gohan and his son had. While he could never admit it, he was excited about fighting with Gohan and Trunks, especially Trunks because of how powerful he had become.

Vegeta and Gohan then suddenly began to power up as well. The three Super Saiyajin's auras burned the surroundings with their bright golden light as they prepared for their attack. All of a sudden the three of them then lept progressivo, para a frente towards resfriador, refrigerador who was smirking and ready for their onslaught to begin on him.

The Three Super Saiyajins began their onslaught firing rapid punches and kicks at resfriador, refrigerador which he in turn blocked or dodged with pure ease, it was clear he was toying with them at best at this point. And all this did was infuriate the prideful Saiyajin Vegeta who started become reckless with his attacks.

resfriador, refrigerador all of a sudden jumped backward before blasting the three of them with a powerful blast before flying off away from them, in an attempt to infuriate the three of them like he had done to Vegeta.

Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan stood their ground as they moved their arms down from in front of them, showing they had protected themselves when resfriador, refrigerador blasted the three of them. Their clothes however had taken a great brunt of the blast being torn up with holes along their bodies.

"He's mocking us! I'll kill that stupid freak!" Vegeta growled and yelled as his anger began to rise causing the mais reckless and less tactical Vegeta to emerge.

"That's exactly what he's doing it for Vegeta. He knows how to push your buttons and is doing a damn good job of it." Gohan said, not trying to further enrage Vegeta but simply state the truth.

"Gohan's right. We can't just randomly throw attacks at him. He's mais calculating than Frieza and even I can see that. We have to attack him with precision and surprise him with our power.

"I...I know that...but even still. I can't help but let my anger boil as he toys with us like little play things." Vegeta frustratingly stated towards Gohan and Trunks still trying to calm himself down.

All of a sudden, Gohan moved across so that he was now in front of Trunks and Vegeta. "You've given me an idea Trunks. But I'm going to need you two to place your hands on my shoulders for this to work though." Gohan declared, much to Vegeta and Trunks' surprise.

"You don't mean...that you..." Vegeta gurgled out of his mouth with his surprise.

Gohan looked back at Vegeta with a smile. "Yes, I'm going to use Instantaneous Movement. It's something I learned in Other world after I died." Gohan smiled saying this as Trunks and Vegeta each placed a hand on each of Gohan's shoulders as Gohan placed his right index finger as well as his right middle finger on his forehead.

For a few moments, Gohan tried to sense the energy of resfriador, refrigerador who had stopped flying after realizing they weren't following him. All of a sudden the three Saiyajins vanished into thin air as they teleported towards where resfriador, refrigerador was.

resfriador, refrigerador looked around him, becoming annoyed as to why his plan had not worked despite what he had taken into account when he fought Vegeta previously on Earth all those years ago. Had Vegeta changed this much in 20 years?

Vegeta, Gohan and Trunks appeared behind resfriador, refrigerador who was none the wiser as the three of them balled their right fists and pulled them back.

"Hey Cooler!" The three of them yelled causing resfriador, refrigerador to turn around only to take the full force of three Super Saiyajin fists into his face which sent him backwards, tumbling even on the ground as he came to a halt skidding along. resfriador, refrigerador began to stand up as he felt his face, his perfect metallic face had just been hurt.

"I must say. You three monkeys surprise me. I wasn't expecting you to sneak up behind me...but your power is inconsequential." resfriador, refrigerador said as he made no reaction at all to their combined resolve. "In fact, you have guaranteed your complete demise."

As the mighty frost demon said this, he began to power up as a whitish aura formed around him and he vanished into thin air just like how Gohan had caused himself, Vegeta and Trunks to. Which shocked Gohan completely as the three of them readied themselves for Cooler's counter-attack.

Gohan suddenly felt himself being smashed into the ground as Trunks and Vegeta were fully surprised por Cooler's speed as Gohan felt himself unable to get up.

resfriador, refrigerador then spun around to slam his leg into Vegeta's face sending him flying towards the left. And before Trunks had a chance to respond, resfriador, refrigerador had reversed his body to send his fist into Trunks face sending him flying towards the right before slamming both his feet down into Gohan's back followed por crushing Gohan's head with one of his three toed feet.

"Like I told you monkey. Your power is inconsequential, and you will be the first one I destroy. But before you die I will make one thing clear. You are not the only one with Instantaneous Movement boy." This caused Gohan to freak out as Instantaneous Movement was a skill only taught por Yardrats.

resfriador, refrigerador began to smirk as he raised his right hand and began to point his index finger upward causing a small ball of laranja energy to form just above his index finger. "I'm aware of your familiarity with the Death Ball. But just remember, you'll die from it!" resfriador, refrigerador yelled out as he raised his arm upward and the ball began to get larger as Gohan was now afraid for his life knowing he could do nothing.

resfriador, refrigerador could tell the boy was trying to speak as he lifted his foot up enough for Gohan to speak. "But I'll give you some final words before I kill those two afterwards."

"Just...tell me this...why didn't you attack us...earlier?" Gohan asked knowing that if resfriador, refrigerador had wanted to he could have easily killed them whilst they had been arguing, much like Trunks had pointed out to them earlier.

"Why? Because I can. After that pesky monkey blasted me out of your planet's atmosphere I only wanted revenge. And I don't want a quick revenge, I want to make it long and painful...to humiliate you all like I was. Unfortunately you will not live to know how I came to such power because your time is now up!" resfriador, refrigerador declared as he pulled his index finger backward.

Meanwhile, Trunks and Vegeta had gotten up and began to fly directly towards resfriador, refrigerador and Gohan from either direction hoping to catch resfriador, refrigerador off guard, whilst somehow save Gohan from being obliterated along with New Namek. But unbeknownst to them, resfriador, refrigerador was expecting them and had a plan.

Just as Trunks and Vegeta were about to both slam balled up fists into Cooler's face from opposite sides, the Frost Demon pushed down on Gohan's head and thrust himself upward into the air avoiding the two colliding Super Saiyajins.

As a result Vegeta and Trunks' fists slammed each other in the face causing extreme pain for the other, as they pushed backward on each other and landed they looked up at resfriador, refrigerador who was high up in the air holding a now very large Death Ball above his index finger.

"Ugh. Trunks that was sloppy on your part..." Vegeta growled towards his son as he rubbed his own face. It was clear Trunks' strength was stronger than his own but he wouldn't admit it.

"Ergh! It wasn't my fault father!" Trunks yelled back at his father in frustration as resfriador, refrigerador had made them both look like fools.

Gohan had finally begun to pull himself up as he looked upward at resfriador, refrigerador who was pretty much ready to destroy all of them along with New Namek. His head turned to look at Vegeta and then to Trunks. "No. It's Cooler's fault and that's why we have to defeat him."

Trunks and Vegeta looked to Gohan who had closed his eyes before spreading his legs and bringing his arms to a power-up like pose before opening his eyes. "I hadn't wanted to use this form...but it seems I have no choice." Gohan said as his Super Saiyajin aura flickered wildly as Vegeta and Trunks took notice.

Gohan's short Super Saiyajin hair began to stand up mais than it had previously as his muscle mass increased dramatically enough for Vegeta to feel Gohan completely overpowering him in every way. resfriador, refrigerador could also sense Gohan's power increase and prepared to throw his Death Ball.

"Hah! Your power increase will be short lived monkey. Because you're going to die, RIGHT NOW!" resfriador, refrigerador yelled as he noticed Gohan suddenly cup his hands behind himself as energy began to form.

The look on Gohan's face was of pure anger as he began to charge up his father's famous Kamehameha Wave which caused Trunks and Vegeta to mover away from Gohan's overwhelming power.

"Gohan...you aren't going to?" Trunks said out loud as he witnessed Gohan using the Kamehameha for the first time.

"Yes Trunks...yes he is!" Vegeta yelled to his son as he watched on as Gohan started up the same attack goku had used on him so many years atrás when he threatened to destroy the Earth.

"Ka...Me..." Gohan began to yell out as the energy in his hands became larger than it was previously. All the while Trunks and Vegeta were bracing themselves for the oncoming collision of Gohan and Cooler's attacks.

resfriador, refrigerador on the otherhand finally threw his Death Ball down at the three Super Saiyajins. "Enough of this! Now you die!" The Frost Demon roared as he watched his attack get closer and closer to it's intended targets.

"Ha...Me..." Gohan yelled out in continuation of his charging attack as the Death Ball was getting closer and closer and was about to encompass the three Super Saiyajin's in it's orangey mass.

"NOW GOHAN!" Vegeta and Trunks yelled out to Gohan who was about ready to fogo his powerful Kamehameha Wave at Cooler's Death Ball.

Gohan finally thrusted his cupped hands progressivo, para a frente and into the air as he aimed at Cooler's attack. "HA!" Gohan shouted as the energy that had amassed in his cupped hands fired off towards Cooler's attack.

"You really think you can overpower my attack? It's not happening monkey!" resfriador, refrigerador shouted as he watched the two attacks collide...until he noticed that his attack was actually being pushed back towards him, whilst Gohan continued to bomba energy into his attack.

"What? It's not possible!" resfriador, refrigerador shouted out as he placed both hands in front of him as his own Death Ball collided with his hands. "I won't lose to the likes of you!" resfriador, refrigerador shouted again as he saw Gohan's Kamehameha begin to envelop his own Death Ball attack. The Frost Demon tried as he might to hold the attack back but it was just not enough.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" resfriador, refrigerador shouted out once mais as Gohan's attack completely enveloped him causing a giant explosion to occur, this shook the planet completely as Trunks and Vegeta were both blown away whilst Gohan managed to barely stand his ground. Meanwhile resfriador, refrigerador was sent towards New Namek's atmosphere just like Vegeta's attack had done to him in the past.

Several moments passed as Gohan still held his arms pointed upward in the Kamehameha posture before dropping his arms downward, somewhat out of breath from overexerting himself. As the dust settled, Vegeta and Trunks came to Gohan's side.

"Incredible Gohan...you must tell me...what is this power of yours?" Vegeta asked, still somewhat in shock por the power displayed por Gohan that seemed like it would have destroyed the Androids easily.

"This...is a Super Saiyajin 2." Gohan declared as he recovered his normal posture grinning at Vegeta who couldn't believe what Gohan had just said.

"Super...Saiyajin 2?!" Vegeta exclaimed in even mais shock than he had previously. "It's...inconceivable..." The mighty Saiyajin Prince stated unable to find anything else to say than that as Trunks watched the two of them he remained unconvinced.

"Are you sure you're a Super Saiyajin 2 Gohan?" Trunks asked with a tone of uncertainty in his voice.

Gohan looked to his young friend for a moment. "Of course I am Trunks. It's the seguinte step after Super Saiyajin after all." Gohan said convinced that the power he possessed presently was Super Saiyajin 2.

'He defiantly isn't as strong as Gohan was in the past...so I doubt he's a Super Saiyajin 2...' Trunks thought to himself deciding not to reveal too much of what happened in the past to his father and Gohan for now. "It seems though regardless you defeated resfriador, refrigerador despite him overpowering the three of us before." Trunks said softly trying to hide his opinions.

"Yeah, it does." Gohan said seriously as he was still looking up at the sky as if he wasn't convinced of Cooler's defeat considering how much it took for Vegeta to defeat resfriador, refrigerador on Earth. "But I have a bad feeling about all this..."

Just as Gohan had said this a small dot could be seen up in the sky that was silver in colour. But then the dot began to grow into mais of a humanoid shape with a tail, despite that the humanoid shape in pergunta seemed to be lacking almost half of it's body with strange wires coming out the side of the body.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Vegeta exclaimed beginning to get angry again as he gripped his fists in frustration at the sight of what appeared to be Cooler...alive.

"But...what are those things coming out his side?" Trunks asked as he saw the strange wires coming out of Cooler's body that appeared to be rebuilding him completely.

As Cooler's body completely reformed he began to float downward from the position he had been in high up in the sky. As his feet touched the green grama of New Namek his posture shifted to something that was similar to Frieza's, in that his legs were close together and his arms were spread apart whilst he held a smile on his face.

"I must say, I didn't expect a monkey to be capable of damaging me so badly. But as you can see it is simply useless to resist my power." resfriador, refrigerador stated as his smile turned into a grin whilst almost mocking the three Super Saiyajins. All the while his long tail shifted about behind him as it was evident he was provoking them.

Vegeta grunted as his anger began to consume him and his golden aura consumed him as well as he was about to jump progressivo, para a frente and attack resfriador, refrigerador until he noticed Gohan's arm appear in front of him which surprised him. "Gohan what are you doing?!" The prince screamed looking angrily at Gohan.

Gohan didn't turn his head but he did bring his arm back down to his side. "Calm down Vegeta, he's just trying to get under your skin...like Frieza." Is all Gohan said as his eyes remained focused on resfriador, refrigerador completely.

Vegeta simply grunted as he began to try and calm down. Even though his golden aura began to subside as well, it didn't mean he didn't want to just rip Cooler's head off or at the very least attempt to.

Trunks finally decided to stop remaining quiet as he spoke up. "I'm curious. How exactly did you survive Gohan's attack...?" Trunks asked as seriously as he could despite the fact that resfriador, refrigerador actually scared him mais so than the Androids. This was because of his regeneration ability, something which fortunately the Androids didn't possess.

"I would also like to know the answer to that question." Gohan declared to resfriador, refrigerador who hadn't shifted from his position in the slightest. "After all you should have been scrap metal from that attack, quite literally." Gohan said smugly.

resfriador, refrigerador managed to laugh a little at Gohan's last comment as he shifted his posture to normal and began to walk closer towards the three of them. "A cocky comment from a cocky bastard. But very well, I shall answer your pergunta as you're all going to die shortly anyway." resfriador, refrigerador said as he came to a halt several metres from them putting Vegeta, Gohan and Trunks all on the defensive.

"After your friend Vegeta defeated me and blasted me into o espaço and towards the sun I was fortunate that I avoided the fate of my father and brother. That is to say, I was saved before that could occur por the Big Gete Star." resfriador, refrigerador smirked as he said this. "Due to the Big Gete estrela I was reborn and as you can see, I cannot be destroyed either because it's main computer will automatically repair any damage."

Vegeta grunted again as his golden aura flared once more. "Well then we'll just have to destroy you so much you can't repair!" Vegeta yelled out as he dashed faster than Gohan could react to for once and began to try and blast resfriador, refrigerador with a volley of energy attacks.

"Trunks, let's scatter." Gohan said to Trunks in a stern tone as he and Trunks then scattered to prepare their own attacks against Cooler.

resfriador, refrigerador was shown to be unscathed with a smirk on his face which angered Vegeta to no end. Vegeta then attempted to dash at resfriador, refrigerador who grabbed Vegeta por the throat.

"I could break you like a twig, monkey. But I want to enjoy seeing you suffer for what you did to me!" resfriador, refrigerador yelled as he started to crush his grip on Vegeta who attempted to free himself from Cooler's grasp.

Gohan and Trunks meanwhile had gone to opposite ends preparing their attack maneuver on resfriador, refrigerador similar to the original tactic that Trunks and Vegeta had attempted when resfriador, refrigerador had Gohan pinned down.

"Hey Cooler...it's clear you were pretty surprised por Gohan's power, so how about I show you my power!" Trunks declared loudly as he shifted his posture as if he was going to power up as his golden aura shined brightly.

This caused not only resfriador, refrigerador to be caught por surprise but Gohan as well. Trunks on the other hand begun to show rage and anger in his facial expression as his golden Super Saiyajin hair flickered upward, whilst his muscle mass increased as a sign of his transformation. Unlike Gohan's transformation though Trunks' was very vicious and destructive due to his unneeded use of the transformation.

"Unbelievable...my son...is capable of this kind of power?!" Vegeta exclaimed whilst still being held up in the air por Cooler's grip.

resfriador, refrigerador became collected once mais before tossing Vegeta aside like rag doll as he looked on at Trunks' transformation. "I must say, I give you monkeys credit. But haven't you realized you simply cannot defeat me?"

"SHUT UP!" Trunks growled angrily almost in the same way as Vegeta would have, as the masses of crumbled rock floating in the air that was created por Trunks' transformation dropped to the ground and Trunks vanished.

resfriador, refrigerador suddenly freaked as he attempted to sense Trunks' power but could not, only to be smashed along his shoulder por Trunks' vicious power losing his arm in the process as wires begun to shoot out of his side.

All of a sudden resfriador, refrigerador felt his opposite arm being ripped from his body as Gohan smashed into his shoulder as well, causing wires to repair both his arms becoming angry from the fact they had managed to damage him despite the Big Gete Star's "improvements".

Vegeta stumbled to his feet in the confusion as he jumped upward into the air. "I won't be outdone por my own son...Galick Gun!" Vegeta shouted out amassing power into both hands above his head before blasting a wave of purple energy towards the armless Cooler, blasting him into scrap metal pieces that dropped to the ground.

As Gohan and Trunks skidded along the ground they both turned around and shot energy blasts down at where resfriador, refrigerador had originally stood completely obliterating the pieces of scrap metal that had remained from Vegeta's attack.

"Hmph, so much for that freak. It just shows that nothing can overcome the might of Super Saiyajins!" Vegeta bellowed feeling proud of his Saiyajin ancestry that had finally prevailed over the Frost Demons once and for all.

"I must say Trunks...I never expected you to achieve Super Saiyajin 2 though it makes me wonder if you achieved Super Saiyajin 3 too..." Gohan said softly still surprised por the power shown por Trunks.

Trunks simply shook his head as he finally came to the realization that what Gohan demonstrated defiantly wasn't Super Saiyajin 2. "Unfortunately, what I used and what you used...isn't Super Saiyajin 2. I believe your father referred to it as a Ascended Super Saiyajin."

Gohan was surprised por this revelation as he realized his stupidity on the matter of Saiyajin transformations. "So they are only...side transformations..." Gohan muttered to himself in self-pity.

All of a sudden electricity began to surge around Trunks who had entered another power up posture, the young Half-Saiyajin would begin to expel massive amounts of energy as his muscle mass bulked up considerably compared to the anterior transformation.

This caused Vegeta to become almost horrified as he began to step backward in almost fear of the monstrous power his son was generating. First Gohan and Trunks had presented a supposed "Super Saiyajin 2" and now Trunks was showing something that out powered that level of Super Saiyajin.

Gohan was taken aback por Trunks' sudden transformation into "Super Saiyajin 3" before calming himself, based on the fact that it wasn't even Super Saiyajin 2 but simply a buffed up Super Saiyajin. This of course was something he never considered until now, which added mais to his self-pity.

As Trunks irises were completely gone from his eyes as a whole it seemed like with the monstrosity of power he had gained as well as his muscle mass increase he would go berserk. However he did not mover an inch despite the growls coming from him as he finally spoke.

"Is...this...your...Super Saiyajin 3...Gohan?!" Trunks growled out viciously though not trying to as he ungripped his fists and returned to his normal state as quickly as his buffed up Super Saiyajin form had been held for.

"Yes...yes it was. I can't believe you managed to obtain even that power too...I was so stupid!" Gohan growled to himself as he turned around from both Vegeta and Trunks in his shame.

Trunks shook his head as his long purple hair moved with it. "You shouldn't feel that way, believe me I've made plenty of mistakes...like with that "Ultra Super Saiyajin" form for example...it lacks speed despite it's raw power. On the other hand, Super Saiyajin 2 far outclasses it in both aspects." Trunks said calmly.

Gohan was again surprised when the term Super Saiyajin 2 was brought up as he faced Trunks again. "Super Saiyajin 2...so you mean it exists?" Gohan asked surprised por what Trunks was saying to him and Vegeta.

Trunks simply nodded some. "Yes. When I was in the Alternate Past before returning to this time we encountered an enemy even stronger than the Androids...and in the process your younger self achieved the transformation." Trunks said feeling proud of that

This also made Gohan himself feel proud knowing that such a transformation did exist and that he wasn't completely stupid after all. Just as Gohan was going to speak however another voice spoke up catching Gohan and Trunks off guard.

"You...you talk about Gohan's power and your own power but...what about me?! Am I powerful in that past you talk about? Did I beat Kakarot?!" Vegeta burst out with in frustration of how simply weak he was compared to these two boys.

Trunks just sort of smiled some as both him and Gohan burst out in laughter at Vegeta's frustration which only made him mais frustrated and angry.

"Relax father..." Trunks said softly trying to calm him down. "Of course you achieved the power we possess, to assume you didn't would be an insult to how powerful you truly are." Trunks continued almost feeding his father's ego now. "In fact, you were the first to achieve these forms."

This response turned Vegeta's earlier anger and frustration to almost utter joy as his son told him exactly what he wanted to hear. "Yes! Take that Kakarot!" Vegeta said with a happiness he rarely showed looking up at the sky with his fist bundled towards the sky too, obviously referring to this timeline's Goku.

This somewhat annoyed Gohan but he simply cut Vegeta some slack because he knew how Vegeta must feel being so...weak compared to him and Vegeta's own son.

"As for whether you beat Goku...well you two never actually fought but I'd say you were at least on an even footing strength wise...of sorts." Trunks said not really knowing what to say but also not wanting to anger his father again.

"Right! That's it, Trunks. When we return to Earth with your mother we are going to train!" Vegeta declared as he pointed his index finger at Trunks when he said Trunks would be training with him as if it was an order and not a request.

Just then, a figure appeared over the mountain that was situated behind Gohan and Trunks but directly in front of Vegeta based on how they were facing. The figure whipped it's tail at the mountain in anger before lashing out at the three Saiyajins before it.

"Hold it right there monkey!" The figure shouted stepping progressivo, para a frente some more. "I think it's a bit premature to make speeches like that..." The figure said before snickering as the figure jumped up and fired off a volley of energy blasts in anger towards Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta.

Vegeta being the first to notice the figure, reacted. "Shit." Was all Vegeta said as he tackled Gohan and Trunks to the floor, as the volley of energy attacks went past above them colliding with the rocks behind the three of them. Gohan and Trunks then looked ahead as shock came over their faces as a renewed resfriador, refrigerador who was ready to attack them stood before them.