Dragonball Z: Universe X
Dragonball Z: Universe X


As the newly transformed Super Saiyajin and the tyrannical Chilled stood afar from each other, neither moving from their spot it was clear each was awaiting the other's first move.

Finally, it was Chilled who had become severely impatient as he lept up with a lash of his tail and began to charge balls of energy in his hands before firing a volley of attacks towards Bardock. "Hmph. Poor insect, I almost feel sorry for you." Chilled said with a snicker.

Bardock however didn't even move, the majority of the energy attacks completely missed as dust kicked up around Bardock. Despite this when Bardock was revealed as the dust settled, parts of his armour was missing but he was unphased which quickly annoyed Chilled.

"You insect! What the hell are you?!" Chilled said in the most frustrated tone he could pull before flying right towards Bardock.

Bardock on the other hand was savouring the moment, he didn't understand what this power he obtained was but his Saiyajin pride forced him to be indebted to this power regardless. "What I am is of no consequence you bastard. What you did is unforgivable!"

Chilled became even mais enraged as he sped towards Bardock even faster whilst Bardock had begun walking towards Chilled. Chilled on the other hand began to throw a flurry of punches and kicks, which Bardock promptly dodged por moving from left to right, now walking backwards as he did.

"Stay still dammit! And don't think your stupid hair change changes anything!" Chilled shouted out as he went to slam both fists down in a axe handle motion as Bardock caught his two small hands in his much larger ones.

"Let go of me! I say let go!" Chilled angrily shouted once more.

"You're scared aren't you? You fear my power don't you?!" Bardock shouted back with aggression in his voice, he was sick of people like Chilled and Frieza.

"Scared? Are you insane? What kind of insect dares to challenge my power!" Chilled retorted, with a hint of fear in his voice, which was evident por how he responded to Bardock's questions.

Bardock began to close his eyes for a moment before opening them and staring Chilled right into his eyes. "Maybe..." He said briefly. "It's just the Saiyajin kind." Bardock would say finishing his sentence, yet not loosening his grip on Chilled's hands, which he did for a reason.

Chilled was clearly showing fear now as he tried so hard to free his hands from the tightening grip of Bardock. "What the hell is a Saiyajin?!" Chilled blurted in frustration into those cold, glaring turquoise eyes of Bardock's.

"Your response says it all. Now experience fear and brace yourself freak!" Bardock yelled out as he gritted his nails into Chilled's wrists for a moment before repeatedly slamming Chilled into the ground like a helpless rag doll, before causing Chilled to crash backwards through the ground.

As Chilled started to pull himself up Bardock jumped and spun in the air sideways before slamming his elbow into Chilled's head, causing him yet again to crash into the ground. He followed up this beatdown por swinging Chilled around in a circular motion por his tail.

In between the circular motions, Chilled attempted to get words across to Bardock. "Let..." Chilled said in the first motion. "Go..." Chilled said the segundo time. Of Me!" Chilled said on the third motion.

"Let go of you...well allow me to oblige you!" Bardock shouted before tossing Chilled at super fast speeds crashing him through several giant rocks and into the ground behind the rocks. Chilled attempted to get up a segundo time, but Bardock was much quicker as he appeared behind him grabbing his arms.

Bardock then tossed Chilled progressivo, para a frente before appearing in front of him, sending a kick directly to his jaw as he sent him flying upward. Bardock would then fly at full speed sending his fist directly into Chilled's gut as hard as he could and it was clear Chilled just got the wind punched out of him for sure, as Bardock grinned in triumph.

Chilled began to almost scutter away from Bardock as he held onto his gut, the pain he felt was unreal but it simply made him angry. "How...can this be happening?!" He said as he fidgeted about in frustration and anger at Bardock. Chilled threw his arms about like he was having a tantrum as he threw another volley of energy blasts at Bardock who covered himself with his arms and blocked the blasts effortlessly.

During this mild distraction, Chilled flew backward for a moment. "This cannot happen! Noooo! I am the mighty Lord Chilled! Uck." He shouted as he rubbed his arm across his mouth in disgust before throwing his hands above his head. Energy of an laranja nature began to form above his hands. "An insolent bastard like you could never survive this!"

As Bardock brought his arms down he began to see the beginning of a Death Ball forming above Chilled. "You monster! I won't let you!" Bardock said bringing his right arm backward as he began to gather energy into his right hand in retaliation.

"Shut your mouth insect...and burn in hell!" Chilled shouted with extreme anger throwing his semi-sized Death Ball towards Bardock in the hopes he would burn in it's core along with the entire planet.

Bardock thrust his arm progressivo, para a frente blasted off a massive amount of energy to intercept and collide with Chilled's Death Ball. "You're the one going to hell freak!" Bardock shouted out as the two attempted to both out power the other with their energy attacks.

The mighty collision of energy from both attacks was so overpowering that some of it began to seep through the clouds in the sky while also causing the ground beneath the collision to break up along with the ground underneath Bardock.

"This ends now...FINAL SPIRIT CANNON!" Bardock yelled out thrusting his arm progressivo, para a frente releasing a massive amount of energy which forced his attack to overpower and absorb Chilled's Death Ball.

"No...I cannot be defeated por the likes of you!" Chilled screamed in fear and frustration as Bardock's blast overpowered his completely sending him through the clouds and out of the atmosphere and into space.

As the energy of Bardock's attack began to dissipate, Bardock himself stood in the same attack posture with his arm held out into the air for several moments taking in the fact he defeated a Death Ball with this new power of his. It felt incredible, no words could describe it, it was simply...incredible.

Bardock then stood back to a normal standing position, looking upward into the sky. He seemed content that Chilled was gone and wasn't coming back. Ipana was holding his son Berry in his hands watching on as Bardock had saved not only their lives...but the entire planet from Chilled.

Meanwhile, up on Chilled's spaceship above the planet several of Chilled's men were checking on Chilled's condition. Chilled on the otherhand would not hold still removing a mask from his face that was helping him stay alive for the time being. "Tell...my family. Beware of the...golden haired being...known as a...Saiyajin..." And with that, Chilled died.

The last that was reportedly seen por Ipana, was the sight of Bardock still in his transformed Super Saiyajin state walking into the distance, injured but strongly and boldly. Ipana didn't know where Bardock was headed it didn't really need to be known after all.

And that, is the tale of how Bardock became the first Super Saiyajin since the original Legendary Super Saiyajin and how the fear that Frieza came to have for the Saiyajins began, all from Bardock's battle with Frieza's ancestor, Chilled.

On Planet Earth, Current Age – 788

Inside a mostly destroyed building, a woman with light turquoise hair wiped the sweat from her forehead as she finally finished the calibrations to the ship's main computer system. She had been working on this project along with her son Trunks for the past several years since the defeat of the Androids por Trunks.

The smile on the woman's face was large, she anticipated great things now that the first Capsule Corporation spaceship to be completed in over 20 years was finished, and she would finally be able to wish many of her friends back including her husband, Vegeta.

Meanwhile, outside a man with long purple hair found himself dropping to his knees from his assailant's brutalizing attack. The man known as Trunks soon fell to the ground completely as his attacker known as Cell used Trunks' time machine to travel to the past. Trunks on the otherhand began to feel his life force slipping...he struggled to get closer to the crumbling Capsule Corporation building por crawling slowly.

Despite his attempts to stay alive and reach his mother, Trunks finally died on the spot. It then began to rain heavily just like that night 8 years atrás when Android 17 and 18 brutally murdered Trunks' best friend and mentor Gohan whilst Trunks remained helpless to do anything to save him and as a result transformed into a Super Saiyajin that night.

The woman who had earlier had a giant smile on her face exited the Capsule Corporation building, her eyes widened largely and her smile vanished entirely as she began to run progressivo, para a frente almost tripping several times and dropped down to the ground where her son's body lay helpless.

"No...please...NO!" The woman known as Bulma screamed out in a terrifying tone of voice looking down at Trunks as her body began to shake and her eyes became fixated from sadness.

She pulled him into her arms and cradled him as tears fell from her eyes. No matter how much she wished and begged in her mind for the tears to stop...they did not. Nothing in the world not even the face of Vegeta could make these tears stop.

Bulma would raise her head up to the sky, as the rain poured onto her face and mixed with her crying tears. She still remembered the dia Gohan died, it was raining heavily just like this but she also remembered Trunks' helplessness that day...and just like Trunks had, she herself was now helpless holding Trunks tightly.

She was simply an emotional wreck, first her husband was taken from her and now...her only son...the only light left in her life had also been taken from her. Bulma mourned heavily that night but she hoped that somewhere he was seguro with goku and his friends...and hopefully...with his father Vegeta.

On Planet Earth, Current Age – 789

Bulma silently stood in front of the spaceship that herself and her son Trunks had completed a ano ago, though she found herself crying as profusely as she had the night of his death. She wanted to finally cease her tears today. That's all that had kept her going for the last year, the ability she had given herself to rid herself of all her sadness.

Nobody could have truly understood why Bulma, had hesitated for an entire ano to finally make the trip to the planet New Namek but she had her reasons. Though really, only one person could have understood her decision and that was her best friend, Chi Chi. Chi Chi like Bulma had not only lost her husband Goku, who could not be revived with the wish making Dragonballs. But Chi Chi had also lost her son, Gohan too to the Androids previously.

Bulma spray painted the name of the ship on with the name 'Hope II' in honour of the time machine Bulma and Trunks had named 'Hope'. After all this spaceship that would take her to New Namek was the Earth's segundo hope, and thus Bulma wished to hesitate no more.

It was pretty late in the evening, and por Bulma's watch the time was exactly 8:53PM so it was almost 9 O' clock. Now why would she wait until late to travel? She had decided from the get go that with all the stress, and heartache she wanted to sleep the journey rather than be awake for it and so por travelling later at night this meant she could simply sleep.

The spaceship itself was quite majestic, it could be considered small since it wasn't very large but it wasn't tiny either despite the fact it's entirety covered only four decks. It's design was derived from a hybrid of the Concorde and the SR-71 Blackbird, for speed, elegance and sleekness. Each deck was connected together via an elevator like shaft for easy access between decks.

And for that reason, Bulma was proud of the work her and Trunks had made in the three years it took to build the spaceship. This was due to the impressiveness of the o espaço ship, as well as the fact most materials such as metal and other mechanical parts were hard to come por for obvious reasons.

Bulma then pressed a button on her wrist, that caused the spaceship to turn on and a stairway to extend itself from the topo, início most deck that was connected to the entrance door. And with that Bulma made her way up the stairway as she caused the door to the ship to open as she got closer to it entering her spaceship with the door closing behind her. With the press of a button on her wrist, the stairway retracted itself and the door locked tightly.

"Phew, I'm glad that the ship's wrist device works fine...it would have been a pain to operate it manually otherwise." Bulma said softly as she headed into the bridge area.

The bridge wasn't the most large of bridges, but it had everything that was required for a bridge. The pilot's assento was positioned at the far front, with various consoles along each side of the bridge and the Captain's chair in the dead center. Behind the Captain's chair was the elevator shaft used for access to the other decks. The doorway she had entered through was accessed via a corridor on the spaceship's starboard (right) side.

On the port (left) side was a doorway that connected to the Captain's quarters, though it wasn't your usual Captain's quarters. It was mais like a mini-house built across the majority of Deck 1 for herself, Vegeta and of course her son Trunks. The spaceship itself wasn't just designed for her journey to New Namek but for any kind of o espaço travel and thus the need for a mini-house.

"Welcome Bulma, how are you doing tonight?" A feminine voice said echoing from almost nowhere, yet everywhere.

"I'm doing fine, computer. I'm glad to see you're working at full capacity. Are we ready for take-off?" Bulma said towards the voice.

"Take-off preparations have not yet been completed, however once they are we will be ready to depart for your preprogrammed destination: New Namek." The feminine computerized voice stated, with absolutely no emotion.

"I see. Once preparations are completed, set course for our destination. Tell me, what is our estimated arrival time?" Bulma asked, curious how much faster her new engine design was compared to her engine design for Goku's ship over 20 years atrás prior.

"According to my estimations. Our journey will take approximately 48 hours. However due to unforeseen obstacles in o espaço this may not be entirely accurate." The computer's voice stated to Bulma.

"That's three days quicker..." Bulma said aloud. 'I'm so glad I worked on the Capsule Corporation MKV engine as a side project whilst building the Time Machine.' Bulma thought to herself following what she had said aloud.

Bulma then pressed a button on one of the bridge's side consoles. "Computer, please open a secure communication with New Namek." Bulma said as she waited for the computer to do so.

"Understood Bulma, communications with New Namek have been established. You make speak when ready." The Computer said without question.

"Hello Grand Elder Moori. This is Bulma from Earth, I thought I would let you know before I left for New Namek that I am leaving now. I will be arriving in two Earth days." Bulma said into the console, waiting for a reply from Moori.

"Hello again Bulma. I was beginning to wonder about you, we have not received any communications from you for sometime. It is good to know you will soon be arriving. I will send word for the Dragonballs to be gathered prior to your arrival." Said Grand Elder Moori's voice through the console in response.

"Oh that is really good to hear. I really wish I did not need to ask this of you..." Bulma said, feeling reluctant to simply ask the Namekians for their Dragonballs to be used, but she simply had no choice not with their own being inert.

"Please, it is fine. You are our friend, I am certain you would do the same for us just as you allowed us to stay on Earth when Namek was destroyed." Moori said in response, trying to reassure Bulma. "In any case, the Dragonballs will be ready when you arrive. I look progressivo, para a frente to it, as does Dende." Moori said softly.

"Dende...I haven't seen him for such a long time. Well I'm sure we can catch up when I arrive." Bulma said softly, remembering when herself, Krillin and Gohan travelled to Namek in the past.

"Bulma. Preparations are complete. We will leave on your command." The computer chimed in during Moori and Bulma's conversation.

"Oh, thank you Computer. Well Moori, goodbye." She said politely to Moori preparing to close communications.

"Farewell to you Bulma, seguro journeys." Moori said, as Bulma closed the communications with Moori.

"Computer, I will be heading to sleep now. Hopefully when I awake we'll be somewhat close to New Namek." Bulma said softly, before entering port side door towards her bedroom.

"Understood. Sweet dreams Bulma." The computer's voice said as the ship began to shake from completing it's take-off preparations. The ship began to rise from the ground before blasting off into the confines of outer space.

Aboard The Hope II, Current Age – 789

Bulma shuffled from side to side in her sleep, she appeared to be having a nightmare about her wishes on New Namek going awfully wrong. It was the stress and worry of her current situation after all. In fact she had awoken several times during the ship's journey sweating but had evidentially went back to sleep each time.

Finally Bulma shot up fast with sweat all over her face, she had the same nightmare yet again and the same nightmare she had the last FOUR times she woke from her sleep. 'Enough was enough.' She had thought to herself as she dragged her wreck of a body towards the bedroom sink and started washing her face staring at her own reflection in the mirror. "Why am I have these nightmares...there's no Androids...no threats...yet somehow I keep thinking something will go wrong. So there's no way I'm staying asleep now." She said to herself, deciding to stay awake for the rest of the journey.

Bulma began to walk out onto the bridge in her tank-top and panties rubbing her eyes some."Computer, what is our estimated time of arrival to our destination?" She asked in a very sleepy like voice.

"We are presently in orbit of our destination, Bulma." The computer's voice responded in the usual emotionless voice.

"W-wait...we are?" Bulma exclaimed in surprise not believing to have slept for 48 hours. "Why didn't you wake me up?" Bulma asked still in shock.

"You did not request me to do so, Bulma. Otherwise I would have." The computer responded once more.

It seemed like to Bulma that she was discussing the subject like she would have with Vegeta who was just as insensitive about discussions as the computer. "In any case, would you please relay to Grand Elder Moori of our arrival then." Bulma said as she went to turn around so she could get dressed.

"I took the liberty of contacting Grand Elder Moori upon our arrival. He said he would wait for your...sleep process to finish." The computer said, as a vein on Bulma's face could have been seen had she been facing the other way.

"Fine, whatever. Make the preparations for landing at the very least or have we already landed too?" Bulma asked in frustration at the computer's irresponsible actions.

"As I said, we are in orbit Bulma. However I will begin landing preparations and land momentarily." The computer said to Bulma's further frustration.

Bulma then left the bridge, as the ship began to descend into the atmosphere of Planet New Namek as it began it's landing sequence.

Planet New Namek, Current Age – 789

As the spaceship landed itself on the planet's surface, Bulma felt the ship shudder upon it's arrival as an indication of this. Bulma at the time was making her way back into the bridge area and towards the starboard side towards the exit, as she was stopped por a voice.

"We have successfully landed on Planet New Namek. Would you like me to extend the stairway Bulma?" The computer asked emotionlessly as usual. "Or would you prefer to manually do this?" The computer again asked.

"Please, computer." Bulma responded with entering into the starboard corridor as she waited for the ship's main exit door to unlock. Upon hearing it unlock she moved progressivo, para a frente as it opened and the stairway began to extend downward to the ground. It was at times like this that Bulma wondered why she made the ship so large after all.

Surely enough, at the bottom of the stairway, Grand Elder Guru and several other Namekians stood awaiting Bulma's arrival which surprised Bulma immensely despite the computer's mentioning that it contacted him.

"Welcome Bulma, welcome to New Namek. We have been expecting your arrival for some time now." A large sized Namekian would say towards Bulma who had just finished walking down the ramp.

"Thank you Moori. It is a pleasure to be on New Namek. After...the attacks on Earth I never thought we would ever meet again...to be honest." Bulma said who was still reeling from her nightmares not long prior to landing.

"Yes. I remember one of your communications about that. I also recall your communication that the threat to your planet was dealt with. Tell me, where is your son...what was his name...Trunks was it?" The large Namekian known as Moori said curiously.

"Where do I start with that one, Moori?" Bulma said clearly distraught from the mention of Trunks' name. "Trunks was the one who dealt with the Androids. But...he died shortly around the time this ship was completed. So I apologize for my distraught reactions." Bulma said heaving a sigh to herself.

Moori quickly took notice of what Bulma said. "That is simply tragic my friend. Then I assume you are hoping to revive your son today as well?" Moori asked, already knowing the answer but asking anyway.

"Yes, that is correct. I know what wishes I would like to make, I'm just trying to work out how to best say them." Bulma said, as she, Moori and two other Namekians stood at the stairway.

"That is understandable since you have lost so much, however the Dragonballs have been gathered and we can summon Porunga any time you are ready." Moori said before turning around motioning for the two Namekians who were his bodyguards as well as Bulma to follow him.

Bulma turned to her ship, pressing the button on her wristwatch as the stairway retracted followed por the main exit door locking itself. Bulma then followed suit behind Moori and the two Namekian bodyguards. "So tell me...how have the Namekians been doing since Frieza destroyed your old planet? You never really spoke much on that subject in our talks." Bulma asked trying to distract herself.

Moori stopped for a moment as Bulma asked him this pergunta as he turned around to face her. His two bodyguards also stopped and turned to face her. "We have done what we must since that tragic incident. It has taken us a long time to cultivate what you see around you. In our hearts we still mourn over the losses of our people as well as the loss of Grand Elder Guru." Moori said firmly though there was a hint of sadness in his voice as he said this.

Bulma looked down for a moment. "I'm sorry I asked Moori." Bulma said feeling terrible for asking considering what they had gone through was worse than anything she had, even mais so than losing her husband and son.

Moori shook his head some. "It is fine. Over 20 years have passed since then, but we still mourn regardless. Now then, how about we change this unsettling atmosphere por summoning Porunga?" Moori asked trying to make Bulma feel at ease some.

Bulma simply nodded some. "Yes...I believe it's time my friends and family were finally restored, they deserve that much." Bulma said still feeling bad for bringing up the Frieza incident.

With that, Moori and his two bodyguards began to walk progressivo, para a frente as did Bulma until they reached New Namek's main village, which of course was Moori's village. Moori began to walk towards one small house in the village as the two bodyguards and Bulma waited outside though Bulma wasn't sure what was happening but she decided to simply wait.

Inside the Namekian house, Moori was greeted por a medium height but very slim Namekian. Moori and the other Namekian appeared to be discussing the subject of the Dragonballs as well as mentioning Bulma's arrival on New Namek which caused the Namekian to become excited as if he knew her.

After several minutos had passed, Moori exited the house followed por the Namekian he was talking to, as they faced Bulma she became shocked for several moments.

"Hello again Bulma. It is so good to see you after all this time." The Namekian said towards Bulma who was still trying to take what she was seeing in. She could not believe it was HIM...he was...so different from what she remembered.

"D-Dende?! Is that really you?" Bulma exclaimed trying to contain her shock but finding it very difficult to do so...he was so tall.

"Yes, it is me Dende. I'm sure I appear, bigger than you remember. I must say when Moori told me you were coming I was very happy. I also have something to tell you regarding the Dragonballs. I will be the one to summon Porunga so you can make your wishes." Dende said in an energetic tone of voice.

"That's good to know...I mean good to know that it'll be someone I know." Bulma said feeling a little mais happier knowing what Dende would do, and Moori noticed this.

"Well Dende, would you like to begin the summoning process?" Moori said towards the younger and slimmer Namekian.

Dende nodded his head as he walked towards the 7 large laranja balls that were gathered in the center of the village as Moori, his two bodyguards and Bulma remained where they were. Many of the Namekians in the village turned their attention as for Namekians it was a joy to witness Porunga.

"Takkaraputo popurunga pupirittoparo." Dende shouted out in the Namekian tongue as the 7 balls began to glow ominously before blasting out a massive amount of golden energy that shot upward into the sky. At the time same time, the sky darkened as a sign of an eternal dragon's summoning ritual. The energy that had shot off began to enlarge itself as it started to become the form that was Porunga. The very muscular and semi-humanoid like dragon excluding his tail of course and the scales along his body as well as the many horns on his head and shoulders had finally appeared.

Porunga loomed over the village at his height of roughly 20-30 feet tall as the villagers and everyone in the village looked up at the spectacle. All the while Porunga emitted a great golden light around himself. His presence could have been witnessed por the vast majority of New Namek due to his overwhelming size.

"YOU MAY STATE YOUR WISH. I CAN GRANT ANY THREE WISHES YOU DESIRE." The mighty eternal dragon boomed loudly down to his audience as Bulma simply stood amazed at the sight of Porunga.

Bulma then looked to Moori as she spoke. "I haven't seen an eternal dragon in...too long. It really is amazing." Bulma said excitedly before turning towards Porunga again.

"Indeed. So let this summoning be a summoning of hope!" Moori said quite loudly as he smiled looking up at Porunga like everyone else in the village.

Dende was somewhat trembling because it had been so very long since he had last done this, but he trembled the same way he had done then. It was simply an honour for any Namekian to summon the mighty Porunga especially since Dende was to become Moori's successor or so he assumed due to his training.

Dende then looked towards Bulma as a sign that he was ready for the first wish to be granted, Bulma was still overwhelmed por the sight of Porunga who she had not actually seen when she was previously on the original Namek.

In Other World, Current Age – 789

A large group of people, as well as a very small blue being who was at the very center was gathered. Various people of different shapes and forms stood around the blue being as one of them, with long purple haired stepped forward.

"My mother is about to make her first wish, isn't she? I can tell from your reaction." The purple haired man stated, causing the blue being to respond.

"Yes...yes she is. If you want to speak to her, place your hand on my shoulder and then speak." The blue being said as the man with purple hair followed his direction and placed his hand on the blue being's shoulder.

"Mother...mother can you hear me?" The purple haired man said, he had never encountered telepathy before but he hoped this worked in time, as did the various people standing around with him.

On Planet New Namek, Current Age – 789

"Okay for the first wish, I would like you to wish back-" Bulma began to say as she was stopped mid-sentence. Something distracted her and Moori, Dende and any who were nearby noticed it and responded as such.

"Bulma are you okay?" Dende asked as he saw Bulma looking around herself as if she was searching for someone or something.

"Trunks?! Is that you? Where are you?" Bulma exclaimed in confusion as she continued to look around and seemed oblivious to Dende's pergunta as Moori realized what had happened and evidently stopped Dende when he attempted to go to Bulma.

"This is the work of King Kai, he is enabling her son to communicate with her." Moori stated for Dende, causing Dende himself to mover back some as they watched on as Bulma spoke with her son.

"Mother, relax. I'm still dead, I'm just telepathically talking to you from Other World." The man with purple hair stated, glad he was able to speak with his mother after a year. "But you need to listen to me. I know you're planning to bring everyone back with the Dragonballs but...there's some things you need to know first." The purple haired man stated with a very unsettling look on his face.

Bulma was caught off guard por voice's revelation. Even mais so por his declaration regarding the wishes she was intending to make. "W-what do you mean Trunks?" Bulma asked almost scared now because it was clear Trunks was saying this in relation to the fact she was planning to bring her friends back to life.

Trunks began to explain to Bulma certain things regarding any revival wishes she planned to make regarding her friends and family. "So you see mother...Tien and Chiaotzu should be left out this time around as they want to be wished back together or not at all and we don't want to overuse Porunga's power. Yamcha would also not like to be revived either."

"He doesn't? I'm surprised por that. Is there anything else I should be aware of before we begin the wishes?" Bulma asked now curious if there was anything important she needed to know.

"As ironic as this may sound...Yajirobe wants to be revived as he feels terrible about not helping to fight the Androids. Finally there's the case of my father..." This topic made Trunks hesitant to even continue.

"What do you mean...what about Vegeta? Trunks tell me." Bulma said in confusion and frustration. A few moments passed as Bulma looked like she was about to drop from the suspense of not knowing what fate had come of her husband.

"You may know this but...when people die. Only those of pure good or pure evil keep their minds and bodies. Or anyone who is particularly special like Kami and Piccolo. But father...he was none of these things..." Trunks forced himself to say this, knowing that his mother knew what that meant.

"You mean...if he's revived then..." Bulma trailed her sentence off as the realization of what was fact set in. Bulma fell to her knees almost about to burst into tears, as the look on her face portrayed horror. This in turn alarmed Dende who went to console Bulma.

"If my father is revived...he will have no memory of the last 20 years. However...there is nothing physically preventing his revival from what King Kai has told me. I just felt...you should know beforehand rather than be surprised..." Trunks said softly, he wished so badly he could be on New Namek right now to be there for him mother physically.

It took several minutos for Bulma to let everything sink in as Dende helped her to her feet. Meanwhile the mighty eternal dragon Porunga was beginning to get inpatient from the silence as his voice suddenly boomed out.


Dende swirled round as fast as he could to face Porunga. "Please, Porunga. Please give us some time. That's all I'm asking." Dende said feeling less nervous now that he had said that.

"VERY WELL. BUT I WILL NOT WAIT MUCH LONGER." Porunga responded yet again with authority.

Bulma then nodded to Dende as she regained her composure for the most part. As her and Dende moved to where Dende had been originally standing. Bulma looked to Dende before looking up at Porunga.

"It seems you've made your decision then...there is one thing that I'd like to convey and that's what would be best wishes wise. Logically, you should revive me on Earth since I've only died this once. On the other hand with the Namekian Dragonballs I recommend doing these things..." Trunks said taking on the mais dominating role between himself and his mother.

Bulma simply listened to what her son was saying. Whilst she was the one making the wishes, she deeply took to coração that her son and her friends wanted the wishes used to their most effectiveness. "And what of Gohan, should he be left out of the wishes made her?" Bulma asked softly.

"No, it would be best for him to be revived now since Vegeta will need someone else with him besides Krillin and the others. Ultimately reviving the innocents is a must. And since Porunga can revive people who have died mais than once or so I've been told it would be best done por him. But don't forget, to exclude all of us from that wish because that way with the third wish you can revive us directly to New Namek." Trunks stated leaving a simple pergunta for Bulma.

"And the segundo wish? What would that be used for?" Bulma asked once mais as she waited for her son to explain what the segundo wish would be for.

"That will be used to revive Kami and Piccolo. Because of their combined souls, it may require a full wish. At least that's what Piccolo has told me in that regard as even he is uncertain." Trunks explained to his mother. "Once we're done on New Namek we can focus on what must be done with our Dragonballs." Trunks stated smiling contently.

Bulma nodded her head to herself as she turned to Dende once more. "We have our wishes. So let's begin." She said looking up to Porunga as she could tell he was becoming very impatient at this point and she didn't blame the eternal dragon either. "We want to revive those who have been killed por Android 17 and Android 18 prior to Trunks killing them. However do not revive Yajirobe, Tien, Chiaotzu, Yamcha, Krillin, Piccolo, Vegeta or Gohan."

Dende took in what Bulma said as he began to translate the wish into the Namekian language as best as he was capable of for Porunga who in turn listened to the wish being made por Dende. Suddenly Porunga's pure red eyes began to glow as a sign that the wish was being made however several minutos had passed and Porunga's eyes remained glowing.

Porunga's eyes stopped glowing as he finally boomed his voice down below. "YOUR WISH HAS BEEN PARTIALLY GRANTED."

Everyone was confused, even Moori was. And that's when Dende spoke up to the eternal dragon to ask what he meant. "Mighty Porunga, what do you mean by...partially?"


[Author's Note: I have explained my reasoning for this in my notes after the chapter's end.]

"Only 7 years...but that's better than only 1 ano por any shot." Bulma gasped out in surprise...that really wasn't what she expected at all. 'But...it's mais than I could have hoped for. After all Shenron only allows for the anterior year. So I should be mais grateful...' Bulma thought to herself.

"7 years surprises even me. Though we should be thankful that the benefits of myself and anterior Guardians of the Dragonballs have granted Porunga with this power." Moori said, though Moori felt terrible that even with Porunga's power that only around 40% of human deaths could be restored.

"NOW, SPEAK YOUR segundo WISH SO THAT I MAY GRANT IT." Porunga declared in his authoritative tone once more.

"The segundo wish huh...with this wish we would like to revive the twin souls of the beings known as Kami and Piccolo on Earth." Bulma stated, trying to focus mais on now on reviving her friends and family.

Dende attempted to refocus on the segundo wish as he translated Bulma's wish into the Namekian tone declaring the wish to Porunga to grant once more.

Porunga's eyes began to glow once mais as he began to grant the wish, and after a few moments the glow in his eyes was gone. He then produced an 'okay' symbol with his fingers.

"OKAY. YOUR segundo WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED. THE ONES KNOWN AS KAMI AND PICCOLO HAVE BEEN RESTORED ON EARTH." Porunga boomed once more, this caused some celebration por both Bulma and Dende who practically jumped with joy and cuddled.

On Earth, Current Age – 789

Meanwhile, in one of the remote areas on Earth a certain individual found himself on stood on some high up rocks. The green being with pointed ears looked around himself making sure he was really on Earth. "It looks like I'm back. Which also means..." The green being stated to himself as he sensed another power nearby.

At that same time, a segundo green being found himself checking his surroundings as well looking at his hands unable to tell if he really was alive. However, he suddenly heard a voice call his name as he turned around to see a somewhat large man with black skin and red lips with a white turban running towards him.

"Kami?! Is that really you Kami?" The large man exclaimed as he seemed to be carrying a wooden stick with him. This caused the green being to smile.

"Yes Mr. Popo. It appears that I have been revived along with Piccolo." The one known as Kami stated towards the large man known as Mr. Popo. "May I ask though, why are you holding that with you?"

Mr. Popo had been panting for breath as he had thought he was seeing things at first as he looked at his hands. "This? Well you see...after you died. I decided to keep it as a memento of my loneliness. As well as the powerless I had to help Goku's friends fight the Androids."

Kami simply nodded. "I see. It is logical to assume the Androids must have been defeated for our friends to have even used the Namekian Dragonballs." Kami said aloud, hoping for Mr. Popo to confirm what he had said.

Mr. Popo nodded confirming this. "Yes, but many died along the way. It was ultimately Trunks who defeated them...though I'm not sure how he did so."

Whilst Kami and Mr. Popo were discussing this the first green being appeared on the broken down lookout that Kami and Mr. Popo were standing on, he began to walk closer to them as they both turned around.

"So I was correct. You were restored as well Piccolo. Which means Earth's Dragonballs have been restored as well." Kami stated, to a very annoyed Piccolo.

"Yeah, that seems to be the case. As well as a large amount of the planet's populace that I saw on my way here. I'm just so frustrated that I wasn't strong enough to defeat the Androids!" Piccolo said in his very annoyed yet frustrated voice.

Piccolo in his angry state began to power up letting off amounts of energy that caused the already unstable lookout to shake and crack even further than it already had been. This caused fear within Mr. Popo's eyes who attempted to calm him down.

"Please Piccolo, stop. You're going to destroy the lookout...it's bad enough with what the Androids did to the lookout in their attempts to kill me." Mr. Popo said, somewhat terrified for once por what Piccolo may do in his anger.

Piccolo's energy began to simmer as the shaking stopped and the two Namekians looked at each other intently. "I...apologize..." That was probably the first time Mr. Popo had honestly heard Piccolo apologize for anything in the entire time he had known him.

"Piccolo. I understand your feelings all too well. As Earth's Guardian how do you think I feel? Not just when the Androids attacked but when you or the Saiyajins attacked? Or even Frieza? I felt mais powerless than you can imagine. But..."

Piccolo interrupted Kami with what he was about to say. "No!" Was all the Namekian shouted at his counterpart. "I will not fuse with you old man!" Piccolo shouted out as he became enraged again and flew off in his own anger away from the lookout.

Mr. Popo simply looked on, as he could see the reaction Kami gave. Though he wasn't sure what he should say or do.

Kami simply heaved a sigh, he knew Piccolo would react this way. "I wish he would understand better. I guess in the end he is still a child...because if we had merged all those years ago...his power would have overwhelmed the Androids completely. When we were once one being...we had the power to even surpass a Super Saiyajin. It was known...as a Super Namekian." Kami explained to his friend.

"I understand Kami. But we have a mais important matter and that is Earth's Dragonballs." Mr . Popo said trying to prevent his friend Kami from becoming depressed over the situation with Piccolo.

"You are right Mr. Popo. The Dragonballs will need to be gathered. Please see to it that they are so that our friends will be able to use them upon their return from New Namek." Kami stated as Mr. Popo quickly departed on his magic carpet.

On Planet New Namek, Current Age – 789

"YOU HAVE ONE mais WISH, SPEAK NOW SO THAT I MAY GRANT YOUR LAST WISH." Porunga boomed yet again, his voice heard por all.

"Okay for our final wish...we want to revive Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan and Trunks. And have them brought here where we presently are." Bulma said, ignoring what Trunks had said about not reviving him yet because she just needed both Vegeta and Trunks with her right now.

Dende began to translate the final wish into the Namekian language for Porunga to grant as the mighty dragon's eyes glowed for the final time, again though the wish granting was delayed somewhat. Porunga's eyes finally stopped glowing.

All of a sudden, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin and Trunks all appeared in front of Bulma and Dende. Whilst Gohan, Krillin and Trunks were aware of what was going on, Vegeta was flabbergasted at his current situation because the last thing he remembered was fighting with Android 18.

"YOUR WISH HAD BEEN GRANTED. FAREWELL, FOR NOW!" Porunga boomed loudly towards his audience as he began to glow an immense golden colour to the point that he was no longer visible.

As the golden glow continued, Porunga's giant form ceased into a smaller ball like form before shooting outward in seven different directions as an indication that Porunga's energy had been spent and that all three wishes had been granted.

The mighty dragon's booming voice had caused the revived Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks and Krillin to turn around and be astounded por the dragon's power prior to his disappearance. The four individuals turned back to Bulma and Dende and it was clear Trunks was annoyed.

"Why mother?! Why did you revive me! I said to wait since I have only died once!" Trunks growled out as he felt a hand touch his shoulder which caused him to stop his venting.

The hand that touched his shoulder was that of his mentor Gohan. The young man who wore the same uniform as his father shook his head some. "You know very well why Trunks. I apologize Bulma for his anger, he should be grateful that Porunga could revive him too."

Trunks instantly backed down upon being scolded por his mentor, Gohan. Meanwhile one of the four individuals was shaking trying to grasp at the air with his hands. They all realized this as they turned around to face the man clad in Saiyajin armour and spiked up jet black hair. The man, known as Vegeta.

Vegeta was about to shout out in frustration and confusion of the situation, that is until all of a sudden explosions were heard around the village which alerted those in the village especially Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, Trunks, Bulma, Dende and Moori. The explosions were followed up por dozens of robots dropping from the sky and surrounding everyone and leaving them all with utter confusion.