Sasuke is heavily damaged por the fierce Galick Gun. His topo, início is fully ruined. “What!? That was all you’ve got!” Vegeta says, “C’mon, show your true power tailed beast!” Sasuke throws his sword on the ground. He prepares to attack Vegeta with his most powerful Chidori ever! “Hmm, are you trying to shock me with electric or what!?” Vegeta says, “Wha- that’s an enormous energy! What are you trying to do!?” “Just wait….. And watch.” Replies Sasuke with an evil smile on his face. Vegeta tries to hit Sasuke but Sasuke takes the opportunity and hits Vegeta on his coração with his horrific Chidori. “Aaaagh-aaagh” cries Vegeta painfully. Blood comes out from his mouth.He faints on the ground. “Aggghh” cries Sasuke and he too faints on the ground. “I-it was an amazing f-fight! Aagh!” Vegeta says to Sasuke and falls unconscious. “Y-yeah! It s-surely wa-was!” replies Sasuke and he too falls unconscious.

Now, only naruto and goku are left……..
naruto thinks that he won and as he prepares to go to Sasuke he notices that something is approaching him. He turns back and perceives that goku is still alive and is different. “Aggggh! H-how!?Bu-but!?” naruto whines, “His hair, they’re black and longer than before.” goku says while walking to Naruto, “That Rasengan thing nearly worked but it couldn’t kill me. My energy is half now. I had no choice, so I transformed into Super Saiyan level 4! This is my final and the most powerful transformation.” The bewildered naruto says, “This transformation, there are furs on your body and a tail too!” “I pity you! Your power is much less than before. There’s absolutely no chance you can beat me this time.” Says Goku, “Okay, I give you some time to transform again.” “Oh thanks! But I don’t need to transform this time because I have a plan this time...” “Hmph! Bad choice! No problem. Let’s…..
goku and naruto prepares to finish their battle once and for all….
naruto uses his Shadow Clones technique and creates 100 clones of him. “What! What kinda technique is that?” Asks Goku. “SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!” Cries all Narutos. 25 Narutos start to charge goku all at once. But can’t even touch him. goku dodges and blocks all attacks. And the rest of them uses the Sexy Jutsu and transform into naked ladies :P They grabs Goku. “Aaaagh! Chi Chi will kill me if she sees me like this!!!” whines Goku. goku uses his Instant Transmission to escape. All the clones disappear and naruto cries, holding his stomach, “Hahahahahahahahah! What did you say? Hahaha!!!! Who’s going to kill you?! Hahahahah!!!” “Arrrgh! Thank God, nobody saw me like that.Man!” Replies Goku, “My wife, you fool!” goku slowly changes and turns normal. “I saw you!!!” Says someone from behind. goku turns back and perceives that it’s Vegeta. “Vegeta!!!” cries Goku, “You saw me!?” “I’m going to tell this to Chi Chi!” Vegeta teases Goku. “Ok, let us finish the fight first… Then I’m going to tell this to his wife too! Hehe!” Says naruto naughtily. “Y-youuu!” cries Goku. Goku’s stomach growls and goku says, “Aaauu! I’m very hungry!” “Me too!! oi wait, where’s Sasuke?!” Asks Naruto. “I’m here.” Says someone from behind Naruto. It’s Sasuke! “Hmph! I thought you were still sleeping!” Says Vegeta very softly. “What did you say?!” Cries Sasuke angrily. naruto holds Sasuke on his shoulder and says, “Okay, forget it! Let’s go get somethin’ to eat!!!” “Yeah! Let’s go at my place.” Says goku with a big smile on his face. “Yes, we have to inform Chi Chi about Kakarot. Let’s go.” Vegeta says with a naughty smile. “Hey, Vegetaaa!” cries Goku. The four warriors starts to walk towards Goku’s place. “I’m hungry too!” says Sasuke. “I have to take a rough shower!” says Naruto. “We all have to take shower.” Says Sasuke. “Loser!” says Sasuke softly. “Hey I’m not a loser!” whines Naruto.
“Aaaagh! I’m very hungry. I’ll eat before taking shower.” Says Goku. “Fool!” says Vegeta. goku stares at Vegeta weirdly. “Hmph!” Vegeta cries. naruto comes closer to goku and whispers in his ears, “Hey, don’t you think your friend and my friend are same.” “Yeah, you’re right.” goku replies in whisper. “They both think we are losers. But, the truth is that they-” Before completing his words Vegeta interupts them, “What are you fools talking about? Can we cadastrar-se you too?” “Ummm, we were… Umm talking about, what we would eat today.” Says naruto with a weird smile. goku giggles. “Why are you laughing?” Asks Vegeta. “Aah! Nothing.” Replies Goku. “Fool.” Sasuke says from the other side. “Why do you always say “fool” “loser” all the time!?” asks Naruto. “Hmph!” cries Sasuke. “No answer.” Says Naruto.
Thus, the four warriors went to Goku’s place, giggling, chating and whispering.
And the fight ended decently.