(This is after the buu saga, so that means no Uub, no Pan, everyone is the same age they were before that)
A giant ship is seen flying from the explosion and the camera cuts to the aliens inside it. You could see some fighting, some weightlifting others meditating and few looking out the window. In the control room there were a few chatting
"What a boring planet"one said
"I know right, not worth our time"
"Well what are we gonna do ? The last good one we had was 15 planets ago"
"Next destination is Earth"
"Earth ? That sounds boring!"
"Whatever, we're just going to what's closest"
The ship did that warp thing and we cut to Earth.

oi looks like the World tournament is on again
"Well since the last one was interrupted, we decided to host another one"The announcer said "Ladies and Gentlemen Give it up for the man who saved Earth, Mr Satan!!!!"
"Mr Satan!! Mr Satan!! Mr Satan!!"
"Thank you, my fans!!"Mr Satan said entering the ring
"What ?! The junior tournament again ?!"Goten and Trunks whined in unison
"Sorry but even though you showed you can handle yourselves, rules are rules"the registration guy said
"Oh man"they whined
"What's the matter Gohan ? No great saiyaman outfit ?"Krillin asked
"Well they already saw me, so no point in hiding"Gohan replied
"Well this time, we're gonna have a good one"Goku said
"And this time, we will fight Kakarott"Vegeta said

Little did the z-fighters know, a dangerous threat was approaching them, faster than they know