“You two are different!” says Sasuke, “W-what are you?!” “Don’t you know? We are …” Says Vegeta, “Super Saiyans!”
naruto begins the fight por hitting Goku, but goku easily dodges it and counter attacks naruto with an energy blast. goku throws naruto faraway with the energy blast. But naruto breaks his fall and teleports behind goku and hits goku vigorously on his back and uses his Rasengan against Goku.
Vegeta teleports behind Sasuke and hits him with a super heavy punch! “Aaaaaaghh!!!!! H-hell no!!” cries Sasuke, “Kkkaa!! Th-that hurts.” Sasuke runs with great speed towards Vegeta and jumps in the air and kicks Vegeta hardly in the air and tosses him into the air! Vegeta breaks his fall and lands on the ground. He cleans the dirt on his clothes. “You are strong, I would even say…” says Vegeta, with a look of satisfaction, “amazingly strong! You impressed me, Sasuke. You managed to hurt me, even after I transformed into Super Saiyan level 2… But, it seems like you’re not using your full power. Aren’t you?” “You won’t be able to tolerate my full power.” Replies Sasuke, “hm hm hmm! And even if you beat me, you can’t possibly beat Naruto, in his current state.”
On the other hand, goku dodges the Rasengan and counter attacks naruto por holding his tails very tightly. “GAAAAAAAAARRGHH!!!!!” roars naruto painfully.
“Yeah!!!” shrills Goku, “So, this is your weakness, huh?!” naruto is still roaring and growling in pain! goku holds the tail mais tightly. “Okay, that’s enough!” says goku and leaves Naruto. naruto retreats for a while….
Meanwhile, Vegeta and Sasuke are continuing their fight. Sasuke hits Vegeta with his horrific wing and tosses him in a huge rock. The rock collapse and falls on Vegeta. “Hmph!” says Sasuke, with a grin look on his face, “pathetic loser!” Vegeta gets out of the collapsed rock and says angrily, “What the hell did you say?!” Sasuke replies loudly, “I said, you are a PATHETIC LOSER!!!” Vegeta gets very angry after hearing what Sasuke said. And fires ten energy blasts to Sasuke. Sasuke blocks all ten energy blasts. Vegeta then gets angrier and hits Sasuke with his Final Flash. Sasuke tries to block it but the Final Flash was mais than he can handle. As a result, Sasuke’s clothes get damaged and tattered. Then Vegeta quickly teleports on a higher ground, one that is out of Sasuke’s sight. Sasuke gets confused. “hm? Where did he go?” Sasuke says to himself. Sasuke searches for Vegeta but can’t find him. Suddenly, Vegeta appears behind Sasuke and fires his super Galick Gun…..
“Where are you, Na-ru-to?!” Says Goku, with a sweet smile. Suddenly, naruto uses full power Nine Tailed Rasengan, which is bigger than the Spirit Bomb against goku and throws him 100 miles away through hundreds of huge rocks! “Gaaah raaahr!” cries naruto and turns in to his normal form. “Agh! T-that should do it. That was the biggest and most powerful Rasengan, I have ever created!” cries Naruto…….
It seems like Sasuke and goku are eliminated. Know about it in the seguinte and final part…