** This artigo contains spoilers! If you haven't already watched the movie, don't read it! **
I've finally watched the newest DBZ Movie, so I'm going to illustrate my point of view.

What I loved about the movie.

Videl in Battle of Gods
The Animation Style: it is awesome! The graphic is clean and colorful. The backgrounds are good and the battles are clear. All the characters have a great style, especially Videl, she was improved a lot. I liked Goku's blue training outfit on King Kai's planet.

The Plot: it's unusual. I mean, it isn't the usual DBZ Movie where a strong villain comes to the Earth and tries to destroy it without a specific reason, everybody are useless and are dying, included Goku, but uncannily he finds the power to defeat the enemy. In this movie, goku lost, he wasn't the strongest! The end isn't expected! Moreover, it grasps a possible launch for a new series or another movie (or movies).

The Villain: (?) I think Bills can't be considered a real villain. As he said, there are Gods who create and Gods, like him, who destroy. It's a normal life process. I really like him, he's unusual character.

Super Saiyan God: I like this new level of Super Saiyan. Aesthetically it's simple, not so muscular, but it's powerful. The red hair aren't so bad.

Funny Moments: I laughed a lot! This movie is so comic! It's nice to see in DB the main characters do normal things, like celebrating a birthday.

Vegeta is angry because Bills hit Bulma
Vegeta's Reaction: My coração was going to explode in this scene! Vegeta showed his amor for Bulma! He said "You hit my Bulma!", it was so epic!
I'm happy for another sort of amor scene: when goku was going to be defeated por Bills' blast, he thought about people he loves, and the first person who he saw was Chichi. It means that he's really in amor with her ♥

What I didn't like about the movie.

Vegeta's creepy dance

Vegeta's Dance: I read that Akira Toriyama was the character design and one of the supervisors of the movie; so, my pergunta is: how damn did he permit this creepy scene for the Saiyan's proud Prince!? It isn't in Vegeta's style doing things like this! This isn't part of his personality! Some people find it funny, I think it's terrible!

Bra at the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament
Bra's Absence: It was totally forgotten that Vegeta and Bulma have a daughter. Bra appears for the first time at 28th WMAT and she's five years old in the manga, that means that she's older than Pan;
in some dub, she's four like Pan, so they have the same age.
Despite that, Bulma is not even pregnant in the movie, but Videl is. I think Bra's energy would have been mais useful than Pan's for making the SS God, because Bra is a half-saiyan, while Pan is just 1/4. I hope Bulma didn't know that she was pregnant during the movie (so in a possible sequel Bra will be present) because, as Bra's biggest fan, I'm really angry for her lack!

To the left teen future Trunks; to the right Trunks in Battle of Gods
Ages' Incoherence: First of all, Bulma is celebrating her 38th birthday. How is it possible, if she's 40 in the Majin Buu Saga? Ten years later Kid Buu's defeat she's obviously 50 and Pan is four, in the movie Videl is pregnant, so Bulma has to be 45/46 years old.
Same calculation for Trunks: he's 8 in the Majin Buu Saga, so he's 18 at 28th World Martial Arts Tournament; that means he should be 13/14 in this movie, but he's still a child. His future counterpart looks mais mature than him, although they have the same age.

In spite of these little errors, I think Battle of Gods is a great movie in the main. I really hope for a new series, like every Dragon Ball true fan!

Thanks for leitura my article, I hope you'll leave a comment! :)
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