This is what happened to my video
This is my first ever Rant, so please no hate comments. This is something I was planning to do for a while and it took some time to make this too.

So basically, I am really not happy with something that has been happening on Youtube. vídeos of Battle of Gods are getting blocked Worldwide por 20th Century raposa for no reason at all. I really don't know why they are doing this. I mean, they don't own the goddamn rights to Dragon Ball Z or the Movie whatsoever. Everytime I check a Battle of Gods video on Youtube, it says "This video contains content from FOX, Who have blocked it on Copyright grounds".

This is really getting out of Control. They really need to stop blocking Battle of Gods vídeos on Youtube. I even uploaded a video of goku going SSJ God myself, but that got blocked worldwide too por 20th Century Fox. Even worse, one of my favorito Youtuber's, ImGoingSSJ, got his account terminated just because he uploaded a few Battle of Gods scenes to Youtube. I am seriously pissed off at what has been happening so far with this.

20th Century raposa better make an apology for causing this, because those vídeos are NOT owned por them whatsoever. This is just totally bad and stupid. They really need to stop doing this. It's not going to do any good at all.

So that was my first ever rant. I hope you enjoyed it. I might make mais rants in the future.
ImGoingSSJ's Demise